The Thirst: First Encounter (Book 1 )

What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one created by nurture. Is the natural born killer truly stronger than the one that has foraged himself?


9. Questions

It had been a few days since Jade had stumbled upon Maroon eyes during his late night activity. Unfortunately she had not had the chance to follow him like she had hoped. In fact she had been rather busy the past few days, with trying to keep Liam under control and doing her own thing. In fact she was currently at Liam’s house, arguing with him over facts such as: he was still killing too much, if they were going to stay here for a long time whether they should blend in with the humans better by gettings jobs, and other such things. They were in the middle of said argument when they heard someone trying to get their attention.

“Ahem.” a voice said.

Jade looked up from Liam to see a man in what appeared to be a butler’s uniform standing in the archway of the living room.

“Master, there are two men here for you,” he said.

“Show them in,” Liam respond.

Once the butler was out of sight she smacked him in the arm.

“What the hell is wrong with you! Is that a freaking butler?! What part of lay low do you not understand Liam?” she growled.

“Just because we have to live with the humans doesn’t mean I have to live like them. Our race used to rule the world sister. Humans used to bow and cower before us.”

“Ya that was before they grew balls and figured out how to kill us.”

Liam opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by another ahem. They both turn to look to see the butler standing in the archway again, this time two men were standing behind him.

Jade stood up straighter as she realized that the men before her were none other than Blue and Maroon eyes.

“Hello gentlemen, how may I help you?” Liam asked.

She was glad he was being civil, instead of his normal asshole self.

“Uh I am Special Agent Will Graham with the FBI, and this is Doctor Hannibal Lecter. Maybe I ask you a few questions?” Blue eyes now known as Will said.

“Well you have already asked one, so go ahead,” Liam responded.

Jade smacked him upside the head, which caused him to growl.

“What was that for!”

“Don’t be such an ass. This is serious,” she snapped

“I’m sorry, but...” Will started to say, but then he paused. “Wait, it’s you.”

Shit, he recognized her. How was she going to play this? Act like she didn’t know him? Or just that she didn’t remember where she met him. Though she could just woman up and admit to knowing him. The problem with that is what damage could be done by admitting to being that girl he ran into, while standing next to the person they were here to question. Of course he might not actually remember her, he might just think he does.

“You two know each other?” Liam asked looking to her.

“You almost crashed into me the other day, you were running I think.”

“Right. Blue eyes.” Jade snapped her fingers. Dammit, he remembered exactly who she was. So much for trying to pretend like he was mistaken.

“Sis, why didn’t you tell me you knew him.”

“I didn’t think it was important,” she said. But on the inside she was groaning. Leave it up to him to refer to her as sis when she was hoping beyond hope that she could get out of this mess by pretending not to know Liam all that well.

“Sis?” Will repeated.


"Sister? You are, related?" Hannibal asked, speaking up for the first time.

"No," she snapped. “There is no way in hell this thing is my blood.” She glared at Liam, who glared right back.

“How can you be too sure?” Hannibal said.

"You can take a DNA test if you don't believe me."

"Are you giving us permission?” Will asked.

"What? No, I didn't mean it." God she was going to have to watch what she said around these people. Of course she isn’t the only one. Liam would have to choose his words carefully too, which could be a problem on it’s own.

"Good one," Liam said.

"Shut up."

"You sure fight like siblings," Will pointed out.

"Ya well, when you’ve lived as long with this stupid head as I have, it’s hard not to fall into the roles of brother and sister.”

"Stupid head. Who are you calling a stupid head?"

"Obviously... you," she said deadpan.



"Oh I'm a bastard huh."

"Well clearly, I mean you did..." glances at Will. "You know what. Get out."

"This is my house!"

Jade paused and looked around. That was right, they were at his house. "Touché."

"Now who is stupid."

She punched him in the arm.


"Still you."

Someone cleared their throat, drawing their attention back to the two men in the room.

“What are you doing here?” Jade asked them. He had said they were here for questions, but questions about what? She was sure they had left no trace of themselves on or even near the bodies they had left behind. So what was this about?

“We find this at the scene of a crime a few nights ago.” Will pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like a wallet. “I believe it belongs to you Mr....” he opened the wallet to look at the ID.  “O'Doherty.”

Dammit, that was right. Liam’s little mistake near Burger King that one night. She had hoped that since he had been feeding off the person they had been compliant up until that point, she never once entertained the idea that Liam surprised the person with his attack, and they fought back.

Jade did her best to try not to look at Liam, she didn’t want to get caught giving him the wrong look. However the urge to beat him was rather strong. Almost too strong. She would have to defer her anger elsewhere. But in the presence of someone that works with the FBI, and someone she knew to be a killer, but also seemed to work with the FBI, she had a hard time thinking of how to do just that.

She also knew she should react, but there was no way she could do so and be convincing. Think, think, think. Then an idea clicked.

You were with that whore again weren’t you?” She turned to glare at him.

“What?” He seemed shocked, but in a good way. He knew she was trying to lie their way out of this situation. Make it seem he was in the alley for any reason other than the one they believed.

“You heard me. How many times have I told you to stay away from her!” she shouted at him.

“What right do you have! As you like to point out you are not my actual sister! You have no control over me.” he snapped back.

“Ack!” She threw her hands up in the air before leaving the room. However she didn’t get as far as she hoped she would. In fact she only made it as far as Liam’s kitchen. Which was just off the living room, where Liam and the other two currently were.

She was getting ahead of herself. They hadn’t even said what they thought Liam had done, she just figured it was about the person they had left bleeding in that alley, but who knows. Maybe they already thought they caught the attacker. Though if the person was still alive that could be a problem. They might be able to identify him. Dammit she should have just let him kill the fucking person. But in her attempts to not get caught she had overlooked something that could very well get them caught.

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