Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


2. Return to London!

Melissa P.O.V

Today is 1st September 2014. Finally, we gotta to back to London, my home. Yay! All I have to do is stay at the hostel and do nothing. My parents don't want me to go outside. New York is a dangerous place. All I need to do is... Explore inside the hostel.

There have a Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Pool in downstairs, Game and rooms. What did I do today? Boring! Oh, well. Again, people, who were in the hostel, had talked about me. Oh, great! I guess I'm famous now. Anyway... Mum shakes me to wake up.

"Woke up! Come on!" She whispers. I groan. "What?" I ask in sleepily. I woke up slowly, and I sit up slowly. "Come on." Mum signs. I was confused. "Why?" I sign. She looks so worried! I wonder what's happening? "Let me explain when we're outside, okay?" Mum signs.

I was confused, and I nod as I take it. I look at Dad, and he was still sleeping. I don't understand! Why does he sleeping? I was very confused. I get up, and I walk to the bathroom. After the bathroom, Mum gives me some clothes, and I look at the clock.

It says "5.30 am." Whoa! It was too early."Honey?" Mum calls in a whisper voice. I turn back to see her, and I was confused. "Hmm..." I say as I was blank out. I look down at the clothes. "Oh..." I say. I take it, and I walk back to the bathroom. 

After the bathroom, I came out of the bathroom with my clothes, and I was confused that my dad was still sleeping. "Mum?" I call sadly. I saw Mum sits next to Dad and she wipes the tears away from her face quickly. I wonder what is happening?

"Honey..." Mum pauses. I give her a sad smile. "What happening?" I sign. Mum shakes her head. "Nothing! Now, come on." She signs with her wired answers. She then walks to the front door and I follow her. "Mum! What going on? Are we leaving Dad alone, aren't we?" I sign with my whisper voice. 

She stops to walks away as we were outside of our room, Mum sighs sadly and turns around to see me with her sad face. "No. But you two are." She signs with her tears voice. I was so confused. "Mason and me?" I ask. She nods as yes and I open my mouth as I lost my word.

I was shocked. "Are you leave us alone, aren't you?" I ask with my signing. Mum nods and I can hear that she sighs sadly. "I got a job here. Your Dad gets it too. We were going to give Mason another chance to looked after you." She signs with her voice.

"I can't believe it!" I sign with my tremble voice as I was scared. Mum pulls me away, but I get it off, and I stuck here. "For how long?!" I sign with my cried voice. Mum sighs sadly. "For three years..." She signs with her shy voice as she looks down on the ground.

I open my mouth to say something, but I stop myself because I lost my word. I shouted "Mum!" I shout while calling out to her. Mum pulls me away to walk away with her. "Come on!" She orders. I was crying now. I don't care what you all thinks, but I'm still younger daughter! 

"But-" I stammer but Mum interrupts me. "I know. At that moment, I'm sad..." She signs with her sad and tears voice. I sniff, and I smile at her because her hand reach to stroke my beautiful hairs. "What if Mason messes this up?" I sign with my tear voice. 

"No, he won't. If he is, then you have to live with us. I'm sure he won't." Mum signs with her voice. With that, she sighs sadly, and I was shocked when I turn around to see a taxi. I turn back to see Mum and I shake my head. "You can't!" I cried.

Mum sighs exhalation. "Look. You're 18 years old. I'm sorry! You gotta to back London..." She signs with her sad voice. I continue to shake my head. "Yes, you can. Yes! Now... I want to see your smile..." Mum continues to sign while I shake my head and I pout. 

I give her a sweet smile. She signed with her voice "That's better. Now, get in... Don't look back, okay?" She signs with her voice while she orders around. I sigh sadly and I say nothing but I nod at once. "Call me if there have any problem." She pauses.

Mum gives me a hug. I wonder what if I told them that I am Snow White... "Sweetie. Oh, I told this guy to take you go to the airport, so he will ask for booking it for you. See you soon..." She signs with her voice. Never mind! I give her a huge hug when she was about to pulls away and I pull away. 

"You too. I love you!" I say. Mum gives me sweet smiles and I smile back. "You too, my Snow White..." She whispers while she hugs me. I was shocked when she call me Snow White and I pull away from the hug moment as she gives me a wink as she kept a secret for me.

I smile sweetly, and I get in. Mum closes the door for me. "Go!" She shouts to the taxi driver. It was a man. He takes me to drove to the airport. Don't look back!

At Airport.

