Hermione Gaunt

After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a visitor,she also goes through some physical changes.when she returns to Hogwarts she makes headgirl and a certain someone makes headboy. She falls in love with her old enemy and breaks her friendship with someone else.


6. Embarrassment and hurt

I awoke next morning,to see Draco and Blaise sitting on the couch talking,I glanced around noticing everyone else was still asleep.I yawned,stretching my petite body.

"Good morning,love,Blaise."I smiled sitting opposite them.they stopped talking and faced me smiling.

"Good morning love."Draco replied at me,his eyes filled with love, happiness and warmness.I stared at them,they captured me,making me feel safe.

"Good morning,Mione,someone seems excited."Blaise chuckled at me,I rolled my eyes,and punched him playfully.

"Well obviously,today is the day,our work makes me laugh."I laughed with him.

"Draco...love?"I asked him slowly,scared of his reaction,he looked at me,glancing carefully.

"Yes,Mione?"He asked me ,I think he was scared of what I was going to say.

"Well,I was wondering,you know I love you and I won't chose anyone over you no matter who they are?"He nodded at me."Can I talk to Blaise about something,personal to someone else,alone,I don't want to make it official,but if Blaise agrees I'll tell you straight away?"I asked him,he looked at me in disbelief.

"Mione,is this the way Weasel used to treat you when you were with him?I trust you,I trust you with my life,you are not my property,you can talk to who you like,I wont stop you talking to friends."He smirked and walked out.

"Draco!"I shouted,he stopped at his dorm room,turning to face me.

"That is why I love you and why I'll always be yours"His face lit up,as I blew him a kiss.He left the room.

"Blaise,I'm going to get to the point here,Do you like Astoria?"I asked him honestly,he stared at me,eyes wide,slowly he nodded his head.

"But I don't know what to do,I'm scared if she doesn't like me back."He added staring at his shoes.

"Blaise,no,she loves you too,you know."I told him,he looked happy,smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen before.

"Really?"He asked

"Really and truly."I added to assure him.He got up and left,a huge grin on his face,Draco came in shortly after,changed and ready,I was ready and waited for him,our other friends all went to the great hall,not wanting to miss the surprise.

"Draco,what is wrong,love?"I asked putting a hand on his cheek,he put his hands on my hips,towering above me,locking my eyes with his.

"Nothing Sweetheart,you just surprise me,after all these years,of me and my friends humiliating you and being mean to you,you like us and treat us fairly,as if nothing ever happened."He told me,snuggling his head in to my hair,pulling me into a tight embrace.I smiled.

"Well,if we always think of the past,we'll never move on and see the change in people and things,I love you Draco,more then I've ever loved anyone,I'm willing to give you another chance,as long as you don't hurt me."I whispered in his ear,I felt him laugh against my neck.

"Say it,please."He mumbled in to my ear,I shivered as his warm breath gushed at my neck.

"I'm yours,Draco Malfoy,always and forever."I told him back quietly,I heard him chuckle,his face lit up.

"Now,come on,we don't wanna miss the fun,now,can we?"He asked sarcastically,I shook my head and followed him,gliding after him,we opened the portrait door roughly,stepping out to the door,we froze,there on the spot,we burst out laughing,the couple opposite us looked angry,confused,failing to see what was funny,clutching our hips from laughter,we sprinted out of the corridor towards the Great Hall,laughing the couple froze behind us,glancing,at each other.As soon as we entered the hall,everyone looked at us,curiously,we smiled,tears in our eyes,half running to our Slytherin friends,who were staring at us,bemused,they raised an eyebrow.I looked back to see Harry and Ginny looking at me,confusion clear on their face,

"What is going on?"Harry mouthed at me slowly.

"You'll see in a bit,just don't leave the hall yet."I mouthed back and turned to face the questioning Slytherins.

"Care to explain,what is soo funny this morning?We could all use a laugh."Blaise said grinning at me,Draco's arm was around my waist,as I looked at Blaise who was sitting next to Astoria holding her hand.I winked at him,earning a wink back,smirking Astoria who looked down blushing,

"Where is Teddy and Pans?"Draco asked,them looking at them,suspiciously,Astoria pointed at them.

"Here they come,oh what a surprise hand in hand as well."Blaise smiled,as Pansy and Theo came sat next to us.Pansy rolled her eyes grinning one hand entwined with Theo's.

