Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


4. Didn't tell them!

Melissa P.O.V

Today was Friday... Yay! I sighed sadly. Man... Tomorrow Harry'll be picked me up to make Liam happy. Yay! Nope... My parents didn't know that I can help one of the famous member boybands. Also, my brother didn't know it too and I also didn't tell my bestie. 

So, I kept Harry's secret- I mean our secret. I sighed sadly. Another day. My eyes started to open, I yawned, and I sat up. Mason came into my room. He signed with his yelled voice "Meli! You gotta late at college. Come on!" Have you met my brother?

With that, he walked out of my room. He signed with his yelled voice "Up!" I stood up. I yelled back as I mock him "Alright! I'm up!" I chuckled and I shake my head. Why? Because of his Batman pyjamas. This reminded me of Liam. He signed with his voice "What's so funny?"

I pointed to his pyjamas. I say "This is funny." I looked down, and I sighed sadly. I wonder what am I tell him about our secret plan? Mason looked at me, and he must be noticed me as I was sad. He tapped on my shoulder, and I looked up at him again.

He signed with his voice "what's wrong?" Should I tell him or not? I sighed sadly. I signed with my voice "No. It's nothing! It just... I miss our parent." I lied. He gave me a tight hug. He says "I know." He pulled away from the hug. Mason signed with his voice "Now, get ready!"

I smiled. I say "I'm probably in the bathroom right now.." I walked to my bathroom, and I smiled at him. Then I closed the door, and I sighed sadly. I don't understand... I mean, what if I tell him about our plan? But he'll tell our parent.

If so, then I have to go to stick in New York. After the shower, I got out of the bathroom, and I walked to enter my room. I closed the door, and I looked at my bed. I was shocking. How- I mean who picked the dress that Mason brought and who put it on the bed?

I picked it up, and I smiled sweetly. You know what am I thinking? Yeah! I have to wear this dress. I wore this dress on my body, and I put a little bit of makeup. When it's finished, I stood up, and I walked out of my room. Before I did that, I did put my cochlear implant on.

Mason walked out of his bedroom. He says as he looks shocking "Whoa!" I say "I know right." I looked down at my blue dress and Mason still looked at me. I look up at him. I asked confusedly "What?" He signed with his voice "Nothing! It's just... You look so beautiful just like Snow White."

I was blushed. Mason never said it "fair" to me before. I smiled shyly. I signed with my voice "Thanks!" Mason smiled back. He signed with his voice "Right! Breakfast!" He walked downstairs and I sighed sadly. I gotta miss you, Mason.

Oh. You don't know, right? Sorry! Mason's away for the weekend, on tour with some guys in the band name The Vamps. He does not play bass or guitar or drum or anything but cameraman. He just films them. So, my point is he's away for all weekend.

I should be told him, but I couldn't. I sighed sadly. You know what? I can't take it anymore! I called "Mason!" I ran downstairs. He replies at the kitchen "Yeah?"

I sighed nervously, and I walked to where Mason stood. I signed with my voice "I want to tell you that..." I paused, closed my eye for a while and I opened my eye. I continued "... Harry Styles ask me to go to their house on tomorrow at 11 o'clock! Look, I don't care you want to call them."

By them, I mean our parents. Mason smiled. Is he smile? Huh? He nodded as yes. He signed with his voice "I know." I was so confused and I shake my head a bit. I asked "What?" Mason signed with his voice "Well... On his Twitter. That what I saw."

He paused and Mason laughter. He continued to explain "He said '@MEli.DAwson will coming to our house to make Liam happy by TOMORROW at 11 am. ;)' Everyone got jealous but happy about that. I was thinking about... Harry Styles took you to their house, Right?" (A/N: I have to put fake twitter for her.)

I nodded as yes. I say confusedly "Yeah?" Mason signed with his voice "So... I'm away for the whole weekend until Monday. Look. I know it's so long. I have to go. Because of money." I looked down and I sighed sadly. I signed with my voice "Oh. Well, it's okay." 

I looked up at him. I continued "It's just... When is this again?" Mason signed with his voice "Well... Today. I'm going from 9 am. If you want me to drop you off to college, It's okay." Now was 7 am. I smiled. I say "It's okay." Mason nodded as yes slowly.