The man always there with me and when he's done, he says something but I follow him. "Thanks for it..."I thank him. I want to know his name but he never says it... "No problem!" That's all he says. I give him a sweet smile and he smiles back when I look down on the ticket by hold on my hand.

I turn around and I sigh sadly. Here is it! I walk away to get on the plane and... Then I feel strange. There have someone had been following me. I wonder... Who was it? I turn around to see the person who has a camera. Why? It's Paparazzi. 

I turn around, and I run as fast as I could.  "Go away!" I shout. I keep to run and run until the Ticket Lady stands behind her desks toward the airport,  but she grabs my arm.

"Excuse me..." She pauses. She looks shocked when she looks up at my face and I was confused. What? Is there something on my face. "You are... Melissa Dawson! OMG!" She continues like a fangirl. What? How do they know it was me?

There it goes! I sigh sadly. The people say it again "Wow! She looks like Snow White!" I open my mouth and close my eyes as I lost my word. I realise I was following by Paps."I-I-I... I need to hide to stay away from... This guy." I orders.

"Okay! No problem. Hide in here..." The Lady Ticket says. I smile sweetly. "Thanks!" I thank her. I walk around and hide under her desk. I can hear what the person talk about is me and... He's gone. "All clear!" The Lady Ticketer orders.

I get out of the desk. She's right! "Thanks again!" I thank her again. "You're welcome, Melissa!" She says. I was so confused because of it... How did she know that's my name? "Um... How can you tell it's my name?" I ask sincerely. I want to know! 

"You're on Newspapers, Magazine and TV. You are Snow White that in the UK people say!" The Lady Ticketer explain I close my eyes, look down on the ground and I sigh sadly. Oh, my god! I open my eyes, shake my head and I look up at her face.

Can it be me? Oh, no! If Harry sees all of it, then he knows my name! "No! It can't be me..." I say. I pause, and I look at her name tag. "... Michelle? Beautiful name..." I continue politely. She says "Thanks! Ticket, please?" She thanks me and then asks me for a ticket. 

I didn't realise why I am standing here for... "Oh!" I say. I was looking for my plane ticket in my bag, and I found it. "Here it goes!" I say as I give her for my ticket. Michelle takes it so gently and looks down on the ticket. "Are you going to London?" She asks while she looks on the ticket.

She looks up at my face and I nod twice. "Why?" She continues with her confused face. "I have to go back to my hometown. London is my hometown." I explain. Michelle says "Oh..." Michelle was speechless. She continues to look at the ticket and...

Done. Michelle gives it back to me. "Here. Have a nice flight..." She says politely. I smile sweetly. "Nice to meet you..." I farewell her. "You too..." She says. I get on the plane, and I sigh sadly. Did I sit on First Class? I sigh annoyingly, and I open my mouth.

I turn around to see the people walk past me and they wave their hand at me? Oh, man! It makes me feel like more annoyed. Again, I'm not Snow White! Come on, people. I sigh annoying and I smile at them. I give them a princess wave back and they look excited!

Then, a little girl walk to where I stand here, who looks shyly, provides me with a Magazine and a Pen. "Can I have your autograph?" She asks shyly. What's an adorable girl who reminds me of my old friend! I take it gently from her hand, and I smile sweetly.

"Sure. To..?" I ask for her name. "Lindy." A little girl calls her name. "Oh! It's a lovely name..." I say politely. She gives me a cute smile. Oh, she got a beautiful face. I smile back and I wrote something on the Magazine.

"To Linda. You got a cute smile. Keep it up.. From Melissa Dawson. Yeah?" I read when I finished it. She smiles wide and she nods. I hope, for her, she will get a boyfriend if she got a cute smile! I give it to her and she takes it. "Here it goes..." I say.

"Thank you, Melissa..." Lindy says. She runs along to where her parents sit, and I sigh happily. My first autographs. I get up, turn around and walks inside to sit down. I watch outside, and I start to get sleeping. Mum...


Harry P.O.V 

That was great to be back here. I feel like I haven't come here. Finally, I got back. I had finally moved on Hollie Payne! She was still in New York. I'm so glad that she forgive me and became my friend. Then when I was about to go home, I saw a girl who looks like Snow White and I met her at the airport.

How? You ask. I heard people talked about her a lot recently. She has a beautiful face. "Are you sure about that?" I ask. We were about to go back to our house, but the person stops me. You wonder who's 'We'? It was just Liam and me.

