The Thirst: First Encounter (Book 1 )

What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one created by nurture. Is the natural born killer truly stronger than the one that has foraged himself?


1. The First Encounter

Jade walked around the ballroom, her black 2 inch heels clicking on the floor. Her long, flowing red and black ballroom gown trailed behind her. Her blue eyes shone behind her black masquerade mask as she looked at everyone around her, her dark brown curls bouncing with every step she took.  Jade normally wasn’t one to do the whole dressing up thing, but she had come to learn that Masquerade Balls were the best place to go when she needed a good hunt. No one would know who she was. Not that she ever had problems before, but with vampire stories becoming all the rage,  she had to be careful. The wannabe vampires were making things a little difficult, as they went around trying to act like something they weren’t all the while drawing the media attention to them. She tried to drown out the sound of all the hearts beating in the room, but it was a bit overwhelming she had to admit. She brushed past a guy, but when she didn’t feel his heart she stopped and turned around. The eyes she stared into were ones she recognized. They belonged to Liam. He must not have had luck at the party he was going to and decided to try her idea out. They gave a slight nod to each other before they both continued walking. It was nice the soulless bastard actually paid attention to some of the things she had said, instead of just ignoring her. As another song started to play someone gently grabbed her hand as she walked by. She stopped walking and turned to look at them. She was surprised to see maroon eyes staring back at her, not a color she normally saw in people’s eyes.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked as he kissed her hand, his accent was thick, making his words sound like a promise for something more. A seductive smiled played on her lips.

“Of course,” she said. She let him lead her to where the others were dancing. She had danced with several men tonight, but for some reason something felt different about this one. Maybe it was because the others had been handsy, while this guy was a perfect gentleman, placing one hand on the small of her back while the other held her hand as they swept across the floor in a Waltz. Or if it was something else she wasn’t sure. All that she knew for sure was that as much as she wanted him to be the one she fed from tonight she wouldn’t. For a man like this would surely be missed. She had to find someone neither universally hated nor universally loved, a person not too many would notice. But she still couldn’t shake the feeling she had towards the man that had just spun her gracefully. She couldn’t place it, it was as if there was a connection of some sort, but she didn’t see how that was possible. Everything about this man screamed high class and luxury. And even though Jade did live luxuriously she wasn’t very high class. The song ended with a dip, and after he pulled her up he gave a slight bow.

“Thank you for allowing me the honor of dancing with you,” he said as he again kissed her hand.

“The honor was all mine. Believe me,” she said. Before anymore could be said someone grabbed Jade and whipped her around before pulling her body close to theirs. "Liam," she hissed as he moved her away from the man she had been dancing with. “What the hell is your problem?”

“Nothing my darling sister,” he said as he spun her. Even though they weren’t brother and sister in any sense of the word other than they were both vampires, he still insisted on calling her that. “Other than the fact that your little plan isn’t working very well.”

“Have you given it any time? You did just get here about an hour ago," she snapped annoyed with him.

“How long have you been at this tonight?” he asked in that annoying snarky way that he does when he thinks he is smarter than her.

“I’ll have you know I have a few selections lined up,”  she shot back. She sighed and looked away from him.

“Are you sure you are not just saying that? Do you need me to find someone for you?” he asked with a smirk on his face. She stopped dancing with him then, and went to slap him, but he caught her hand. He yanked her close again before kissing her roughly on the lips. Jade bit his lip, causing him to pull back in surprise. She then managed to slap him before walking away. Why did she put up with that bastard anyways? She made her way outside to get some fresh air, as she had drawn some blood from Liam when she had bit him, making her that much hungrier. Once outside she stopped at the top of the steps and took a few deeps breath, savoring the smell of the people in the area. If she couldn’t get her fill on one person she might have to go about it the other way, where she took some from several different people. It was annoying and taxing, but it did help keep the body count down. So after taking another deep breath she made her way inside to find her handful of victims to feed on.

Jade had her body pressed against a guy as she kissed trails up and down his neck, while his hands roamed their way up and down her body. Before he could get too far with his hands she carefully bit into his neck, making sure he didn’t feel it too much. As she was taking his blood someone bumped into her, whether it was an accident or on purpose she wasn’t sure. But she turned around and growled at them, her eyes red and a little blood trailed from the corner of her lips. She quickly recovered herself before looking into the same maroon eyes as before, or at least she figured they were the same. She then turned back to her victim, before he realized he was bleeding. Acting quickly she licked any blood that had escaped before licking the holes from her fangs, sealing them to make sure they healed quickly. Once that was done she quickly moved away from the man. That had been close. She had let her vampire side get the best of her for a second there, showing her true form. Hopefully the guy didn’t have a chance to see much of anything. At this point Jade was tired of playing safe. So making her way through the room she escaped out the door into the night. There was always one person she could go to for a good feeding, and for a good lay. She hated going to him though, for he was such an ass about it, but desperate times called for desperate measures. As she ran through the streets to his house she didn’t dare stop, afraid that if she did she would just give in and sink her teeth into the closest person.

By the time she reached his house her skin was crawling with the need to have a good, uninterrupted, feeding. So she took his steps two at a time before slamming her hand on his door. It wasn’t long before the door opened and the familiar brown eyes and cocky smirk greeted her.

“Well hello Jade. What a surprise?” he said mockingly.

“Shut up Ian,” she growled as she reached forward and pulled him into an aggressive kiss, slamming her lips against his. He smirked before responding in kind by thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She broke the kiss long enough to shove him back into his house, before she followed suit, slamming the door behind her.

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