Till the End of Time

Brooke Mitchell, a small town girl from Beverley, East Yorkshire has been there as long as she can remember. She barely remembers her parents, or any of her past, but she knows one thing: the watch she wears around her neck has never worked. It's just a good luck charm. And she has never questioned it, until now.

Based on My Heart is Broken by Evanescence


1. Chapter One

December 25, 2006


The second the truck's beeping started, Brooke's eyes flashed open at the thought of Christmas presents. Then she shook her head, no, you're seventeen Brooke. You're too old for presents. She sighed and rolled back over, smoothing her thumb over her broken watch with strange symbols. It was a bad habit of hers that she had no intentions of breaking.

"Come on girls! Up, up!" The orphanage's caretaker, Mrs. Morris, slammed her spoon against her pot as the younger girls ran past her to the gift truck. She sighed and shook her head then looked up at the almost empty room. Empty, except for one lump in a too-small bed. "Brooke dear..."

Brooke pulled her sheets up higher, trying not to cry at her loneliness. But Mrs. Morris wouldn't let her stay there. "Come. Let's finish breakfast. You know how those girls love your omelets." She stretched her hand out and Brooke looked over the sheet a little. Finally giving in, Brooke took Mrs. Morris' hand and they walked to the kitchen.

The other twelve girls came rushing in, each with a new toy in their hand and blinding smiles. "Brooke!" Four year old Jamie ran over to her. "Look what I got!" Her voice was muffled against the huge white bear she was clinging to.

Brooke laughed a little and smiled as if Jamie were her daughter. "You're gonna need to keep that clean! Okay?"

Jamie's smile grew impossibly wider as she placed the bear next to her, "I'm gonna name him Marshmallow, 'cause he's so cute and fluffy I could just eat him! Oooo! Brooke, these are your omelets?" Brooke nodded her head and smiled. "Yay! 'cause your omelets are the best!"

"Thank you." Brooke leaned over and kissed Jamie on her forehead. "I have to go to work now. I'll be back soon."

"And then we can have ice cream!?"

"Yeah, it'll be todays little treat." She winked at Jamie and walked toward the bus stop.

The rest of her day was uneventful. Brooke sat behind the cash register and watched parents try to calm down their children. She laughed to herself. Jamie was such a perfect little girl. She understood that she couldn't have everything, and everything she did have, she was grateful for.

As soon as she walked into the orphanage after work, Jamie ran up and wrapped her tiny arms around Brooke's right leg. "Ice cream time?"

"Not yet, Jamie. Eat your dinner first, okay?"

"Okay" She walked to the table as Brooke passed out everyone's dinner, finally sitting to have her own.

When everyone finished, Brooke and Mrs. Morris cleaned up as Jamie played with her new bear. She got up and walked into the kitchen, dragging her bear with her, "Can Marshmallow and me help?"

Brooke giggled, "No, sweetie. We just finished, but thank you." Jamie beamed and Brooke lifted her up and put her on her shoulders, "Come on, let's go get that ice cream I promised."


Brooke and Jamie walked into Gelupo and ordered. Brooke had just gotten her bonus check, so she let Jamie order what she always wanted: a two scoop chocolate in a waffle cone. Brooke ordered her usual: a two scoop chocolate chip cookie dough.

"Are you sure such a little girl can finish such a huge dessert?" The cashier asked Jamie, who looked offended.

"I'm not little…!" Brooke pulled her in for a hug, and then brought their ice creams over to the seats near the window.  

After a few licks, Jamie piped up, "Thanks Brooke!"

Brooke smiled at her, "Merry Christmas--"

"And a Happy New Year!" Jamie shouted with delight.

Suddenly, the window shattered and screams from the street poured into the little shop. "Jamie!" Brooke's mind went immediately to the little girl she loved as her own.

"Brooke?" A small voice came from under the overturned table.

"Jamie… it's… okay…" Brooke struggled, pulling the table off of Jamie and grabbing her hand. "Come on. We need to go."

"Wait. But what's happening?" Jamie's frightened voice made Brooke more concerned. She lifted Jamie up and held her close, as she ran out into the street.

She looked up to see what had smashed the window. In the sky was a huge star like ship, blasting beams of light everywhere. It would look rather beautiful, if not for the destruction it was causing.

The ship let another beam explode in the middle of the road, less than one hundred feet from Jamie and Brooke. The blast shocked Brooke, and she fell back, letting go of Jamie.

Brooke stood up to regain her balance. Once her head stopped spinning, she saw a small figure lying where she was just standing. "Jamie! Jamie…" Brooke stumbled over to her, still not seeing or hearing things clearly.

Everything was blurry and faded, except for the limp body she clung on to as if it was her only life source.

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