"Yeah! I will be okay. All I need is to take fresh air more." Liam answers. I nod once. I say "Okay! Well... I gotta to go. See ya at the home!" I explain shortly. I went straight to our house. I know why does he need more time. Because he lets Hollie live with Nelly and Nathan but he wasn't easy to let her go.

Like me! I remember that time I went to find Hollie in New York. (A/N: Go to Hiding and read it.) I sigh sadly and I shake my head. My point is... I wasn't easy to let her go until I got my apologies to her. I want to find that girl who looks like Snow White but I can't.

Do You want to know why? That's because I can't get her name. I don't want to sign to that girl because It also reminds me of someone who I already know. Hollie. 

At home.

I open the door, and I walk inside when I close the door. Someone run downstairs. "Where was Liam?" That was a boy asks with his Irish accent. Can you guess who it is? Anyone? No? It was Niall. I turn around to see him. "No. He doesn't want to be here..." I answer for Liam.

"Oh..." Niall says. Now I want to know! "Why are you asking?" I question seriously. "Well... Guess who is on Liam's phone?" Niall continues to asks. He always looks nervous when it was... Oh... I sigh sadly. It was Hollie.

I open my mouth, but I stop myself. "Hollie?" I call her name. He nods slowly. "She wants to talk to Liam..." Niall answers. Someone opens the front door. "Hey." That was Liam greets us with his sad voice. Liam froze me says something.

"Hey, Liam..." Niall greets back. Liam turns right, his hand was on the desk and he sighs sadly. What? I heard everything. I turn around to see him. "Hey. Are you listening what have we talking about?" I ask. Liam turns around to see us with his mixture face.

It was his sad and annoying face. "Yes. Where is she?" He answers while he asks toward Niall. "She's on your phone. You left it here." Niall replies nervously. "Oh, it's good! But I don't think so that I'm not ready to talk to her." Liam explains.

I nod slowly. "I agree with you..." I just say so shortly. But I can't let him have to answer to call her. We stand here for a while. By the way, where were Louis and Zayn? "I'm sorry! Am I look like an idiot?" Liam apologises when he saw our expression and he asks when he realises.

"No, you're not..." I answer after everything went silence. I laugh a little nervously and then Liam crosses his arm. "I'm serious!" That's what he say while I laugh. I stop to laugh and I clear my throat. "Ahem. I'm sorry. I'll be over there..." I order to myself.

I walk to enter the living room. "Hey!" I greet. I saw Louis and Zayn watch on the TV. "What's up?" I ask. I sit down on the sofa and then everything was silence. "We watch on the TV. We went to watch Football but to watch on the News." Zayn explains while he looks annoyed.

I chuckle a little. "Look!" When Louis says it, he uses his finger to points on the TV. I turned around to see what's on there in the News on the TV. I can't believe it! It was a girl who I met at the airport. She still looks like Snow White. "That's her!" I shout excitedly.

I was shocked because she looks sad over something that I don't know. By the way, where are her parents? "Wow! You are a crazy flirt man!" Zayn tenses. They're starting to burst out in the laugh and I'm not laughing with them. This is a serious business! 

"Sh!" I shush them. I can imagine it. But... I'm not a crazy flirt man! You can see me like that times when Hollie enters the front door. But now I'm not! Louis might be confused but I don't care! "Why-" I interrupt him. "Sh, Sh!" I continue to shush them with my annoying face. 

"A girl, 18 years old who looks like Snow White, have a name... Her name is Melissa Dawson. She's deaf. Her parents got a Job to working in New York. Also, her brother looks after her until her parents return to being here for three years." The man on the TV explains.

Three years? Poor her. Oh! Now I know her full name. Melissa Dawson. She returns here? Huh? I'll get to meet her someday. I want to! Wait. What if I make Liam happy if I bring her to show him? Yeah! "Niall!" I call. "Yeah?!" He shouts back from upstairs.

"Come down! We're in the living room!" I shout. Niall runs downstairs, and then he enters the living room. "Close the door..." I order. Niall nods twice as he closes the door and he sits next to me. "Louis?" I call softly. He turns away from the TV to look at me.

"Hmm..." He says. "Turn it off..." I order. "Why?" Zayn asks confusedly."Wait..." Niall pauses. With that, he starts to laughs. "I think someone was in love!" Niall tenses. I just blush. "Stop it!" I say. They laugh loudly as they could, and I'm not laughing with them. 

