The Thirst: First Encounter (Book 1 )

What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one created by nurture. Is the natural born killer truly stronger than the one that has foraged himself?


3. Returning Home

Jade walked into her home several hours later, dropping her shoes off at the door. How people wore those things all day was beyond her. She barely lasted a couple hours in them. They seemed to be more of a torture device than a fashion statement in her opinion. She made her way through her house when a smell hit her nose. It smelled like blood. Lifting up her dress she quietly followed the smell to her entertainment room, where she had a bar. Once in the room she dropped the hem of her dress and a knife appeared in her hand.

“Illuminate,” she whispered. All the lights in the room turned on then and she heard a faint hiss from behind the bar. She brought her hand back to throw the knife but stopped when she heard a familiar voice.

“God damn it Jade!” Liam said as he stood up from behind the bar, blood covering his mouth and clothes. Jade sighed and lowered her hand.

“For fuck sake’s Liam did you have to bring her here?” she snapped at him. The knife in her hand disappeared just as it had appeared. “I was about to kill you you rat bastard! What the fuck are you doing?”

“I thought you would be gone for a few more hours, long enough for me to get rid of the body and clean up,” he said.

“Ugh,” Jade said moving over to stand by him. She looked down at the girl bleeding out on her floor.

“Want to have some fun with her before she dies?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows. Jade just glared at him.

“God no,” she said going back around to sit in one of the bar stools.

“So you left rather suddenly, where did we run off to? Or who did we run after?”

“No one. I bailed after almost getting caught,” she said dryly. Liam mock gasped.

“You mean the great and careful Jade almost got caught! Wasn’t this whole thing put in place so we wouldn’t, you know, get caught.”

“Just shut up. And will you just finish her already you soulless bastard. She is bleeding out on my damn floor.”

“If you want her dead you do it,” he said leaning against the bar, fully intent on watching the girl bleed out on her floor. Jade groaned before moving around the bar again. She then bent down and snapped the girls neck. Once that was done she licked the place Liam had bit her to close it. After that was done Jade waved her hand, sending the girl to Druid Hill park for her body to be found. She then waved her hand again to clear the room and house of any traces of blood.

“Why are we leaving their bodies to be found if we are trying to be careful anyways?” he asked when she was done.

“Because it’s easier to close a murder case than it is to close a missing person case. Besides I don’t want to see the face of the dumb schmucks on Missing Persons posters all over the town for the next billion years. Now if you could be so kind as to leave. I would like to go to sleep,” she said before making her way out of the room, but in a flash he was behind her, pulling her close to him.

“Aww come on sis. Let’s have a little fun first,” he said. He started to kiss her neck, but she just flipped him over her shoulder.

“Stop calling me that. And no, if you are that horny go to a street corner and spend some money on the STD’s of the week. But no more killing tonight.”

“You went to see Ian didn’t you? Is that why you are so bitchy tonight?” he asked standing up.

“Get. Out.” she growled. Liam threw his hands up in surrender before turning around to leave. Jade breathed a sigh of relief before she made her way upstairs to her room. Locking the door behind her, just to be sure. She stripped down her dress and made her way for the shower. After a nice long shower she then made her way to bed before passing out for the rest of the night.

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