"Shut up,Blaini."Teddy laughed,punching him.

"Aww,has our wild Teddy got himself a girlfriend ?"Draco mocked we all burst out laughing,everyone staring at us,they were probably shocked by how much the Slytherins had laughed this morning,Slytherins are not known for laughing,everyone was thinking we were up to something evil.Suddenly the whole hall burst in to a laughter,our group looked over at the doors,there at the the exit was Brown holding Weasley's hand.They looked like they came from a circus,Weasley was wearing everything pink,from head to toe while his hair was Red,extremely long and up to his knees while the words One-One were written all over his face,Brown was on his side,her hair a very ugly orange,she was wearing what looked like a bikini and looked twice as big,her normal size,lumps and fat was all you could ever see,stretch marks all over their skin.They looked at each other,It was clear that everyone could see what they wearing apart from each other,nervously,they grabbed each others hand and made their way to the table,half of the hall,on the floor laughing,Weasley was red,red like his hair,he glared at our table,we couldn't stop laughing,it was unbearable.My sides were aching from laughter,ten minutes had gone by,no one had stopped laughing. Weasley and Brown were talking in hushed voiced trying to ignore everyone.

"SILENCE.What is the meaning of this,I thought all of you were grown up,now here are your schedules,they can not be chang... "Headmistress  stopped,the snickers in the great hall were sounding strangled as people tried to keep themselves together.Glaring at the Hufflepuff table.

"Mr Weasley,Ms Brown,care to explain yourselves,why ms Brown are you wearing a muggle bikini?And Mr Weasley,you are almost 19 why are you wearing pink,I expected more common sense."Her eyes glaring at them,from Weasley's face to Brown the hall silent,strangled laughter and deep breathes were taken from the laughing,I glanced over at Astoria who blinked,Pansy who smirked.I looked back,at Draco,tears in his eyes,his face highly amused,staring at the headmistress,she muttered a spell under her breath,Weasley gasped at Brown,while she did the same,together they rushed out of the hall,Brown in hysterics crying.The headmistress frowned and walked out,sending our schedules to us,hardly anyone payed attention,the laughter started to calm down,Our group stood up,huge grins on our faces,everyone watching us,Me and Draco stood side by side,hands entwined,Blaise and Astoria behind us,their hands linked,Pansy and Theo behind them,their arms glued tightly together,the suspicious hall,stared at us.Shocked,amazed,strutting out of the hall,we walked to the black lake,laughing,we sat down,each couple snuggled up together.

"That was bloody awesome!"Blaise laughed,we wiped our tears,breathing loudly,white fog erupting from our mouths,the  cold air made me shiver,I felt Draco pull me in closer to him,rubbing my back,I smiled at him as I pecked his cheek,as he played  with my hair.

"So...who are we with in classes tomorrow?"Pansy asked,getting out our schedules we stared at them,an evil grin made it's way to our faces as we glanced at each other,knowingly.

"Today is just the start of our fun,eh Mione?"Astoria asked,a smile playing on her thin lips,as Blaise laughed,cuddling her.

"You bet!Did you see Mcgonagoll's face when she saw them?"I chuckled,they nodded laughing,my days as a Slytherin so far were extraordinary.Suddenly,out of the corner of my eye,I saw an owl heading my way,it dropped four letters on me and Draco,we looked at each other,Draco stood up,lifting me up as well,the others staring at us,curiously.

"Guys,we see you back in the common room,things to do."I said,Pansy smirked.

"Things..."Everyone started laughing,I blushed.glaring at her.

"No,far from those things."I snapped,grabbing Draco's hand we sprinted to the castle,to the Slytherin common room,Draco led me to the boy's dorms,I followed him quickly,he stopped.

"I need to carry you,in fourth year,Pansy tried to come in,as soon as she crossed the door,she fell in to the black lake,nearly died."He told me,I nodded agreeing,He handed me his letter and picked me up bridal style,as he opened the door and took me,he placed me on the bed gently,before he joined me,we sat there looking at the letters,then at each other.

"Shall we open mine first,as there is only one?"He asked I nodded,he pulled me on to his lap,as he grabbed the letter,ripped it open.

