Hermione Gaunt

After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a visitor,she also goes through some physical changes.when she returns to Hogwarts she makes headgirl and a certain someone makes headboy. She falls in love with her old enemy and breaks her friendship with someone else.


5. Back to Hogwarts..

I woke up,my head against a soft green pillow,a pair of arms snaked around my waist,holding on to me tightly,Draco's head was snuggled in my hair.gently I turned to face him,placing a hand to his cheek,stroking it softly,the stormy grey eyes I loved opened,smiling down at me.

"Good morning love,"I whispered gently,he looked back at me,his eyes full of warmth and love.His eyes bore in to mine.

"It is eight you know,we should get ready,we need to leave in two hours." scanned his eyes,they were drifting back to sleep.

"Draco!"I yelled jokingly,I smashed my pillow against his head,his eyes opened pulling me to him again,I struggled against his grip,laughing,he laughed,climbing on top of me.

"You really shouldn't have done that Gaunt."He threatened,I raised an eyebrow.I breathed heavily,he was leaning in,before our lips touched,he tickled me all over,I  was rolling over,screaming uncontrollably,giggling,he laughed at me.

"Draco...Stop!We need to get ready."I breathed,I was on top of him,laughing in hysterics,tears rolling down my cheeks,he grinned at me,sadly I got up,from him,my feet landed firmly on the floor,before he grabbed my arm,turning me to him,he pecked me on the lips.

"Promise you'll never leave me."Draco pleaded,his eyes glued in to mine,he could of killed me, my heart melted,I leaned forward resting my forehead against his,nose to nose.

"I promise to never leave you Draco Malfoy,I am yours forever."I convinced him,looking in to his eyes,I put a hand to his cheek,stroking it,he pulled me in to a bone crushing hug,his face snuggling in my messy curls.He pulled way,my hand dropping from his cheek,glancing in to each others eyes,

"Draco,Hermione."We jumped,hearing the knock from the door,we were soo startled we started laughing again,Narcissa opened the door and came in.

"Good morning you too,what are you laughing at this early?You'd better get ready,don't want to be late already,now,do you?"She asked,staring at us,glancing from me to Hermione.

"Sorry Narcissa,good morning,Draco here thought it was funny,to tickle me,for half an hour."I smiled at her,giving Draco a death glare,he chuckled,a tinge of pink crept to his cheeks. Narcissa nodded,smirking,she left the room.

"Thanks for that Gaunt."Draco added sarcastically,looking at me,

"No problem, Malfoy."I giggled,shaking my head,as I picked up my clothes,my toiletries bag,I headed out to my bathroom,feeling Draco's eyes following me as I left the room,I headed back to the guest room,which was now my room,rushing to the shower,I stripped and stepped in to the shower,the hot water washed over me as I thought.If you told me a few months ago that I would fall for Draco, I would have sent you off to st mongo's to check your head,a lot of things have happened this month,I wondered what my friends would think of my new appearance,I missed everyone,that is everyone apart from Ron,I didn't want to see him at all,or Lavender, for the matter,I just really hoped me and Draco were not in the same house then Ron.Oh no,would my friends accept me and Draco together?I don't know and I don't care I love him,and he loves me,that is what matters.Angrily,I switched off the water,pulling my towel fiercely around me,I hurried out of the shower in deep thought.

"BOO!"The voice startled me soo much,I had dropped my towel and was standing their naked with Draco on his knees laughing on the floor,clutching his sides.Flushing madly,I gripped my towel and forced it over me.

"What the bloody hell?Get out Draco!"I yelled,he laughed his way out.I began dressing myself.I  wore a grey pair of jean shorts,a green top,I wore the necklace my dad gave me,throwing on my black and white sandals.looking in the mirror, I was surprised,normally having to do a spell on my hair,today it looked pretty,blonde curls hanging all the way down my back,putting on the little amount of make I usually wore,finally I was ready. Apperating back to Draco's room,I startled him.He raised an eyebrow,looking me up and down.

"Well,I personally preferred you naked,but that would freak out the first years."He joked,snickering.

"Just joking love,you look beautiful as always."Draco smiled pulling me in to a hug.I hugged him back.wishing the moment would never end.

"Draco..I'm scared,what if everyone freaks out when they see blonde hair and green eyes.What if I lose my friends."I asked him worriedly,he looked at me reassuring me,putting his index finger on my chin and pushed it upwards so I was looking at him.

