Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


7. Hollie?!

Niall P.O.V

Melissa is a beautiful girl on here. But... I'm sure Liam'll be angry because of her signing, it was all Harry's fault. Melissa signed with no voice "Hollie?" Now I'll tell her about Hollie. I signed with no voice "Hollie was the one who makes Liam happy. So..."

I paused. Wow! She looks like Snow White. Melissa gave me a bright face. I continued "Anyway; Harry thought you might be helping to make Liam happy." Melissa was about to say something, but someone interrupted us. Someone was at outside of Hollie's old room.

I turned around to see the door. The person was Liam, and other was Harry. Liam shouted, "Where is she?! I would like to meet her!" Harry stopped him to not entered Hollie's old room. Harry shouted back "But you're not ready!" I grabbed Melissa's hand to run to Hollie's old bathroom, and I pushed her away quickly.

I ran to grab her things, and I gave it to her. Liam shouted "Harry, let me in!" I turned around to see the door. Harry yelled back "No! I won't let you in!" I turned back to see her face, Melissa took it, and she looks confused. I signed with no voice "Liam coming. Don't make noise. Okay?"

I went to wink at her, and it makes her hearts melt, but it isn't working. I closed the door quickly before Liam came in. I guess it lies time. I greet "Liam! Hi." Liam turned around to see me, and he looks confused. He asked, "Where is she?"

I opened my mouth. I asked "She? Who's she?" Liam put his hand on his head, shake his head, and he sighed annoyed. Harry called her name "Melissa." I say "Oh... She went to Park with Zayn and Louis." You know that I'm a terrible liar.

He looked up at me, and he walked to the door. Before he walks, he did it, "I'm watching you" to me. He knows that it made me nervously. Liam says "I'm gotta to get ready!" Harry started to walk to me in his wired walks. He whispered "Where is she?"

I smiled. I whispered back "Don't worry. She's in the bathroom." Harry whispered "Perfect!" I opened the door, saw her sat on the toilet and she cried. Wait... She was crying! Over what? Harry and I stood there at the door as we felt awkward and then she saw us. 

She started wiping the tears away with her jacket sleeve from her face. I sighed sadly, and I walked to where she sat on. I turned around to see Harry was at the door and he looks frozen by probably see the tears was on her face. So... He's busy!

I turned around to looked down at her sad face, and then I knee down. I put my sweet smile on my lip, and she looked up at me with her sad face. She signed with no voice "What?" She wiped the tears away again with her jacket sleeve. It reminded me of Hollie. 

I grab her arm to pull away from her face. I signed with my voice "What's wrong?" She signed with her voice "You don't understand at all." It still reminded me of her. I sighed exhaled. I signed with my voice "Then why do-" She cut me out, and Melissa hugs me quickly.

I stammered "Wha-" She pulled away, and she started to run to the bed. I ran after her, and I saw her on the bed with a pillow on her face. I sat next to her and for a while, I tapped on her shoulder. I heard the door opened and then closed.

It was Harry. Before he did it, Harry say "I'm going to my room." It was her and me. She took the pillow away from her face so I can see her. Melissa was still crying. I signed with her voice "What wrong?" She sat up, and Melissa looked up at me.

Melissa signed with her voice "It was my family. Everyone in my family gone to work." I was shocking. I signed with my voice "Where are your parent?" She looked down at her lap, sighed sadly, and she looked back at me. Melissa signed with her voice "My parents is at New York."

I wonder who looks after her? She can't look after by herself. I signed with my voice "And who looking after you?" Melissa opened her mouth. She signed with her voice "My big brother." I sighed exhaled. I signed with my voice "Where is he?"

She signed with her voice "He's at The Vamps concert from every weekend." I sighed sadly, and I looked away from her face. Well... I was very disappointed over her brother. Melissa put her hand onto my hand, and I looked down at my hand. 

I was shocking. Again, it reminded me of Hollie. I sighed sadly, and I looked up at her face with my sad face. I signed with my voice "I'm sorry! You remind me of Hollie." Melissa smiled sweetly, and she gave me a tight hug. I was shocking, more awkward, and then I put my arm around from her shoulder.

I wonder... Why are they left her?  


Harry P.O.V

It was nearly dinner time, Liam and I cooked dinner for seven people. It was my job to keep Melissa away from Liam! It was because of his anger from Melissa when he saw her signing. I don't want him to be mad at me! Liam ordered "Harry, pass me some onion."

We decide to cook Lasagne because it's easy to prepare. I smiled nicely, and I gave him some onion. I say "Liam, I know you will be mad, but I want you to be happy!" I wish he weren't mad right now because I was about to want him meet Melissa with our plan.

