Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


5. Go ahead!

Zayn P.O.V

It was midday.

I can't believe it! I miss everything from yesterday. Man! I wish I could meet her in person. What? Louis told me everything about her face last night. Louis said that she look damn beautiful and Harry stated that she'd be coming over to our house by tomorrow.

I can't wait! I can hear the door opened and the person entered my room because I'm sleeping. The person called and asked "Zayn! You awake?" My eyes start opened, and I turned side by side. I yawned. I asked, "What's time is it?" Liam laughter a little.

He answered "Wow! You do love sleeping! Alright, it's 12.30 PM." I sighed annoyed, and I sat up. I asked "What do you want?" Liam sighed sadly, and he sat on my bed. He answered "I need someone with me to go shopping to buy a gift for that girl... Um..." 

I opened my mouth, and I shake my head a little. I called her name "Melissa?" Liam pointed to my lips. He says "Yeah." I say confusedly "Okay..." Liam explained for short "Paul didn't trust me." Oh... I forget that Liam still got punished. 

Paul needs someone to be with him, so Paul trusts us but not Liam. I asked "Why me?"  Liam sighed sadly. He answered "Harry's at college by now..." Oh... So, he's just starting to go to the college from now because he is famous now. 

Liam continued "Louis and Niall were playing football because they need the lots of practice. So, would you like to go shopping with me?" I sighed sadly. I answered "Alright! I would love to but just promise me not buy girl clothes shop again." 

Liam looked at me with his smile face. He asked "Why it makes you think of it?" I say "Okay! You always went to girl clothes shopping for her." Liam asked "What?" I sighed annoyed. I say "I just saying... You always go to buy to that store for Melissa or something for her?" 

Liam says "Well... (Sighed) I want to buy something for her room." Well... It WAS Hollie's room, but she gone and never want to come back. So, we decide this room is now Melissa's room, so she'll get over here every weekend. So, Harry hasn't told her.

That's why he need to go to college and find her quickly. I opened my mouth. I say "Okay... Maybe I should talk to Paul that I'm going to shop with you." Liam says "Yes!" With that, he left to goes his room and I get up. I went to my bathroom.

After that, I got the clothes on and things in my pocket. I sighed exhaled, and I went downstairs. I called "Paul! Where are you?!" Wow! This house is bigger! Paul reply "I'm in the kitchen!" I opened my mouth, and I entered the kitchen.

I sighed nervously. Paul asked "What's up?" I explained "Well... Liam ask me to go shopping with him. It's just him and me." Paul looked at me and he opened his mouth. He says "Oh... Okay. It's fine. I trust you, right?" I nodded as yes.

I say "Yeah. Trust me! We'll straight to this house. But what time?" Paul says "Oh, It's maximum 4 hours." I say "Okay. I promise you." Paul says "Okay." I turned around to walking away from him. I called "Liam!" Now it was 1.05 PM. Liam shouted back "I'm coming!" One second later, he looked at his phone for check it out, came downstairs slowly and I sighed annoyed.

I noticed that Liam looks sad. I asked "Liam, what's wrong?" I just wonder what up with him? He looked at me with his sad face. Well more than sad, upset. He showed me his phone so that I can read it. Why? It was a message from... Hollie?

I looked up at him. I asked "So, why are you sad?" Liam says "Look at her message. It's below." I looked back at his phone and... It says: 'Austin and I are dating now.' My jaws opened, and my eyes went widened. I said and asked "No way! What about Harry?"

Liam sighed sadly and he shake his head. Liam says twice "I don't know, Zayn. I don't know." I say confusedly "Okay? I'm sure Harry have now moved on, maybe?" Liam says "Okay. We need to talking to him tonight." I say "Okay."

I walked to outside. I continued "I'm just talking to Paul. This time.. 4 hours. That's it." It was now 1.15 PM. Liam nodded as yes. He says "Yeah!" I opened the door and Liam looks shocked. I was a little bit of confused. I asked "What?"

I turned around to see who was this person stood there and there is he. Guess who was there? Harry! I was shocked. I asked "Harry! Are you listen what are we talking? Wait! Are you in college?" Harry nodded as yes. He answered "Yes, I am. I'm here because I forget my money. And I only hear my name."

Liam says "Zayn... I can't take it anymore! Harry!" I turned around to see him. He continued "It was about Hollie." Harry's eye widened. He says "Yeah?" He looks interesting to find information. Liam sighed sadly and he opened his mouth.

He says "She's dating to..." I give up! I looked at Harry's face quickly. I finished his sentence "Austin Mahone." Liam says "Thanks." Harry says "Oh. It's fine. I'm finally moving on from her. Thanks to Melissa because of her face." Liam ordered "Okay. Zayn. Let's go!"

He walked away, and I stood here front of him. I explained "Dude. Look. Is it because of Hollie's fault? No, she just asks you for becoming a friend, but you let her down. You just refuse to become her friend." Oh, yeah! I remember that one!

Harry says "Alright!! Just go, please!" I asked "Okay. Have you asked her for to forgive you? No! Of course not! Louis was right. You're a just idiot!" I walked away with Liam and Harry following Liam and me. Harry called "Wait! Zayn!" I shouted "I'm angry now!"

He kept called my name all the time as we all walked to shopping. Harry yelled my name "ZAYN!!!" I stopped, turned around to see him and I rolled my eye at the same time. I asked annoyed "What?!" Harry shouted "Alright! I haven't asked her to forgive me! Louis was wrong! Alright!"