"Hermione,if they truly were your friends they would never leave you,they would always stand by you as you have stood with Potter,during the battle,you never left his side,he should do the same,besides you will always have me and the rest of Slytherin. If you tell anyone this,I will tickle you to death but Blaise,Theo and I had a crush on you in the start of fourth year,in the battle you made us fall head over heels for you,you were such a bad ass know-it-all.,but you caught me and I am grateful,I promise to never let you down,or let you go."Draco told me,he pulled me out of his room to the drawing room where his mum was,Lucius was there.We smiled.

"Good morning father."Draco greeted.

"Good morning Lucius."I added,he smiled at us.

"Good morning,Draco and Hermione,breakfast is on the table,in twenty minutes we will leave,or we'll  be late."Lucius told us,Narcissa smiled at us.They looked at each other,suspiciously,it was strange,Draco noticed and pulled me out,I turned once more to watch them and caught Lucius and Narcissa wink at me.We walked in to one of the smaller dinning rooms.

"What was that about?"I asked Draco curiously.He looked at me and shrugged.

"Believe me,I have no idea,clueless as you are,they normally do that when they are proud of something."He told me,continuing to eat,I let it drop and ate,in fifteen minutes,the table was clear and two owls,where there in silver and green cages.Me and Draco looked at each other,stepping towards the very large owls,one was extremely beautiful,being snowy white,like Headwig,but it had great big green eyes,the other one,was a rich mousse brown,with stormy blue eyes.Both the owls had letters attached to their wings,I took the letter off the white owl,Draco took the letter from the other owl.I read....

Dear Hermione,

The owl is a gift so we can keep contact with each other,not just each other,but so you can write to your father and friends,choose the name and it will answer to you,we bought you and Draco different owls according to your eye color.hope you like it,Please write every week.

love from Narcissa and Lucius.

Hermione finished reading and noticed Draco had finished as well.Draco took the owl cages, in his hands.

"Come on love,we need to get going."Draco told me.We walked back to the entrance where Narcissa and Lucius stood waiting for us,beaming at us then at each other,happy with each other.

"Thank you soo much for the owls,it is beautiful,but you really did not.."Hermione was cut off.

"Nonsense dear,it was nothing,just a gift."Narcissa informed me,she smiled at us,Draco and I  smiled back.Lucius took one of the owls and Narcissa took the other.I grabbed my trunk and  Draco grabbed his,with my free hand I grabbed Draco's  hand,while Lucius grabbed Narcissa's we apperated,twirling through the air,I found myself hanging on to Draco's hand,our feet landed firmly on the ground but I never released Draco's hand,the first thing,I saw were flashes hundreds,a big crowd of photographers behind me,in front of me,Lucius and Draco,pulled me through them,shooing them away,everyone was watching,we levitated our things to an empty compartment,before I rushed back out, Draco on my heels,at the flashes,making my way to Lucius and Narcissa,I pulled Narcissa into a hug.

"Thank you,for everything,I will write everyday,mother."I whispered in her ear,ignoring the stares and flashes,while Draco was talking at Lucius.

"Take care Hermione,be safe,be happy."Narcissa whispered back.I pulled away,smiling,I hugged Lucius,he was a little taken aback,but awkwardly hugged me back.I pulled away quickly.

"Thank you for everything,I hope to see you soon."I added politely,he smiled at me.

"Be strong,Hermione"Lucius told me.

"Goodbye mother,father."Draco said hugging them,they hugged him back,when he pulled away,he took my hand,smiling at me.Lucius and Narcissa had apparated,already gone.

"Ready Hermione?"Draco chuckled at me.I nodded,he pulled me in to him,snaking his hand around my waist,playing with my curls,I laughed at his childish behavior,he just smirked,we reached our compartment and saw it was full.Full with the old Slytherins,they grinned at us.

"Hey Draco,who is this?"His friends  smirked at their friend,Draco smiled back at them,the boys looking at me,winking,I felt Draco stiffen next to me,immediately they stopped knowing what he meant 

"Hey Blaise."Draco said not knowing what to say,I thought they were joking,then I realized they were serious.I put my head back and let out a laugh,they stared at me confused,I threw myself on to the seat opposite Zabini,Parkinson,Nott and Greengrass,I stared at them,Draco sat down next to me,pulling me on to his lap,they raised an eyebrow at us.

