Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


6. The Weekend! Yay!

Melissa P.O.V

Today was the weekend! Yay! Nope. I'm not that interesting about going to One Direction's house. It was about to make Liam be happy. I've packing everything I need! Makeup, Clothes and Cute Pajamas. Toothbrush, Brush and phone charger.

It would be awesome to see One Direction! Nope. I'm not. Only to see that guy, Liam... I sighed sadly. I eat breakfast at kitchen all alone, my big brother gone for the weekend. Oh... I already miss him and my parents. I wish I could go with Mason.

He said no to me because the ticket sold out and he knows that I love them. (That's true, I love them.) I want to go with him. I wonder what he was doing there. I guess I'll get ready! I looked at the clock, and it was 10.05 am. I walked upstairs to get my room.

I wish for the weekend will over fast. I sighed sadly, and I looked down on the ground while I walked in my room. I'm all alone. I entered my room. After taking a nice shower, I wear Jean, Top, Jacket, White Nike Trainer and some Jewellery.

I put makeup on. Only Maraca, Eyeliner and Lip gloss. I brush my hairs, and it was wavy curly locks. I put my cochlear implant on, and I looked at the mirror for last time. I always look like Snow White. I don't know! I looked away from the mirror and I walked downstairs.

I looked at the clock and it was 10.55 am. I can hear the car arrived here by now and it's honk by want me to come over. It means it was Harry! I picked my little suitcase and my college bag to walked the door. I opened the door, stepped out of the house and I closed the door.

I sighed sadly. See you on Monday, House! I walked to the car, which was a black window and I sighed annoyed. I entered the car, and I didn't look at Harry, just looked at the window, which was my house. Harry greet "Morning!" I say nothing.

Harry continued "Okay?" He started to turn the car on and drove to One Direction's house. I sighed sadly. Harry asked as he looked on the road "What's wrong?" I looked at him and I opened my mouth twice. I was so nervously. I signed with my voice "I miss my family. That's all."

I turned away to see the window. He must turn the radio on because I can hear it. I turned to see Harry's hand move onto his lap. I looked up at his face, and I looked away because he takes his face closer to my face, not too close but close.

Somebody To You by The Vamps came up. I started to sing along. After the song had finished, I turned to see Harry, and he looks shocking with his smile face. I smiled a little at him, and I turned away to see the window again. He says "Meli. You have an amaZayn voice!"

I smiled at it. 

(Skip car ride)

Oh! Thanks to God! We arrived there! It has been like one and half hours... It wasn't. It was two hours. I signed with my voice "Oh, God! I'm shucking here with you for two hours!" They live in North London. I live in South-East London. Harry says "Yeah!"

I turned around to looked at him. Maybe Richard was wrong. Harry wasn't a troublemaker. He's a nice man, funny and handsome. I didn't realise that I was staring at his face. I turned away quickly to see the window before he looked at me and then looked back on the road.

That was too close! Harry says "Meli... Is there something wrong with me?" I turned back to see him. I signed with my voice "I'm sorry! I guess my friend was wrong about you." He looked at me and Harry looked back at the road. Harry asked "Who?"

I sighed sadly. I signed with my voice "Richard. The one I hang out with." Harry opened his mouth. He says "Ah... The one who seem to you." I laughter a little and I shake my head. I signed with my voice "No! He doesn't like me." He snapped "Oh, yeah?"

He paused and I nodded as yes. He continued "Then why does he look like angry at me?" I was blushed and I looked down at my lap. This is it! I want to tell him about my family but I can't. I don't even know about him. Harry asked with tapped on my shoulder on his left hand "Meli... What wrong?"

I looked up at him again. Should I trust him? I signed with my voice "Nothing! I just..." I sighed sadly, and I looked at the window again. (A/N: I'm annoyed, I know!) Oh, gosh! Harry parked this car in their garage. Before he does...

He says "We're here!" I turned away from the window and I looked at their house. I was shocking because they have a mansion. They live in there?! I signed with my voice "Wow! You guys live in there?!" He chuckled. Harry says "Yes! We all lives in there."

He turned the car off, and I got out of the car. Harry got out and turned to get my little suitcase and college bag. He explained "The boys must be waiting for you." I opened my mouth. I stammered "I-I-I" I was speechless. They must be rich!

That's why they must be very famous wild world band! Why me? That's a good question! Harry interrupted my thought. He called and asked "Melissa. Are you coming or not?" I shake it off and then I walked with him. I must be daydreaming, right?

I sighed exhaled, and we entered the kitchen. He put the suitcase and my college bag on the table. He turned around to see me. He says "Maybe the boys go out together! Why not you go ahead to explore around here? While I got to call them!"

I nodded as yes. I say "Yeah!" I walked to entered living room and I looked at the photo of this girl and the boys. This girl? She sounds so familiar. I took it and my phone too. I'm going to check it out because she can't be Hollie. Someone scare me and I put the frame down quickly.

This person isn't from here and his accent was different! This individual asked "Looking for something?" I say "No!" This person was a man and he walked to stood behind me. He says "Aw... Come on! I saw you look on your phone." I turned around to see this person has blonde hairs and blue eyes.

He looks shocking, and Harry walked to where we stood. He says "Ah! There are you!" I signed with my voice "Harry! Who's this?" Harry included this man and me "Ah! Melissa, this is Niall. He won't bit you! He's nice." I greet "Hi!" He greets "Hi."

I stood here awkward. I signed with my voice "Oh! Where is that guy, Liam?" Niall turned to see Harry. He says "Liam's at upstairs and he want to talk to you." I turned around to see the photo and I picked it up. I'm sure I saw her before. 

I called "Guys!" I turned around to see them with this photo, and I looked up at them. I pointed at the girl. I asked "Who was this girl?" They turned around to see me hold the frame on my hand and then they looked at my finger. Harry pointed at my finger.

He answered "This is Hollie Payne, Adopted Daughter of Liam Payne." This is why he still upset over her. I asked "Where is she?" Niall sighed sadly. He signed with his voice "New York." I was shocked by Niall can sign. I only know that Harry can sign but Niall?

Someone interrupted our conversation. This person could be Liam. The person called from upstairs "Harry! Are you coming or not?" Harry turned around to see the door. He shouted back "Yeah! I'm coming!" He turned around to see us, and he sighed exhaled.

He gave my little suitcase and my college bag to Niall. I put the frame down. Harry asked "Niall! Why not you show her from her new own room?" What?! Niall says "Yeah, sure!" He took my things and grabbed my hand to walking away to my new own room? 

I was shocked by he holds my hand. I called shyly "N-Niall?" I let my hand go gently before he squeezed my hand. I can hear that someone cheer for him. Is that Liam's voice? Niall whispered "Come on." I looked at him with my confused looks.

Niall signed with no voice "Come on. I'll explain to you when we enter your new room." I nodded as yes. He looks trustfully. I followed him when he walked away. He stopped by sixth doors, well, seventh... I looked at the door, and the door has my name on it.

What is happening?! Niall pushed me in quickly and he get in. Does Liam know that I'm here? I got to ask Niall. I was about to ask him but he cut me out. Niall signed with no voice "Alright. I know you might be confusing. But Liam wasn't ready to see you."

Wow! He can sign apparently. I signed with no voice "Why?" Niall looked down for a while, sighed sadly, and he looked back at me. He signed with his voice "Because of Hollie..."

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