You probably wonder who's 'our'? Well... It was Niall's and mine! So our plan will be the right way, right? If that's work, then I guess I won't take the blame by Liam! Of course... Not. I sighed sadly. I repeat "I know you'll be mad at me. I want you meet her after cooking!"

Liam was still in punishing so I don't care if I can help. Liam says "Oh? Is she here? I thought she went to park with Zayn and Louis." I was about to say something, but someone opened the door and then closed the door. It could be Zayn and Louis because I can hear that they're laughing out loud.

I say "Look, Zayn and Louis come home!" Liam stopped to chop some onion, and I sighed sadly. I say "I'm not sure if you're ready to meet her but she's here all the time." I looked at him with my scared face. I'm scared... Liam drops the knife on the board, turned around to see me and he looked down on the ground.

Louis greet "Hey, mate!" Zayn smiled nicely. I called "Liam..." Great! Liam looks angry, but he wasn't. I figured his body was shaking and he clenched his fist. I raise my voice "Liam?!" Liam looked up at us with his blank face slowly, and he walked to get on the chair as zombies walk.

He panted heavily, and I ran after him. I called "Liam! Hey! Look at me!" I think I gave him a panic attack. Louis asked "What's wrong?!" I turned around to see Melissa stood behind them. I called "Melissa!" Zayn looks shocking. I ordered "Come here!"

Louis turned around to see who this person behind them, and he looks surprised. She started running to us. Before she did it, Zayn says "Oh, come o-" Zayn looks surprised by probably see her face. I turned back to see him as he still panted heavily and I can hear that his heartbeat went thunderous.

I was shocking, and I saw Melissa put her hand to touch Liam's arm. I called "Liam!" Liam looked up at me, and he smiled nicely. I turned back to see Melissa as he did too and I can hear that he was shocking. I'm sure no one takes the blame on me.

Liam... Will you forgive me?


Liam P.O.V

I cooked with Harry, which was very strange because he stares at me. I'm happily cooking until I stopped chop when I heard the familiar laughing. Why am I sad by now? Harry says "I'm not sure if you're ready to meet her but she's here all the time."

I can feel my heartbeat pound so hard. I don't understand! I dropped the knife on the board, turned around to see Harry slowly, and I looked down. Why am I so mad at Niall and Harry? Why my heartbeat pound so hard and quickly? Louis greet "Hey, mate!" 

Harry called fade "Liam..." I can feel my body was shaking. Why am I not ready to see that girl?! I clenched my fist. Harry raised his voice "Liam?!" I looked up at them with my blank face slowly. Why does everyone are worried about me?

I started walking to get sat on the chair slowly. There is it! Heartbeat pound so hard again! I panted heavily. Harry ran to me. He says "Liam! Hey! Look at me!" Heartbeat again! I feel like the darkness takes over my light. Somebody! Help me!

Louis asked "What's wrong?!" I don't understand! I don- Harry called "Melissa!" I can hear Zayn was shocking. No. No, no, no! The darkness! Harry ordered "Come here!" I can hear that somebody's footstep wasn't very familiar. I can feel the light on the body.

Could it be her? Zayn says "Oh, come o-" Zayn paused and then he was shocking. I don't understand! I want to know! I can hear that Harry was surprising. Someone touched my arm with the hand. I can feel the light is now stuck on my body.

Harry called "Liam?" I looked up at Harry. He's an idiot! But I'm euphoric! I smiled nicely, and Harry turned around to see somebody who sat right next to me as I did too. I was shocking. Wow! She looks like Snow White. I asked "Are you, Melissa?"

She looked down at me, and she gave me a sweet smile. Which was Hollie did it to me! I shouted "No! Go away!" She stood up quickly. She signed with her voice "Is there something wrong?" I was surprised. I can't believe it! Harry ordered "Liam! Calm down! You scare her away."

I shouted "Calm?! Did you explain to me about her?! That stupid girl over there?!" I pointed at her. Everyone looks shocking. Harry yelled back "Hey! That's not nice to say something about her!" Melissa was now crying. I was surprised.

Harry turned around to see her face, and he stood up to give her a hug. I called "Harry?" Harry pulled away from the hug, and he turned around to see me. I ordered, "Just... Get her to Hollie's old room." I do not apologise to her. I shouted "Now!"

They look shocking, and Harry grabs her hand to walked to Hollie's old room. While she walked away, she just looked at me with her sad face, and she turned away from my face. Well... I'm not happy! I mean...

How could he bring the deaf girl?! 

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