"Bloody hell,you really don't recognize me do you?"I asked,a smirk playing on my lips,I heard Draco chuckle.they shook their heads at me,seriously.

"Former Gryffindor princess, brains behind the golden trio,brightest witch of her age,former mudblood,ex girlfriend of traitor the Weasel."I spat out his name,ticking off all the names I earned on my fingers.They stared at me,eyes wide,mouths hanging open.

"You should close your mouth before something flies in."Draco smirked playing with my hair,I chuckled.

"Bloody hell!Granger?"They shouted at me together.Jumping up in shock.

"Who else?"I asked sarcastically,I looked at Draco who winked at me.I slid off his lap and sat beside him his arm around my waist,my hands on his lap.They were speechless.

"Well since you have never officially met,Blaise,Pansy,Theo and Astoria this is Hermione Bella Gaunt,my mother is her Godmother,she had been staying with me at my house,she is also my girlfriend so eyes and hands off."He gestured to them,they finally sat down.

"Wow,um Hermione,I heard about you being a pureblood,but I never thought you'd change this much,you look stunning by the way and I'm sorry about that Weasel,as soon as he sees you he will regret it,can we be friends?"Pansy asked me.I smiled at her.

"Of course Pansy,lets be friends,what about you Astoria?"I asked her,she smiled at me flinging herself on my,I Hugged her back.

"I hope all of us stay in Slytherin and Hermione can join us in Slytherin too,no doubt she will."Theo smiled at me.I smirked back.

"Hell she will,even shes starting to act more Slytherin,like the look and attitude,Gaunt,hope we can be friends."Blaise said.

"Oh Zabini,I was thinking same thing,I don't want any enemies this year,but what I do want is to make my last year at Hogwarts a very memorable one,soo if you can help me play a couple of pranks on the Weasel,we will get along more then fine."I winked at him,he winked back.

"Hermione,hasn't Potter and your other friends seen you yet?"Astoria asked me,I shook my head.

"I was hoping about half way to Hogwarts we can put our robes on and go see them,give them a visit,well give Ron more of a fright."I smirked.They smirked back.

"Hermione,you really have changed a lot."Pansy commented at me with a smile.

"I  like you,you don't seem half as bad as you seemed."She added.

"Thanks pansy,now how about nicknames?"I asked them,they looked at me with raised eyebrows, I sighed.

"Well lets see,"I thought hardly."Theo you can be Teddy."I grinned,everyone burst out laughing,Teddy just  stared at us

"No way,I'm Theo."Teddy shouted,giving me a playful punch.

"No,Teddy.it's cute."Pansy added,me and Astoria laughed,they boys just stared,Teddy was quite handsome tall and muscular,with dark brown hair that hung in his eyes,which were a striking blue.I cocked my head to the side.

"Astoria you can be Asty,Pansy you can be Pans"I told them.They smiled at me.

"That alright,Why am I called Teddy?"Teddy asked,annoyed,the grin gave him away though.

"Because you are one of the softest Slytherins I have ever met."Draco informed him,laughing.

"Hermione you can Mione,Blaise you can be Blaini and Draco,you can be Drake."Asty laughed,I highfived her and Pansy.

"Good one Asty."I told her,she smirked her hazel eyes twinkling.

"Thanks,Mione and Pans."She thanked us.

"Hey we should get ready to go and visit the others."I grinned evilly,I got my uniform and robe,plus the headgirl badge,Pans and Asty,got their stuff and followed me,we walked down the corridor,in a line side by side,me being in the middle,to an empty compartment,we got in and started to get changed,I finished,they were still putting their uniforms on,I might as well dress like a Slytherin,I rolled my skirt up so it was halfway down my thighs,my shirt was tucked out sleeves rolled up,my tie was short and  wide,my socks were pulled up my legs,my headgirl badge sparkling

"You look soo different Mione,you look pretty.Astoria said,her uniform was similar to mine,but her tie was long and thin.I smiled at her.Pansy nodded in agreement,her skirt was super short,her first  three buttons were open exposing her bra and she wore ankle socks.We opened the compartment door and strutted down the corridor,all eyes on us,I sneered at the boys who looked at me,some boy came towards me,smirking,

"Taken."I sneered,pushing past him,I heard the other two giggle.

