Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


8. I wish!

Melissa P.O.V

After Harry takes my hand to walk away, I sighed sadly, and he stopped by outside my room. Harry turned around to see me, and I looked down at the ground. He lifts my chin up to look at him. Harry says "There is no way to look down on your beautiful face." 

I smiled shyly. I say "Thanks!" Harry smiled back. He asked and said "How about that? I'll bring the food up to your room. I'm so sorry about Liam's behave." I nodded as yes. I say "It's okay." I looked at the door, and I walked in the room.

Harry called "Meli?" I turned around to see him, and I smiled sweetly. I say "Hm." Harry explained "Liam doesn't mean it. Remember... It's no matter if you want to go home, that's fine!" I was shocking, and I was about to say something, but someone interrupted our conservation.

It was Niall. He calls "Harry? I need to talk to you now." I blinked my eyes, and I put sad looks on my face. Which was Harry looks at me with his confuse face? I don't want to go home. I wish I could! But I can't... Now he walked into his room, I think.

Before he walked, I closed the door, and I slide down on the wall. I want to cry, but I can't because of men. Liam supposes to be a real person, but he wasn't because I'm the one who reminds him of Hollie. I called her name "Hollie?" Oh! Hollie has the same thing as me.

Wait a minute! Hollie... Bedford? The parents have left her and move to a different place. Wow! She looks different than before! She used to be my friend. After she had been gone, I started to put a little makeup and change my geek into girly. That's right!

I was a geek back then. Popular people bullied me. Now I have a new best friend, Charlie. I laughter at myself. Well, Hollie, what should I have to do? Make him happy? Nah! I would love to, but I can't because of you, Hollie! I laughter at myself again and I sighed sadly.

stood up, and I walked to my bed. I wish Liam's happy person forever. I put my feet on my bed, put my arm on my knee and then I put my head on my knee. Someone knocked on the door as gently turned to loud, and I sighed annoyed.

I decided to take my Cochlear Implant off, and I put it on my desk. I can feel that the person sat on the bed next to me, but I don't want to look up at this person. The person tapped on my shoulder, and I looked up at this person. I was surprised.

It was Liam Payne. He sighed, and I put my Cochlear Implant on my ear. Liam signed with his voice "I want to say... I'm sorry. I wish I could be a happy person..." I looked down at the bed. I signed with my voice "Well... I guess I have to go home. I just want to help you."

At first, he looks confused and then he looked at me. He signed with his voice "What?! You want to help me?" I nodded as yes slowly, and I sighed sadly. Then Harry entered the room, and he sat next to me. He says "Well... We all have to take care of you because of your brother; he sends me a messenger."

He sighed sadly. Harry continued "I guess you have to stay here until Monday." I sighed sadly, and I looked away from his face to see Liam. I gave him a sad puppy eye, and Liam sighed annoyed. Liam signed with his voice "Alright! You can stay here until Monday."

I was surprised by it. He means it?! I signed with my voice "You mean it?!" Liam nodded as yes, and I smiled widened. I gave him a hug. He says "Whoa!" I pulled away quickly. I signed with my voice "I'm sorry! I just get exciting!" Liam smiled nicely, and he was staring at my face.

It made me feel like uncomfortable. I signed with my happy voice "What?" He shakes his head. Liam signed with his voice "Nothing. I gotta to go!" Liam stood up, and he walked away to back the kitchen. No wonder if Hollie wants me to be her.

I have no idea to be her. I turned back to see Harry and Harry already looked at me. I signed with my voice "What? Why are you looked at me?" I smiled, and he shakes his head as he blinked his eyes. He stammered "You looks-" I cut him out, and I turned away from his face.

I signed with my annoyed voice "I know. Am I look like Snow White?" Harry looks confused, and he opened his mouth. He explained "No... I was trying to say that... You look beautiful. The ways Liam looked at you is your looks like Hollie."

I was surprised by when he says beautiful. No one ever says it to me before... I sighed happily. I signed with my voice "Then teach me how to be Hollie." Harry looks shocking. He asked, "Why?" I signed with my voice "Because of Liam's happiness. He wants to see me as Hollie."

Harry looks realisation. He says "Hey... Not bad! Alright, Meli. I will teach you." Harry paused, and he stood up as I stood up. Harry started to explain "Hollie always came up here from me. She cried on the wall and bed a lot." I was confused.

He continued "There have lots of drama from this house." I nodded as yes. I hope this didn't happen to me too. We walked to the door, and I saw the door had a nail on it. I signed with my voice "Did Hollie do-" He cut me out "Yep!" I was shocking.

I wonder what the hell happened? Harry explained, "When she was angry, she does this." He pointed at the door with his scared face. I want to know what happened. I was about to say something, but Harry interrupted me. He says "Let's move on."

He walked out of the room, and I follow him. Harry explained "Hollie always had a nightmare before she moves out. We had our turn to go sleeping with her on the same bed." My jaws opened! No way! Hollie's the luckiest girl! I bet they loved her.

Harry says "Come on!" He leads me to enter the music room. I kind of guess this room was Hollie's favourite. Harry explained "Hollie usually came here because of her singing. Her voice is not perfect, but good as same as your voice." I sighed sadly.

I signed with my voice "I don't know if my singing was that good. I really can't-" He ran to me and grabbed my hand with shaking his head. Harry says "You see." I looked at the piano. What if my voice wasn't good? I looked back at him, nodded as yes, and he pulled me to sat down on piano.

Harry sat next to me. I signed with my voice "What do you want me to sing?" He was playing something that I noticed this song and Harry looked at me. Harry says and asked "Sing something. Do you want me to sing first?" Do you want to know what kind of this?

Anyone? Nope? This song belongs to High School Musical 3. Just Wanna Be With You. I nodded as yes, and I smiled sweetly at same times. Harry sang first. We sang together... 

Just Wanna Be With You by High School Musical 3.

I got a lot of things
I have to do
All these distractions
Our future's coming soon
We're being pulled

Harry & Melissa:
A hundred different directions

But whatever happens

Harry & Melissa:
I know I've got you

Harry looked at me as he still played on the piano. Harry says "See? Your voice sounds same like Hollie's voice." I signed with my voice "Thanks!" He smiled playfully. He says "Well... Kept it up!" Harry put hand move onto up and fun keys.

You're on my mind
You're in my heart

Harry & Melissa:

It doesn't matter where we are

We'll be alright
Even if we're

Harry & Melissa
Miles apart

There have drum and piano in my head. I stood up, and Harry stood up. I walked around and Harry following me.

Harry & Melissa
All I wanna do
Is be with you, be with you
There's nothing we can't do
Just be with you
Only you
No matter where life takes us
Nothing can break us apart (You know it's true)

I was shocked by his hand to wrap my waist and me laughter at the same time I sang. 

Harry & Melissa:

I just wanna be with you

Our face was so closer, and I cleared my throat. I called "Harry." Harry says "Hmm." Someone interrupted our moment. That was Liam. He says "Hey, there are y-" Harry let the wrap go quickly before Liam entered this room and I smiled a little.

Liam signed with his voice "Melissa, would you mind if I was talking to Harry?" He looks mixture. Confused and angry. Did he care about me? I mean, as he sees me as Hollie? I opened my mouth, and I nodded as yes. I walked away before I looked at Harry for last time.

Where am I going to?


A/N: I'm really sorry about that! 

Because I have now lots of books! 

I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Take care! :)

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