The Thirst: First Encounter (Book 1 )

What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one created by nurture. Is the natural born killer truly stronger than the one that has foraged himself?


4. The Bet

Jade woke up some time in the middle of the afternoon the next day. As she yawned and stretched she snapped her fingers, going from being naked to wearing a pair of shorts and a purple tank top. She then made her way downstairs and into the living room. As she walked by the tv she glanced at it making it turn on. She was about to head into the kitchen when the story on the tv caught her attention, so she backtracked. On the news was a story about a body found in Druid Hills park. Jade smiled to herself. So they found the body already. Good for them. She remember back to last night when Liam asked her why she was still sending the bodies to public places even though they were supposed to be hiding. The answer was simple, but not one she was willing to admit yet. After separating herself from her friends and family (with the exception of Liam) Jade had started to lose the little humanity she had left. Her more soulless vampire side was starting to show a lot more. And even though she wanted to stay hidden, for good reason, she couldn’t help the wicked feeling she got from killing people and leaving their bodies out in the open for other’s to find. But she always tried to make sure that the bodies showed no signs of having been killed by a vampire, and other then them being drained of blood, as that was something that was hard to hide, it seemed to work. So smiling to herself she made her way back into the kitchen to head to her basement where she had her gym.

After working out in her gym for an hour Jade left her house for a jog. Sure it was October, and therefore about in the 50-60 as far as temperature went Jade still went out in a pair of black athletic shorts, a black sports bra, and navy blue running shoes. It could be a thousands degrees below 0 and she still wouldn’t feel the cold. A benefit to being a vampire. As music streamed into her ears from her phone she ran through the city. She was running by a building when she got a strange feeling in her gut. She stopped running, and slowly looked around to all the people near her. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for, because she wasn’t sure what this feeling she had was. Shrugging to herself she continued with her run. Whatever it was she was not going to let it ruin her run. To some people, mostly Liam, running was such a trivial thing. She didn’t really need to work to keep in shape, and it wouldn’t change her health any, because she was already dead. But she found it relaxing almost, the feeling of the air on her face. The vibrations caused by her feet hitting the cold, hard pavement. It was intoxicating, allowing her to be free, if for just a few hours. When she ran she didn’t worry about the world around her, the fact that she had almost been caught seemed like a distant dream right now. She was so involved in her run today that as she ran in front of a building she almost crashed into someone that was making their way out of it.

"Woah!" She stopped just before their bodies would have collided together. "Sorry about that. Guess I should have been paying attention." She gave the guy a wicked smirk.

"Are you ok?" the guy she almost crashed into asked.

"Ya. Are you ok? I didn't hurt that sexy body of yours did I?" She winked at him. He had lovely blue eyes that matches his fair skin almost perfectly. His brown hair was in a curly mess, but not in an unattractive homeless way. He was 5' 11" and had a slim to medium build about him. She was so focused on the eyecandy before her that she didn't pay much attention to his friend, who had maroon eyes. But she could also see that he was a bit uncomfortable so she backed off. "Maybe I'll see you around blue eyes," she said before going around them to continue her jog. But at this point she had lost her mojo so she made her way to a coffee shop. While she waited in line to get a drink she got a text from Liam. She told him where she was and it wasn't before long she saw him coming in through the doors. By then she had her tea so they went over to a table to sit.

"Hello my darling sis. Who is on the menu for today?"

"No one." She took a sip of her tea, even though she couldn't really taste it, she wanted to keep up pretenses. Her being shot down by blue eyes triggered a reaction in her. It wasn't often she had been turned down by guys, unless they were gay, which it was possible with blue eyes. He had been with another male, not that she paid too much attention to that. So she decided to go for a mini hunt, not for food, but maybe for some play. "Yet," she added giving Liam a playful smirk. He leaned back, his own smirk playing on his lips.

"Double team?" he suggested. She thought about that for a moment. They had hunted side by side before. It was often a fun game between them, seeing who could land someone first. Or who could get the first scream, or moan.

"Sure." She was in a playful mood. "But let's make it more interesting."

"Alright, but first I must ask. What are we doing here?"

"What? Here in Baltimore? Well..."

"No, here in this coffee shop. We don't drink. Or eat."

"It's too early in the day for a club scene, I didn't want a drunk, and it was on my running route," she ignored him when he rolled his eyes. "Back to the game. Since you are SUCH a womanizer, today you have to pick up a guy," she smirked again as he tensed. Liam didn't have problems with gays, and neither did she. But he always had such bad luck with them. Despite the fact that he was hot, his manners were horrible, were as Jade could play nice if she needed to. So he could never land one unless he got them drunk, in which case their reactions weren't that much fun.

"Fine. But you have to get a girl."

"Perfect. It's been a while since I have had a woman. I think I miss it." Jade herself was bisexual, so she really had no problems getting a girl. Plus the cops were currently looking for someone killing men, with Liam's female body in the park she had a feeling they were likely thrown. What better way to throw them more by going after two people playing for the same team. Turns out she was in a killing mood, if anything to play with the cops some more.

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