"That was awesome Mione."Astoria smirked.

"You are a true Slytherin."Pansy agreed,I smiled at them.

"Thanks guys."I replied hugging them,we made our way to our compartment to laughing,opening the door,I sat next to Draco,he pecked me on the lips,I pecked him back,hearing wolf whistling.

"Had to ruin the moment eh,Blaini?"I asked rolling my eyes.he smirked,I smirked back.

"Shall we go Mione?"Draco asked me.turning me to face him.I nodded grinning,everyone followed.

"This should be fun."Teddy mused happily.

"Oh,it  should be,really fun."I smirked at him.I grabbed Draco's hand he pulled me in,hugging me close,the others following laughing,everyone looked at us,as if we were going to do something wrong,I was nervous as it is.

"What are you staring at?"I sneered at a girls,she backed away in to her compartment.Everyone looked shocked,Draco was caressing my side,calming me,I smiled.Finally I came to the compartment where I normally sat,without hesitation I opened the door,staring in,Ron was sitting with Lavender on his lap,Ginny and Harry were whispering in the corner,Dean,Seamus and Neville were playing exploding snap.The boys rose staring at us,the group of Slytherins behind me and Draco who was next to me.

"What do you want Malfoy?"Harry asked politely,eyeing him suspiciously,how can he not recognize me,I was his best friend for Christ's sake.I snorted.

"Oh, where is Gaunt,not here I see?"Draco said smirking,I smirked knowingly.

"That is not you business Malfoy,take your pack of deatheaters and go."Ron shouted.He had gotten me angry,that was it.

"You are the last person to talk,traitor,you cheated on me and exposed my secrets to the world,if I were you,I'd keep very quite,Weasley."I hissed at him.They were looking at me,reactions shocked,

"Hermione?"Ginny asked me,she stood up in front of Harry.facing me.

"How can you stand in my face and don't you dare say anything about my friends,they were there for me when I needed them,I didn't even do anything for them and they were there when I was transforming,I didn't even get a letter while I was in pain,Weasley,you don't even know what you put me through,I was transforming and you cheated on me,I can't believe I actually loved you,you disgust me,but you Potter,you disgust me the most,if it wasn't for me,you would have never gotten through the first year let alone last year,I helped you,even though the Weasley left us I didn't abandon you,when I loved him,I figured out the Deathly Hallows,I figured out how to defeat the Horcruxes,and yet you abandon me,you always used me to do the homework and work,I regret making friends with you,all of you,you disgust me,have a good life,if  I make it hell for you,don't take it as a surprise."I hissed,they were speechless,didn't know what to say.

"Draco is with me now,whether you like it or not,if my father hadn't taken me away,I would have been in the same position as him,a deatheater,so don't be prejudges,against other people,you may have been the chosen one,but your story will never be as depressing or sad as some people I  know."I whispered,with that I walked away,Draco holding my hand.The others following.

"Hermione,wait,I'm sorry,I didn't know."Harry whispered at the door of the compartment.I ignored him and walked away.We headed back to our compartment.I started laughing.

"Did you see their faces?They were soo shocked."I laughed,they stared at me worriedly.

"Are you OK Mione?"Draco asked me,I smiled at him,sitting on his lap he cradled me.The others sat around us,staring.

"I had to pick the words that would hurt them the most,cuz potter would have never gotten through all of it without me to help,I was the one to tell him what to do and how to do it."I grinned at them.

"You mean to tell us that the whole thing was a joke to hurt them?" Blaise yelped in shock. I nodded.

"Of course,I did,I wanted to hurt them as mush as they hurt me,when I went through my transformation and did not get a letter from either of them,I wanted them to feel the pain I felt,lost and abandoned,I think those words did the job."I smirked at Blaise,he was gasping at me in shock.

"You are one Slytherin bad ass"Blaise winked,I turned to face Draco,he looked shocked,a small smirk playing on his lips.He stared at me,I winked,smiling at him,before pecking him on the lips.He continued playing with my hair causing me to giggle.

"Draco,I bet you 60 galleons,Mione will get into Slytherin."Teddy smirked at us.We looked at him

"I bet you 500 galleons that The Weasel and Brown will get into Hufflepuff,were they belonged,they are far too stupid to end up anywhere else."I smirked at Teddy,we were all laughing.

"We are here come on Mione. Lets go."Pansy and Astoria chanted,linking arms with me.