Dear Draco,

We have not spoken in a long time son.You and Hermione are missed here,your presence was always soo exciting to be around,young and in love,whatever you do,do not lose her,she is the best you'll ever get.Your father and I wondered if you want to spend Christmas with us,Please send an owl to tell us you us your reply,unfortunately,this letter can not contain just good events and requests,Hermione's father,has been gravely injured and is in St Mongos,healing,he nearly died,but he is fine,no real harm was done,we payed the media to keep things quiet,we didn't want an audience as there was,We have asked your headmistress to let you come home,she said that you could spend as much time as you wanted as long as you revise for your exams,break it to Hermione slowly and gently with love and care,he is not dying,god forbid,We found him last week,he has just awoken and,Hermione's letter has more explained,if you come home today,you will stay with us up until the end of the Christmas holiday's,take care of Hermione,We love you son and hope to see you soon.

Love from your mother,Narcissa.

I looked at Hermione,she had just finished the letter when,she burst in to tears,I pulled her into an embracing hug and she snuggled into me,weeping,I let her cry for a few minutes,rubbing her back,comforting her,

"Shh,Hermione,it's fine,your father is healing,we can  go today and see him,mother said so,please stop crying love."I convinced her,she breathed in deeply,a small smile came to her lips,as I brushed away her hair from her eyes,hesitantly,she pulled out the letter for her,my head resting on her shoulder,I began reading.

Dear my daughter Hermione,

My apologies for not writing to you,or being there during your transformation,the reason for this is that I could not bear to see you in that much pain,Draco promised to take care of you,I trust him,the other reason is that I normally spend this time of year alone,it is the time when your mother died.Whenever this time comes I break and shatter,remembering all the good times,I had with your beautiful,caring and loving mother,I am in St Mongos,healing after I was attacked,When I see you,I shall tell you what happened,Please do not worry about me,I am well and alive,just a little damage,if I did die,I would join your mother,knowing you are safe and protected by your godmother and her family,Hermione,they are your family,love them,all of them,especially Draco,he is a very nice person,capable of love and kindness,keep him close and safe,as he treats you,Narcissa is like your mother,therefore if anything ever happens to me,do not feel alone,I am being threatened by someone I do not know,they will not harm you as you are well protected inside Hogwarts,When you are not in Hogwarts you will always have the Malfoy's and your other friends of course.if anything were to happen to me,I want you to know how proud I am of you,you are a smart,beautiful young woman,who is strong,if I die,your mother and I will always look over you,it is an honor for you to be my daughter,a week before Christmas,I shall come home,the Malfoy's will be with me,as they always have been,if you wish to leave school early,do not hesitate,personally,I would want you to remain in school,to educate yourself and prepare for your coming exams.I hope to see you soon.Remember,stay close to your friends and Draco,mostly Draco,he can protect you and  you him.I hope to see you soon.Congratulations on making Slytherin.

Your loving and proud father.

I smiled at myself,her father had that much trust in me that I could protect her.I did love her,yes,that is true and I will do anything to protect her,I looked down at her,kissing her forehead,inhaling her scent,she smelt of fresh apples,my favorite,I studied her perfect feminine features,they were so soft,she was soo delicate,I memorized her face her hair,she was beautiful.the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,I stared at her,as she read her letter from the Weasley's,I chuckled as she threw it to one side and signed deeply,I watched her open my mothers's letter,recognizing her neat elegant writing,

Dearest Hermione,

Here at the manor,it is empty without your delightful company and Draco's of course,if he is being a handful and cheeky,you can hex him,I have not heard from you in a long time and miss you deeply,your father is recovering very well and very fast,he will be back home a week before Christmas,which reminds me,I want to hold a ball for you on Christmas day for your return to your family safely,I am very excited about it,If you are not ready for one,I understand,If you are as excited as me,you can help me choose who you want to come,do not worry about your father,we are with him and looking after him,congratulations on making Slytherin,at least you and Draco are together,I know he loves you by the way he looks at you,it is like you are an angel brightening his life and I am proud he has chosen you,stay with him,he will protect you,I promise,so will I and Lucius,We miss you and hope to see you soon,Always remember that we are here if you need anything.

Love From Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy.

I watched her smile as she got up from my lap.

"Can we go at the end of next week."I smiled and nodded,getting up and pulling her into a hug,her head on my chest,my arms snaked around her waist.Putting my head to her ear.