Why? Because I'm serious. Niall stops to laughing, and he looks confused as he looks at me. "Guys!" Niall calls. Louis and Zayn were arrested for laughing, and Louis turns it off from the TV.

I nod once with my angry face. "So... What if I bring her-" Zayn interrupts me. "Nope!" He says. I was confused. "Nope, what? I haven't finished..." I ask. Louis turns to see Zayn and he looks at Louis. "Yeah! Just let him finish." He orders.

"Thank you!" I say. Zayn sighs annoyingly. "Alright... Continue!" He says annoyingly. "Alright... What if I bring her here, it will make Liam happy?" I ask hopefully. Louis shake his head. "I'm sorry! But this time... the answer is no. Because... If you bring her here, then Liam will be angry with you. So... No." He says with his sacred face.

I look at Niall, and he looks confused. "Who's 'Her'?" He asks confusedly. I sigh annoyingly, and I shake my head. "Louis? Tell him." I call as I look at Louis while I call out to him. Louis looks at Niall and looks back at me with his annoyed face.

"Fine. 'Her' is an 18-year-old deaf girl, Melissa Dawson. But it's still no." He explains. I sigh sadly, and I shake my head. "Come on! I don't want to see him with a sad face, and yes, she reminds him of Hollie. But, my point is... He will be happy again. I know it." I explain.

Louis sighs sadly. "I agree with Harry. You see, Liam still upset that he wasn't easy to let Hollie go." Niall finish my sentence. "Thank you!" I chirp. Zayn sighs sadly. "Alright. But, only if you're wrong, I'm out." He says annoyingly.

"Okay!" I say. Louis sighs sadly. "I'm going to say... Yes. But, what Zayn have said is right, then I'm out too." HE says. "Okay! We all agree, right?" I nod. They look at each other, and then they look at me as they nod. "Yes!" They say in the union.

"Don't tell Liam about our plan." I orders. Someone open the door like hard and the guys were in frozen when I was confused to see them. "Harry Edward Styles! May I speak to you in the kitchen?!" It was Liam calls me and asks at the same time.

Liam froze me sounds angry, and I close my eyes. Man! It was too close! I open my eyes when I turn around to see him with his angry face and I chuckle a little. "Sure!" I say nervously when I stop laugh. I walk away to the kitchen. 

Before I leave, Louis mocks me. "Ooo! Good luck, Harry." He mocks. Liam closes the door and he follows me. He was about to say something but I cut him out. "Look. I know you have listened what we talk about but It's been three mouths that we haven't seen your smile." I blab.

Liam sighs sadly. "You're right. I wasn't that easy to let her go. It just makes me crazier than that... I want her to be here. But, it's a good idea." He explains. I was confused. "What?" I ask confusedly. "That girl. The one what are you talking before I walk in..." Liam tried to make me understand.

I know what he talks about. "Melissa?" I correct him, Liam nods. "That's the one. Bring her." He says excitedly. Liam turns around and walks away, but I stop him. I was so confused. I asked "Wait. Are you mad at me? Because I make a plan to make you happy."

Liam stopped, and he turned back to see me. He answered "No. Of course not." He smiled a little. I say "You know... We're right here. If you need anything, just call us." I smiled at Liam. He asked and said "You know what? You're right, mate."

He smiled widened. Did He smile? His smile was back! Thank you, Liam's lip. He says "So... I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Night." He smiled. I say "Night." With that, he just left to his room and he slammed his door gently. The boys walked to where I stood. 

Louis asked "Whoa! Did you see that Liam's smile?" I say nothing. Zayn says "Look, I don't know what did you do to make him happy. But thanks." Still, say nothing. Niall says "I got one question." I looked at him, and everyone looked at him too.

He opened his mouth. He asked, "What should we do now?" I answered "I guess... We have to go and find her." Louis asked "Whoa, whoa, whoa! We?" I say "Yes. I said 'We'." Zayn says "Sure! We love to." Niall says "But when?" I say "Maybe... We could go by tomorrow..." I paused because I was thinking and everyone looked at me with their worried face.

Whoa! What? Oh! They might think that I say morning, but I wasn't. I continued "... Afternoon? Is that okay?" They smiled at me, and they gave me a nodded as yes. Whoa! It makes me scary more than creeps. I yawned. I say "See you tomorrow."

I smiled at them. They say in union "Good night." I walked away to my room, and I sighed sadly. I lay down on my bed, and I went straight to sleeping.

But how do I find you, Melissa Dawson?

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