"Boys,see you at the carriages,bye love."I hugged Draco tightly as he kissed my head.The others wolf whistling at us,I didn't care.

"I'll be right behind you,If anyone of the others cause any trouble,I'll come if you need me,OK Mione?"Draco whispered in my ear,his breath tingling on my neck,He kissed my neck,three times,before nibbling my ear.I smiled and went to find Astoria and Pansy.

"You and Draco seem perfect with each other."Astoria smiled,

"Couldn't agree more,you are soo cute together."Pansy agreed.We headed down the path,laughing.

"Hermione!!Please stop."I scoffed before turning around,Harry,Ron and Ginny came running towards me,out of breath.I glared at them noticing Draco,Blaise and Theo watching a few feet back,waiting for something to go wrong,Draco smirked.

"What?"I asked,looking at my nails,acting bored.

"Look Hermi..."

"Ron,you are the last person I want to talk to,Harry Ginny,I will hear you but Ron piss off and go snog your bitchy slut."I growled,glaring at him,he stepped towards me,anger rushing through him,He raised his hand,I closed my eyes,I waited for the slap but none came.

"If I were you I'd walk away right now and not to show your face again,go near Mione or any of us again,we won't be as forgiving."Draco sneered,gripping Ron's arm from the back.He pushed Ron away,who glared at us.

"This is not over."He shouted,before running to find Brown.

"Thanks Malfoy."Harry and Ginny thanked him without mocking him.

"Guys can you give me a minute to talk to Ginny and Harry."I pleaded them,they nodded.

"I swear to god if you hurt.."

"Don't worry Malfoy,we won't."Ginny reassured.I watched them walk away,before turning to them.

"Mione,look,we are soo sorry,we really will do anything to make it up to you,we will make friends with the Slytherins if you want but you never told us about the Transformation,we just wanted to give you time to know your new life without interruptions.Ron's a different case,you have no idea what we did to him.Mum and Dad kicked  him out,he has fallen out with everyone,he went to Bill and Fleur, after one week,Bill came back,pleading for them to forgive,they said they can't because you are one of their children too."Ginny said,crying,she wiped away the tears,I rushed forward and hugged her.

"I'm sorry Gin."I ushered.

"Hermione,you know that I love you as a sister don't you.I will never leave your side again.I'm sorry I really am."Harry added,we all hugged each other.

"Oh and Mione,I love the new look,you look pretty."Ginny winked,I smiled at her.

"Well guys,I'll see you in the great hall,need to get to Draco,I will always love you as well, my best friends."I smiled at them,blowing them kisses as I skipped away to find my friends.I few minutes down the path,I spotted the platinum blonde hair,I ran up to him.

"Hey Drake,hey guys."Smiling at the others.

"So by the look on your face it went well,yes?"Astoria asked me,an evil grin on her beautiful feminine features. I nodded.

"Come on,better get to the carriages before we have to walk and miss our own sorting!"Pansy snorted at us,leading the way,Draco took my hand and we followed the others,who were talking,we walked beside them in silence.Once we were sitting in the carriages we were all silent.

"OH MY GOD.I forgot to tell you,there are no first years."Shrieked Pansy,excitedly

"Ohhhhhh!"Draco,Blaise and Theo grunted together,Pansy,Astoria and I looked at them with confusion.They looked back at us.

"No jokes to play on the first years,everyone else knows what to expect."Blaise explained.I laughed wickedly,whilst they all eyed me.

"I'm not sure you should be disappointed, there is someone else who I want to make miserable for the rest of his Hogwarts year."I winked at them,they grinned back at me and chuckled.

"Can we play all the jokes on him possible?"Teddy asked smiling with pleading eyes.

"Everything,evil,funny,embarrassing,horror."I told them,they stared at me wide eyed.

"Fake romance?"Astoria shrieked.I nodded,Pansy and Astoria lunged at me,hugging me.

"Guys...Can't...Breathe."I gasped,they let go,while the guys chuckled,I glared at them.They stole my glare,as I glanced behind them.They castle.It was beautiful.Hogwarts.It was lightened and sparkling,I  really missed this place.A lot happened here,a single tear strolled down my face.I remembered:Fred,Tonks,Remus,Snape,Dumbledore we have lost soo much.I felt someone wipe the tear away and pull me into their chest,soothing me.

