Till the End of Time

Brooke Mitchell, a small town girl from Beverley, East Yorkshire has been there as long as she can remember. She barely remembers her parents, or any of her past, but she knows one thing: the watch she wears around her neck has never worked. It's just a good luck charm. And she has never questioned it, until now.

Based on My Heart is Broken by Evanescence


2. Chapter Two

A much younger Brooke looked up at the red sky, cloudy from bombs destroying families and their homes. She is crying, but she doesn't wipe away the tears making streaks in her mud-covered face. A mechanical voice rings in her ears, "Exterminate… Exterminate" A strange man who looks older than the others on the battlefield grabs her hand. She feels safe with him, though. As if they were once close. He picks her up and runs. He runs until they are about to crash into a blue police box. Brooke is not concerned with the box. In fact, she quite likes the box. It's the sense of urgency in the man that frightens her.

Once they are close enough, the door opens to the snap of the man's fingers. "You'll be safe in here." The box is bigger on the inside, but Brooke has seen it all before. It no longer surprises her. He drops her in a small chair, then dashes to the center console, pulling the lever. The box starts to fly away, and he rushes over to her. "They'll find you, and kill you. But this will keep you safe" He urges while pressing a watch with symbols Brooke can read in her hand.

The next thing she remembers is a sharp pain stretching through her body, then waking up in front of the looming orphanage doors with nothing except the watch. This she remembers. Her first day there, right after her parents died in the car crash.

She holds the watch close to her chest and knocks on the door with her tiny, shaking hands.



Brooke quickly sits up in her bed, and holds her head in pain. Almost immediately, a nurse walks in the room with a tray of food. She looks around and gathers her surroundings. Nearly everything is white or a light blue.

"Here, hon. Have some solid food." The nurse seems pleasant, but that's just what she's paid to do.

"What… Happened?"

"A terrorist attack, their saying. You were hurt pretty badly. This is the first time you've woken up in a week!"

Brooke took all of this in then asked, "What about Jamie?"

"Hm? I'm sorry, hon. I don't know. Would you like me to call Mrs. Morris for you? You are from the orphanage, right?"

"Yeah, yeah." Brooke still sounded hazy. "Thanks."

Once the nurse left, Brooke dozed off again. When she opened her eyes, Mrs. Morris was sitting at the foot of the bed, reading the latest copy of The Economist. She looked over to Brooke with a sad smile on her face. "Are you going to eat your food?"

"Yeah." Brooke was starved, so she reached over and shoved a spork full of spaghetti in her mouth. "Where's Jamie?" She said cautiously, not sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

Mrs. Morris shook her head. "You need some rest, dear."

Brooke nodded as tears began to trail down her face. She knew that she had failed in protecting Jamie. The sweetest little girl. Her life stripped from her, all because Brooke brought her outside, into a battlefield. Mrs. Morris came over and wrapped her arms around Brooke. "Shh shh. Let it all out. I know. But it's not your fault." But Brooke didn't believe her. How could she, after delivering Jamie to her last meal, hearing Jamie scream out her name, watching her as she took her last breath.

 Brooke sobbed into Mrs. Morris' flowery blouse. "You know, once I had a daughter. And, oh how I loved that girl. I still do. But she died of cancer when she was twelve. But you know what? It led me to the orphanage. I still wanted children, but after my husband left, there was nothing I could do. And I'm even though it still hurts, I'm proud of my decision. Because you--you are just like a daughter to me." Her soothing voice sounded through Brookes bones.

Brooke just nodded, hoping Mrs. Morris would leave soon. She really needed some Alone Time, as Mrs. Morris called it.

Mrs. Morris stood up, "Call me if you need anything, okay?" Brooke nodded and Mrs. Morris rubbed her arm one more time before turning and leaving.

The door slowly closed, and Brooke quickly turned over to look at her watch. She examined the circles and loops carved on the front. It seemed like the watch was speaking to her, as if it held one of her greatest secrets. A secret so deep, that not even she knew what it was.

But the watch was broken and useless. Just some family heirloom. Her mother had given it to her when she was five, right before the crash.

Brooke shook away the painful memory. She slowly pushed her thumbnail into the opening, not sure what she was going to find, or if she even wanted to find it.

Yet her curiosity got the better of her. She opened the old watch as a gold light filled the air. The light seemed to attack her, and it felt as if she was dying.

Once the gold light had entered into her, she collapsed, then looked up, a new her.

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