He says "Okay." He smiled, and he turned back what he was doing. I'm glad... He was my good brother. I signed with my voice "Kept it. It's our secret." He says "Okay." After the breakfast, I walked to the stairs. I say "Mason, I'm at upstairs."

Mason says "Okay... Hurry up!" I ran as I could as upstairs and I took my blue jacket and my backpack. Next was Charlie. Oh, no! Maybe she could read it on Harry's tweet! Oh! I ran as I can as downstairs and Mason was waiting at the front door.

I say "Thanks." I walked out of our house and Mason closed the door. I can hear that he sighed sadly. Mason turned around to see me and I looked down at his hand as he holds the house key. I was shocked because of it. Mason says as he gave it to me "For you." 

I sighed sadly, and I take it. I say politely "Thanks." I walked to his car, and I get in his vehicle. He started to turn on his vehicle, and he sighed sadly. I gave him a tight hug, and he hugs back. I pulled away for a while. I signed with my voice "I know... (Sighed sadly) I miss you so much."

He smiled. Mason says "Me too." With that, He drove me to my college and we arrived there. He sighed. I signed with his voice "This isn't said goodbye, is it?" Mason looked at me. He continued "You're right. (Sighed sadly) But how?"

I signed with my voice "Just saying... Um..." I paused because I was thinking how we do say, not to saying goodbye. I got it! I continued "See you later?" Mason gave me a last hug. He says "See you later." I hug back, and I smiled sadly.

I say "See you later too." I laughter a little and I pulled away from the hug. I signed with my voice "I'm jubilant for you. Our parent should be proud of you." Mason says "Thanks, Kiddo." I opened the door, and I got out as I closed the door.

I sighed sadly, and I looked at him on last time. I smiled. I signed with my voice "I love you, bro." Mason signed with his voice "I love you too, kiddo. Be good." I nodded as yes, and I smiled sweetly. With that, he drove away, and I sighed sadly.

I turned around to see everyone looked at me. I sighed annoyed, and I rolled my eyes. There is it again! Everyone says "Wow. She looks beautiful. She still looks like Snow White. The dress." I put my face into fake smile face. For last time, I'm not Snow White. 

I smiled. Still smiled... And the smile faded down. Charlie called my name for three times, and I turned around to see her. I greet "Hey, Charlie." Charlie panted to catch her breath. She signed with her pant voice "Hey... Meli..." She looked up at me.

She signed with her voice "Wow! You look beautiful." I sighed annoyed. Here it goes. I signed with my voice "Can I talk to you for a minute? It was about..." I paused, and I looked around to make sure there have no one here. I continued "You promise you won't scream. Okay?"

She nodded as yes. Charlie asked "What?" I sighed exhaled, and I shake my head. I can't believe it I did it... I signed with my voice "About yesterday...  That was a good time with you. But then, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson came to..."

I closed my eyes for a second and then I opened my eyes. I continued "... Find Harry and me- Well You should have read Harry's twitter and he following me." Charlie's mouth was opened when I said these name. She stammered "I-I-I..."

She shakes her head. Charlie signed with her voice "Yes! I'll read them!" I signed with my voice "I know, I feel her- Wait! What?!" Charlie signed with her voice "Yeah! I mean... I didn't read it. So I'm very busy." I looked at her with my freak out face.

I signed with my voice "Like what?" Charlie smiled, and then her smile face faded down. She looked around a little. Charlie signed with her nervous voice "What?! Pt... Oh, please. It's nothing!" I could tell that she's hiding something that I don't know about this.

I signed with my voice "What's up with you?" Charlie opened her mouth, and she was about to saying something, but the bell rang loud. She signed with her voice "Oh! See you in lunch." With that, she walked away, and I groaned softly.

Someone tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around to see this person. I called "Richard?" He smiled. Richard called and says "Hi, Meli. Whoa! You look smoking hot in your dress." I smiled sweetly. I say "Oh.. Sorry! I'm gotta to go. Now!"

I laughter a little and I walked past him to get the class. Does Richard like me or not? I hope not. Because of our friendships. Charlie was my best friend because she knows how to sign. Even now, Charlie will be angry because of it. I never told them, did I?

Should I tell her about Harry thing? Oh, man... She'll mad at me. Will she? What? Too much worried?

Yeah! I get enough!

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