"I love you"Draco whispered in my ear.

"I love you too."I answered back.

"Say it."He pleaded again,I knew what he was getting at.

"I'm yours always and forever."I whispered back.He stroked my hair,delicately,he reached out for my hand,which I gripped tightly and glided after him,through the great doors,The castle was repaired,it looks like nothing has happened,not true of course,everything has happened,changed.They joined the other seventh years,who were standing anxiously,waiting.Draco rubbed circles on the back of my palm keeping me calm.Finally the doors opened and Draco pulled me to the front of the line,we stood side by side as we led the seventh years in.The great hall was looking at the seventh years,entering together,people looked at Draco with fear,raising an eyebrow at me,trying to place the girl who was by his side,holding his hand.Thankful,that they didn't notice me yet,soon they would.We got to the stool were Professor Slughorn was standing.

"Good evening students,welcome back,when I call your names come up and  you'll be sorted into your new houses."Professor Slughorn said smiling at us.

"Gaunt,Hermione." Everyone gasped,the silence in the hall was deafening and unbearable.hesitantly,I looked at Draco,who gave me a crocked smile,I went up the stairs feeling everyone's eyes on me,strutting up,Draco's hand ripped from mine,as he became out of reach.The whole school was speechless.sitting on the stool,I focused on Draco,grinning at me,then at Blaise,Teddy,Pansy and Astoria leaving Ginny,who gave me a slight smile and a thumbs up,Harry gave me a huge grin.

"Hmmm,I see you've discovered your true identity,I see something different much different,you were placed in the wrong house before,although it did you good and gave you the courage, let us set that right ,better be...Slytherin!"I smirked,I jumped off the stool and flung myself at Draco in front of the whole school.The Slytherin table cheering,everyone else staring,shocked.He caught me in a tight embrace.

"If you end up in a different house,I'll kick your butt muggle style."I grinned and pulled away,hearing him chuckle as I made my way to the Slytherin table,sitting away from the other years,who greeted me.A few others past,I was not paying attention,apart from the people I wanted to see get sorted.

"Malfoy,Draco."My head sprung up,as I saw him strut up,the hat didn't touch his head.

"Slytherin,"It shouted,I jumped on my feet and cheered for him,waiting for him to sit down,he was the second to get sorted to Slytherin. Sitting next to me he held my hand on the table.

"Lovegood Luna."The hat shouted,the girl with the dirty blonde hair walked calmly to the stool.

"Gryffindor"The table went up in cheers as she went to join,the first to be sorted in to there.

"Finnigan Seamus."I watched him walk up,the hat placed to his head,a few moments passed.

"Hufflepuff."He scowled as he joined the table,sulky,he looked over to me and winked,with an apologetic smile.

"Longbottom,Neville."I saw Neville as he shyly went up to the stool,the second it touched his head the hat bellowed.

"Gryffindor."He looked very happy,he blushed as he strolled over to sit down to the table,on the way he tripped,which made the hall corrupt to laughter,he joined Luna who kissed his cheek,taking his hand,they were madly in love.I could already imagine them married.

"Nott,Theodore."The handsome softy went up,the girls drooling over him like made.Having the same strut of confidence,the hat thought for a minute as it bellowed.

"Slytherin."Proudly he came towards us,smirking,our table,cheering,sitting opposite me and Draco.

"Thank Merlin,I was worried for a minute there."He whispered,relieved,before turning his attention to the sorting.

"Greengrass,Astoria."Beautifully she glided up,so graceful,her hair bouncing off her waist.As she sat down the hat was placed on her head,less then ten seconds passed.

"Slytherin."She bounced off her seat,skipping towards us,her face gleaming with happiness as she sat down beside me,smiling,the cheering died down.

"Weasley Ronald."Everyone was silent having heard what he did,glancing at me as he stood at the stool,I glared back at him,the look he gave me was dark,frightening,a shiver went up my spine,Draco seemed to understand,growled under his breath,giving Ron a death glare,I watched the traitor's face go as red as his face as he broke the glare,a few minutes past.

"Hufflepuff."I snorted,as he stumbled down,trying to look confident but failing,he tried sitting next to Seamus,who scowled at him and moved up,our whole group seemed to be laughing too loudly,which made him turn around and glare at us.

"You will regret it,all of you and you,no one can have you but me,you belong to me,I will get you,no matter what it takes."He threatened,glaring at me.