I asked "Oh! How come?" Harry answered "Yes. Alright! I've been an idiot. But... Now I'm not." I ordered "Oh! Then text her!" I just turned around and I walked with Liam. Liam sighed sadly. He called "Zayn!" He ran to where I walked and I stopped.

He continued "Of course. He'll text her." I sighed sadly and I turned to see him with my confused face. I asked "Yes?" Liam nodded as yes slowly, sighed and he turned around to see Harry. Liam ordered "I mean... Look at him." I turned around to see him.

Liam continued "We can forgive him for it." I sighed sadly. I say "Alright!" Liam smiled. He says "Thanks, buddy!" I smiled back, and I nodded as yes. I turned back to see Harry. I called "Harry!" He looked up at us, and Harry ran to us.

I apologize "Harry, I'm sorry... That I shut and yelled at you." Harry sighed exhaled. He says "No! You're right! I'm a just idiot!" I smiled at that. I say "No, I just said it... Because I care about her." I sighed sadly. I continued "Why not, would you like to come with us?"

Harry answered "Yeah! Sure." We all still going to shopping. Even now... I have worried about that. Has he told Hollie to forgive him?

I don't want to know about that.


Melissa P.O.V

I'm so starving! Come on, Bell! Finally, the bell rang. I sighed exhaled and I stood up to walking to the cafeteria. I heard that everyone talking about Harry Styles was here at college but why? Is it because Paul forces him to go to college? I giggled a little.

I sighed annoyed. Why? You asked. Watch! When I entered the cafeteria, everyone looked at me. They said "Wow! She still looks like Snow White. Does she have a boyfriend? She already beat Sophia Smith." Ugh! I don't like to be here and Harry gotta to be here.

But still he's new. I get in the line, back to the line and I hate being here. People realize me to get the front of the line. I signed with my shy voice "No, no, no! Um... It's okay!" I smiled sweetly. The people look shocking. They say in union "Awww... She has a cute smile!"

Okay? I looked around and I hummed a song quietly. It called Summer Love by 1D. Charlie called my name. Oh, no! I turned around to see her and I gave her a cute smile. I say "Hi!" Charlie signed with her voice "Hi, Meli! So... Explain to me. Why do you need to go their house?"

I sighed exhaled. I signed with my voice "You read it, are you?" She nodded as yes. Charlie signed with her voice "Yeah. Go ahead!" I sighed sadly. I signed with my voice "Yes, I'm going. Alright!" She looks confused. She asked "What?"

I signed with my voice "To make Liam happy." She signed with her voice " I understand. I heard that you have to go their house for every weekend." I turned around to see her with my confused face. I say "Wait! Ho-" Charlie cut me off "I heard Harry talking about it! He was in my class."

We have a different class. I'm in class C and she's in class B. I want to change. It was so annoying! But I can't, because of this, type B, is for bright people. Well, I'm not smart. I turned left to see someone opened the cafeteria door and by someone, I mean Harry Styles.

Yeah! THE Harry Styles. All the girl ran to where he stood there. He looked around, and he caught me to looked at him. I turned away quickly when he saw me. Someone came to me, and the person stood behind me. The person called my name "Hey, Melissa."

I was frozen by someone stood behind me. I signed with my voice "Dose Richard stand behind me, doesn't he?" Charlie looked away to see who this person and then she looked at me. Charlie says "Yes." I sighed exhaled. I signed with my voice "Why not you go ahead and I need to be talked to Richard over here? Okay?"

She nodded as yes. Charlie says "Okay!" I grip his hand and I pulled him away from the line. Richard says "Okay?" I turned around to see his confused face. I signed with my voice "Remember I have told you about the thing between me and Harry..."

He stood there, crossed his arm and nodded as yes to looked at me. I signed with my voice "Yeah? He kinda asks me to come to his house and make Liam happy." I looked away, and I heard him take closer to me. He hugs me. Huh?

Richard pulled away from the hug, and he nodded as yes. I sighed sadly. I signed with my voice "I'm so glad you could understand me." He ordered "Now... Remember, get away from Harry, okay? Promise me?" I say "Huh?" Richard sighed.

He explained "Harry is a troublemaker. But he could get you; then he'll break up with you for a few day later." I sighed exhaled. I signed with my voice "Okay. I'll be careful. But how do you know about his life?" Richard whistled and he looked around.

I looked at him with my confused face. I signed with my voice "What is it?" Richard says "Look, I'm so starving. I haven't eaten. Come!" I was about to get in line, yeah, back to the line but someone took my hand to the middle line. I looked at this person.

Do you want to know who was it? Yeah? It was Harry. He signed with his voice "Hey. I'm sure your friend, Charlie, told you everything about what I just saying to everyone in the class?" He smiled flirtily and I get my hand out of his hand. I signed with my voice "Well... Yes, she told me. Excuse me for back to the line."

I was about to walking away from him but he stopped me from grabbing my hand and pulled me to very closer like face to face. I get my hand out of his hand again. I stammered "I-I-I... Harry!" Harry signed with his voice "I know! We're a friend now. You know what, I'm bored."

He looked at me. I say "No, no, no!" I was taken back, and I trip over but lucky for me because Harry caught me. I looked at his face way closer, and I was shocked by it. He says "Whoa!" He pulled me up, and I walked backwards a few steps. 

My heart went beat fast as I was crazy. I didn't realise that! Oh, no! No, no, no!

Have I fell in love with him?!

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