Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


3. Bumping into a beautiful girl!

Harry P.O.V

It had been four-day that we haven't found her. I want to see Melissa. Please! I'm begging you! Come out! There is no point to find Melissa. Oh... I can't stop thinking about her. I sighed sadly, and my eyes started to wake up. Great! Another day!

I sat up and I started to yawn. Oh, well... Since when I get tired? I looked around and I stopped to stared at the window. It was dark! What's time is it?! I looked at the clock on the left side. It says "3.45 in the morning"! Oh, my god! How could I woke up too early?!

I looked down at the sheet and I sighed sadly. I stood up and I walked downstairs slowly. Just because I don't want to wake them up. I walked to entered the kitchen and I grab something from the fridge to eat. It was milk and donuts. I took it because I make tea for me.

Someone walked past from behind me. The person says with an Irish accent "I can see it." I was a little jumpy, and I turned around to see the person as I was shocked. It was Niall! I sighed exhaled. I say "Don't  ever give me scare.." Niall took a seat.

He asked, "What are you doing here?" I turned around to see kettle steam, and I sighed sadly. I put a tea bag into my cup. Niall asked "Can't sleep, right?" I pour the kettle from the water into my cup. I answered and asked "Yeah. Do you want to drink a tea too?"

Niall answered "Yes, please. Three sugar." I grab his cup and then I pour the hot water into it. I say "Got it." After that, I carry these cups to the dining room, and I put these cups on the table. Niall asked "You can't sleep, right?" I sighed sadly, and I took a drink from tea.

I answered "Yeah." I looked down at the table. Niall asked "Still thinking about Melissa?" I say nothing. I just staring at my tea cup. Niall called "Um. Harry?" Finally, I looked up at him. I say "Hmm..." He shakes his head and Niall smiled flirtily.

He says "Never mind." Okay, that was wired... I say "Okay." I drank a tea as Niall do too. Wired, right? After that, I went to back to my bed because it was 4 o'clock in the morning. There has no point I could be sleeping. It had been 4 days, I haven't found her. 

I wish I have to find her quickly but I can't! Oh! I lay down on the bed and I tried to get sleep. Later, I wake up and I looked at the clock. It was now '9.30 in the morning.' I hope today, I will find her. I get up and I sighed sadly. Since when I want to see you, Melissa?

I took a shower. After that, I took some clothes and I put it on my freeze body. It was Autumn. Not Winter. I laughed a little and I sighed sadly. But still... I got the same feeling for Melissa from someone before. By someone, I mean Hollie. You know, Hollie and I.

We love each other, Funny persons and cheeky each other. I made her sad and angry. She always shines before she goes to New York to move there. Because of me. That why I need to apologise to Hollie. I'm so glad we are going to to be a friend forever.

Anyway... Melissa and I. We are completely different. She looks beautiful, and she looks like Snow White. Sometimes, she was rough. I'm fun, and I'm handsome, I'm the crazy flirt man. Different, huh? I sighed sadly. I called her name "Melissa..."

Melissa and Hollie. They have same Cochlear Implants. They have signed language, and they can speak too. Crazy, huh? I can smell a bacon and eggs too. This food makes me hungry already. Niall called and shouted at downstairs "Harry! Breakfast! Don't laugh at me! Because Liam sent me to do it!"

I chuckled softly. I was confused. Liam cook it? Why? I walked downstairs quickly, and I entered the kitchen. Liam greets politely "Good morning." Where was Niall? He already eats? Hmm... I took a seat, and I smiled fake. I asked "Why?"

He took the food to my space. Liam asked confusedly "Why what?" I opened my mouth. I asked "Why do you do it?" I put my finger into a point at the foods when I say 'it'. Liam answered as he took his food to his space "Oh... Paul's going out to buying food with Zayn so early. So... I volunteer to cook for you guys."

He put a fake smile on his lip. I say and asked "Okay. You were trouble, are you?" Liam asked embarrassing "Yeah, Harry. I admit was trouble." By what? I chuckled softly. He never gets trouble for when we get together on X-Factor. He was a good boy until now.

Liam ordered "Don't." I stopped to laughter. He says "Well... Yesterday, I went to... Um..." He paused when he was thinking something. Liam continued to explain "To get something like a gift but our fan get crazy over me and I never made it to our house. I was arrived at over my curfew. Yeah." 

I asked "Did you explain to Paul about that?" Liam answered "Yes. I did when he busted me. I'm trying to explain.. He wasn't listening." Wow! Poor him. I say and asked "Wow! You must be hurt when he busted you. Right?" Liam nodded as yes.

He answered "Yes... Really hurt! More than Hollie thing." Liam paused and he turned away from my face. Liam continued "I miss her. You know that." I nodded as yes. I say "Yeah, I know it." I know this feeling too well. It reminds me of I was hurting over Hollie.

That when I read Hollie's letter... The tears build upon his eyes. He says with his crack voice "I shouldn't let her go to Nelly's house. I need to force on the music." He sighed sadly. Liam continued "I just can't..." He stood up and Liam started to walking to his room slowly.

I asked "Liam?! Who's clean this plate?!" He didn't answer to me. Liam just slammed his door gently. I guess I can. I eat the food. Hmm... It was so good. After that, I decided to save Liam's food. Never know he was so hungry later. Niall entered the kitchen.

He asked "Hey. What's wrong with Liam?" I took the plate to the sink and I put water on the plate. I say "He's upset. Over Hollie." Niall looks worried. He says "Again! (Sighed sadly) Man, I never see him as he smile at me for a while." I finished these plate.

I say worriedly "Yeah. Me too." Louis entered the kitchen. He greets politely "Good morning." We looked at him. Louis asked "What? Did I miss something?" I nodded as yes. I say "Yes." Niall explained "Liam get up so early and he cook it for us."