"Weasley,turn around now,before I lose it with you."Teddy snarled at him,a bit too loudly,catching everyone's attention,I smirked at Weasley,he turned around,fists clenched by his side,as I shot an appreciating look to Teddy,who smiled back,squeezing Draco's hand,he squeezed it back.

"Weasley,Ginny."I smiled at Ginny who strolled up smiling,she glanced at me nervously,I smiled at her.

"Gryffindor."Happily she walked to the table,which were cheering wildly,smiling at me once,before turning her attention to Luna and Neville,I saw Seamus glare at Weasley,who ignored it.

"Brown Lavender."The stupid,ugly clingy thing,sat on the stool,I could feel my blood boiling,Draco snaked him arm around my waist pulling me to him,I relaxed.

"Hufflepuff."She smirked on her way at me,I snarled at her,using wandless magic,I made her teeth go longer and water coming out as if she'd wet herself,the whole school watched her as she froze,before screaming,covering her teeth and running out of the great hall sobbing,Ron chased after her.The Slytherin table erupted with laughter,soon the great hall was laughing uncontrollably,

"SILENCE!,"Everyone,will remain silent for the rest of the sorting."The headmistress, announced glancing at our table.eyes skimming it.We did as she said.


"Slytherin."Everyone cheered as she joined us,sitting next to Teddy,smirking.

"That was awesome Mione."Pansy encouraged,chuckling.

"Looks like this years gonna be soo much fun,with Weasley and Brown around,eh love?"  Draco suggested.

"You bet it is."I smirked laughing,we chuckled.Astoria nudged me.

"Potter,Harry."Everyone watched,the chosen one about to be sorted,the hat did not rest five seconds on his head,before it bellowed...

"Gryffindor."Harry seemed happy the whole school cheered for him,finally Blaise was left.

"Come on Blaise."I heard my group mutter.

"Zabini,Blaise."He hesitated,before strutting towards the stool,I  heard Astoria's breath get faster,I knew her secret,I smirked,

"Slytherin,"We jumped in relief,everyone watching us,Blaise running to us,a huge smile on his face.We hugged him,as he sat down.

"Well,we got what we wanted,we are all together."Teddy chuckled,we laughed in relief.

"Hey,Mione,what you did to Brown was cool."He complimented,I smiled at him.

"Now,before you start your feast,I have a few announcements to make,the first one is can we please give a massive round of applause to"Mr Harry Potter,Ms Hermione,Gaunt,Mr Ronald Weasley,Ms Luna Lovegood,Mr Neville,Longbottom,Ms Ginny Weasley,many others and of course those who died for doing their duties to our school,can you please stand up."We all stood up and the castle roared to cheers,I caught Harry's eye,winked at him,the cheering quietened and  we took a seat.

"I'd like to inform you that your head boy is Draco Malfoy,"The whole hall stared,I began to cheer soo loudly,to comfort him,the Slytherin table followed my lead and cheered.

"and your headgirl is Hermione Gaunt."The hall burst into cheers as I pecked Draco's cheek and he took my hand in his.I was soo happy.We sat down again,pleased.

"Can Mr Malfoy and Ms Gaunt go to their house dorms after dinner,because their common room isn't ready yet,Now..Let the feast begin."The headmistress spoke,the hall filled with food and everyone ate.

"So,Mione,what are we gonna do bout Weasel?"Pansy asked casually.

"Well,what do you suggest?"I asked them,they looked at each other grinning.I raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Well,I think,since Finnigan hates him,we do the most basic stuff,get Finnigan to take us to the Hufflepuff common room and sabotage his stuff,"Blaise smirked"Really basic stuff you know,then we take it to the next level and do something evil,like mess with him and Brown."Blaise continued.

"After the feast,he'll probably be in the hospital with that thing,we can go then,first we should change all his clothes including his uniform and robes pink,but only that he can't see it,whilst everyone else can,enchant spiders in his pillow."I smirked whispering so no one will hear.

"Oh my god,we can enchant his quill,to always change the words so it turns out to something really silly,whilst he writes it,it will write what he wants,but when he hands it to the teacher it changes completely."Teddy added,everyone nodded.

"What about Brown?"Draco asked,smiling evilly,enjoying the fun.