"I love you."I whispered,she looked at me,locked my eyes with hers,slowly I crashed my lips to hers,pulling her closer to me,until I was squashing her against the wall,it was filled with desire and passion,I caressed her bottom lip with my tongue,she parted her lips granting me entrance,our bodies were pressed against each other,if I could I would take it all the way tonight,I am almost certain she will want to as well,I saw the amount of hunger in her eyes,I smirked against her lips,I felt her do the same,as she tangled her fingers in my hair,I broke the kiss,our foreheads leaning against each other,nose to nose,as my hands were behind her lower back,holding her to me,we were out of breath,smirking at each other,I lowered my hands to her butt,squeezing it.as my mouth found her neck,kissing it,nibbling on her ear,I heard her heavy breathing.

"Say it."I breathed,

"I am yours,always and forever."She whispered,I smirked as I carried her out of the room,before taking her hand and leading her to the great hall for dinner,we joined our friends for dinner,as they eyed as.

"Where were you,we have been looking for you since you left."Pansy squealed.I looked at them.

"Listen guys,let Mione explain,I need to go and get something."I told them,they looked at me,carefully.

"Are you sure?Do you want me to come with you?"Hermione asked me confused,I shook my head.

"No love,you stay her and eat,I'll be back in an hour or so."I convinced her,I kissed her cheek and made my way out of the great hall,before anyone could ask another question.I felt everyone's gaze on me.

"Soo ,do you know where Draco went?"Teddy asked me.I shook my head,confused.

"We went to his dorm because we got letters from family,my father is in ST Mongo's he got attacked last week,no one knows who did it,we just replied and talked for a bit.I was upset."I told them casually.The lies were coming out more easily then normal,maybe it was the Slytherin personality taking over me,I looked at my food and began eating.

"Tomorrow is the first day of lessons,when the fun begins."Blaise said smirking at me,

"Oh yeah,I  totally forgot about that."I remembered,tomorrow is Brown and Weasley's day of more embarrassment

"It will be awesome,you know,come to think of it,I bet they think it is just their clothes messed .up,they will never guess it is all of their stuff."Astoria giggled,we all laughed hysterically,gaining suspicious looks from people around us.

"What are you looking at.Brown?"I snarled at her,glaring at her ugly face.She stood up,facing me,Weasley,stood next to her,glaring,she scoffed,

"As if I'd look at you."Brown muttered,I got up from my seat,walking right up to her face.

"What was that Brown?If you have something to say,say it."I snapped,Harry and Ginny were standing from a distance,the Slytherins standing behind me,

"I said, as if I'd look at you."Brown said,she sounded hesitant,I smirked at this,she just raised an eyebrow.

"What can I say Brown?You have some real guts,turning up to breakfast in a bikini,you don't  even have anything good to look at,you are just round,flabby,lumpy and ugly,how you got in to Gryffindor in the first place is beyond my logic and I am the brightest witch of the age,you should have been in Hufflepuff from the beginning.You and your traitor of a boyfriend."I snarled at them Brown was furious,Weasley was as red as his hair.Everyone was chuckling and staring,I grinned at them.

"And now,you can't even fight your own wars,getting your big headed boyfriend to stand by you."I continued,Weasley pulled out his wand at me ready to fire a spell.I didn't even notice,as I was too busy grinning at Ginny,Blaise was too fast and blocked it with a non verbal spell.Brown looked furious she raised her hand to slap me,her hand was seconds away from my face,I cast wandless magic,watching her fly backwards landing next to her boyfriend.

"Mione what is going on here."I turned to see Draco rushing in,glaring at Weasley and Brown who limped out of the hall.

"You better watch your back Gaunt,this is far from over."Weasley warned,I rolled my eyes,taking a seat,I saw Draco standing.

"Mione?"I looked up at him,his face was full of worry and was hesitant.I was worried,jumping out of my seat.

"What is it Draco?"I asked worried,he looked at me,the whole hall gasped at the same time,as Draco knelt on one knee,tears strolling down my face,Theo and Blaise wolf whistling.

"Hermione Bella Gaunt,I love you,no words can describe how much,you are beautiful.smart,strong,the best girl I have ever met,you have bought light and love in to my world.I want you to be mine all mine,show people my love for you,before they take you away from me,you own my heart,if someone took you away I would break,I want to spend my life with you.Every living moment with you,Soo,will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and a greater honor becoming a Malfoy?"



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