The Thirst: First Encounter (Book 1 )

What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one created by nurture. Is the natural born killer truly stronger than the one that has foraged himself?


8. Seeing the Real Hannibal

Jade looked over at Liam’s sleeping form next to her. Moving slowly and carefully she slid out of bed before grabbing random clothes off the floor and sneaking out of his room. Once in the hallways she dressed in the clothes she had in hand, which seemed to consist of his shirt and her pants, she made her way through his house before leaving. Once outside she stopped and took a deep breath before throwing her shoes on and making her way towards her house. It was late out, late enough to be considered moring. The bad thing about Liam is for some crazy reason he prefered to live downtown, where as she prefered to live outside of city limits. As someone who preferred to keep her kills hidden, she always had to live away from people. She didn’t want snoopy neighbors wondering why cars would show up at night, and never leave with their proper owners and other such things.

Now there were many businesses and such in between Liam’s house and her own house. One such place was a bus yard.

As Jade was walking in the direction of the yard something caught her attention, so she stopped. She could hear a heartbeat, along with the sound of something behind dragged. Looking around she made sure she was alone on the street before melting into the shadows. Once she was hidden she made her way closer to the yard.

At first she couldn’t see anything besides shadows being cast, but the closer she moved the more she became aware of the smell of blood. Something that enticed her. Moving closer she found herself near a bus, figuring it was safer to stay in the shadows she didn’t proceed onto the bus. But she made sure she could see the bus clearly.

For a while she had to wonder if she was too late, but then she saw movement on the bus. It wasn’t long before a figure was standing near one of the windows. If she had been a normal human she might not have picked up on who it was, but she was anything but human. And her vampire eyes recognized the person clear as day. It was the man she had last danced with at the ball. Maroon eyes. Also the same man she had seen at two crime scenes.

Jade guess by the smell and noises coming from the bus Maroon wasn’t here to help in any way. At least not in the innocent bystander way. A smile crept onto her lips, but then she heard something else. Or more like someone else. Another heart beat. Still keeping to the shadows she made her way to where it was strongest. She was rather surprised to see an African-American male clearly watching Maroon. But he didn’t seem too interested in stopping what was going on.

Judging from the way they were acting Jade would have sworn the two men might be vampires, but there was a very clear heartbeat present in both, so that just left a killer, and someone else. She was unsure if the other watcher too had darkness in him, or if he was waiting to get a better look at the guy before calling the cops. She really didn’t think it was the latter though.

Hearing a noise Jade looked in the direction of the bus in time to see Maroon getting off. Now that he was out in the open she knew for a fact that was who he was. Which was very interesting. A killer that may or may not work for the cops. How brilliant. Why hadn’t she thought of something so evil?

It wasn’t until both men had left the scene that Jade stepped out of the shadows. Looking around to make sure there was indeed no one else left she made her way onto the bus. When she walked up the steps and turned the corner she smiled at the beautiful display before her. In one of the seats was a man, well half of him. For the other half was in the seat across the way. She misjudged Maroon, he clearly wasn’t just some killer. This was the work of someone far more interesting than the standard killer she had come across over the years. This was the work of someone she wanted to get to know, on so many levels. With one last look at the image before her she left the bus, continuing to make her way home.

Once home Jade did not go to bed right away like she had originally planned. Instead she stayed up trying to figure out what she was going to do with this new information. First things first, she wanted to follow Maroon for a bit, see what he was really capable of. Once she figured out what he could do she would decide if she wanted to play a game with him. To challenge him. Something that vampire often did when more than one of her kind was in an area. She was almost tempted to bring Liam into it, but she wanted to keep this fun for herself. Plus Liam could get out of control, which would be problematic.  

The more Jade thought about it though the more she realized she didn’t just want to challenge him to see what he was capable of. She want to play with him. She wanted to kill with him. He intrigued her on a level she had never thought possible, for he was just a man. A very human man. Yet he had tastes that seem to rival those of a vampires, and not just a normal killer. It wasn’t very often she had came across someone that took such pride in their kills like he seemed to. In fact the only person she could think of was Jack the Ripper, but he had been a vampire, so that didn’t count.

Jade would have loved to think it over more, but she felt her body start to shut down with the rise of the sun. Even though her race of vampire could be out in the sun if they were old enough, they often found themselves succumbing to the suns rays and falling into a deep sleep until dusk broke. This seemed to be one of those time where she too would succumb. So she slowly made her way to her room before stripping down and collapsing onto her bed in exhaustion.

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