"Oh I have something special for her.boys,you will go to the boy's dorms,while me,Pansy and Mione go to the girls,we have ten minutes,lets go ask Finnigan."Astoria added.

"Guys let me deal with it."I smirked at them,we got up,strutting towards the Hufflepuff table to where Seamus was sitting talking to another seventh year,everyone watching,me and Draco,holding hands.

"Hey Seamus,can we talk to you,no problems,I promise."adding,I smiled at him sweetly,he nodded and followed us,Pansy winking at me,whilst Astoria chuckled.We walked out the great hall.

"Well,Seamus,do you know how Ron hurt me soo much?"I asked him,looking sad,he nodded.

"Can you tell me the Hufflepuff common room password,I wanna play a few harmful pranks on him,so he knows  what it is like to be humiliated,you know.?"He nodded.

"Of course Mione,the portrait is our old one,the singing lady,the password is bumblebee."He told me truthfully,

"Thank you,Seamus and you won't tell anyone will you?It'll be our little secret?"I asked him,he nodded.

"He deserves a lot more then pranks,he lost something great in his life,he will regret it you know,by the way you look good."He added smiling,I grinned back.

"Thanks,Seamus,you are a good friend,I'll see you later."I added,before cat walking away.I burst into a fist of giggles.

"A true Slytherin charmer."Blaise laughed,We headed up the stairs to the old woman.She was singing.I stood in front of it.

"Bumblebee."I chanted,She stared at me suspiciously.

"Has anyone told you what a very strong voice you have?Teddy asked,flipping his hair back,winking at her.She burst in an unbearable fit of giggles,the portrait door opened and we glided in.

"Thank god it's empty."Astoria explained."Boys hurry up,girls follow me and be quick."The boys headed up the left staircase and we headed up the right.As soon as we got in the girls dorms,I showed them Lavender's bags.Astoria and Pansy winked as they got to work.

"Um,girls,what do I do?"I moaned to them.They stopped working and looked at me.

"Anything you want."Pansy giggled.

"Just make sure that it's funny and noticeable."Astoria added,I got to work.I went to her pillow and muttered an enchantment that would make her hair change to a blue color,every night,,she would never suspect her pillow,I muttered one on her quilt which would make her gain weight,she was already round and lumpy,a few more lumps would never hurt.I charmed her books to let out a really bad smell when opened and her quills to blow up ink everywhere when she used it.Finally we had finished,Pansy and Astoria were laughing soo hard they couldn't contain themselves.

"What did you do?"I asked them,raising an eyebrow.,they continued to laugh.

"You'll see tomorrow,when you see Brown."Pansy told me,grinning happily.

"Yeah,you'll see."Astoria added,As we went down the stairs the boys were finished and came down to meet us.

"Now let's get out of here before anyone catches us."Blaise whispered,we all smirked and sneaked out of the Hufflepuff common  room to the Slytherin ones.As soon as we reached it we saw Professor Snape.

"Good evening professor."We chanted together.

"Good evening,nice to see you've become friends"He smirked,glancing from my face to Draco's,who looked down at his shoes.

"Pureblood."Teddy snapped,and the door opened,as soon as we stepped inside,the cold air hit us making me shiver.

"Is it always that cold down here?"I asked them,they looked at me laughing.

"No,silly,it is hot near the fire."Draco chucked pulling me to him close.He was warm.

"Right,let's carry out our tradition shall we?"Blaise asked,looking at me grinning.I noticed that they were all smirking.

"Oh,it's simple really,on the first night back,we all get our duvets and  pillows and sleep altogether in the common room,next to the fire."Pansy shrugged.I followed Pansy and Astoria to my dorm,which I will be sharing with them.We put on out pj's,I wore a pair of shorts and a baggy jumper which exposed my shoulders,I let my hair back lose and removed all makeup,Pansy was wearing shorts and a black vest,exposing her arms,chest and tummy,while Astoria wore a Slytherin night gown,which was just above her knees,it suited her,hugging her body in the right places.We headed down,I placed my things next to Draco and Astoria was on the other side of me.

"Well we need to sleep early,to make sure we don't miss the fun."Pansy yawned,it was now twelve thirty,I put my head on the pillow when Draco came beside me,I snuggled in to his chest,he snaked his arms around my waist.

"Say it."Draco whispered in my ear.his breath tingling on  my neck burning me.

"I'm  your always and forever."I smiled.

"I love you"He whispered.

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