Louis asked confusedly "Why?" Niall and I say in unison "That's exactly what I was saying to him." We looked at each other for a while. Louis asked "Well?" I say "Hmm." I shake my head, and I turned back to see Louis. I sighed exhaled.

I explained "Anyway, Liam said to us 'He was trouble by arrived here so late.' So, The reason has Paul busted him and get him Punish to cook it for us." Louis laughter a little and he stopped because we look serious. Louis says "Oh..."

I say "We need to find Melissa to make him happy and fast." Louis asked "Yeah. But how?" I answered "Well... We could go now and find her." Louis asked "What about my breakfast? I can't wait until we found her.. I'll be so hungry later!"

I sighed exhaled and I was thinking about something. I ordered and asked "Okay! We could go to find her while you eat your own breakfast. Now, when you finished to eat, come and find us. Is that okay?" Louis sighed sadly. He answered "Okay!"

Now it was 10 o'clock in the morning. I ordered "Come and meet us at the shopping centre when you finish. At 11.30 am! Okay?" Louis nodded as yes. He says "Yes." I asked "Niall... Ready to go?" He answered annoyed "Alright..." He walked away to the front door, and I watched him be gone.

I turned back to see Louis. I say "See you later. Okay?" I walked away to the front door and I saw Niall get into my car. I sighed annoyed. I talked to myself "Why did he do it?" I walked to get in my car and I drove to the shopping center. We get out of my car and we walked to entered shopping center.

We're going to find her and... I stopped to walked. Found her! She still looks like Snow White. Wow! She looks beautiful! I say as I turned away to see Niall "Hey, Niall..." Niall walked to where I stood. I continued as I turned back to see Melissa "I think I found her."

Niall turned to see her, and he was frozen. Niall stammered "Whoa! You're right! She has a Perfect Red Lip and White Skin." Oh, she wasn't alone. She went shopping with her friend. I say as I still looked at Melissa "Let's say hello to her."

Niall says as he still looked at her "Okay." We walked to her way and they walked to our way. Suddenly I'm bumping into her. I say "Oh, I'm sorry." She must to be drop something. She says "It's okay." Melissa hasn't looked at me because she force on the ground and her friend looks freak out.

Tapping her shoulder carefully. She must be annoyed. Melissa says as she looked at her at twice "Wait! Charlie!" Charlie signed with her voice "No! It was Harry Styles and Niall Horan." She looks frozen, sighed annoyed, and she looked at us. 

Louis arrived here, and he went to find us. I smiled flirtily. I greet "Hi." Niall joined in "Hello to you." I turned away from her beautiful face because Melissa looked at me as her cute annoyed face. I looked around to find for Louis. 

When Louis found us, he started to walk to us, but his smile face turned into the shocked face when he looked at Melissa. Louis says as he looked at Melissa and me "Er..." Melissa signed with her voice "What do you guys want?" Charlie signed with her voice "Er... Melissa, be nice to them."

I turned away to see Charlie. I asked "Oh... Are you Charlie?" Charlie turned to see us. She answered shyly "Oh... Yeah." I included myself "My name. You know me, right?" Charlie chuckled softly. She says "Yeah, I'm a huge fan of you guys."

I like this girl. Melissa pulled her away. She signed with her voice "Charlie! Let's go. This guy isn't the right man for you." What do I say to you? She's a tough girl. I sighed annoyed, and I ran to her. I say "Wait! I need your help." Melissa stopped, and she turned around to see me.

Melissa signed with her strong voice "My help?! What can I do for you?!" I say scared "It's about Liam." She looked at me. She says confusedly "Okay?" I begged "I sincerely need your help. Please." Melissa sighed annoyed. She says "Alright. I can help you."

I forget something but what? I turned around to see the guys. I say "Oh... Guys, you can go home!" Everyone looked at us as they look so flirt. What? The people says "Melissa... She still looks like Snow White... She looks beautiful..." I smiled at it.

Why? Because of it. The people continued "I think Melissa and Harry could be cute couples... They look beautiful together... Have they met before?" I turned around to see her beautiful face. I say "Let's sit somewhere." Melissa says politely "Sure."

She smiled sweetly, and Melissa walked away. I follow her, and we sat inside the cafe. Melissa signed with her voice "So... How can I help you?" I sighed exhaled. I started to explain "It was about Liam... That he never happy about letting Hollie go." 

I paused and I sighed sadly. That hurt me so much. I continued "That's right. So, I have to ask you. Can you come to our house for this weekend? You don't have to if you want to." Melissa signed with her voice "So, let me get straight to this. You expect me to make Liam happy, aren't you? If so, then why me? Explain to me."

I sighed sadly. I asked "You not trust me, are you?" She shakes her head. She answered "Nope." I chuckled a little. I explained "Okay! Liam wants to be a happy person, but he can't. Because of Hollie." She opened her mouth. She signed with her voice "Hollie? His daughter, right?"

I nodded as yes. I say awkward "Yep." Of course, it was the most awkward moment that I ever have! She signed with her voice "I don't understand... He's so young to have a baby." I opened my mouth. I cut her out "No, no, no! I mean he adopted her on last year in June."

Melissa signed with her voice "Oh... Then why me? Right now, I'm so confused." I sighed sadly. I'm ready to tell her. I signed with my voice "I can sign." I closed my eyes for a while and then I opened my eyes. She looks shocking, shake her head, and she blinked a lot.

I apologise "I'm sorry. The sign reminds me of someone I am just talking to. By someone, I mean Hollie." Melissa signed with her voice "Oh... So, Hollie is now deaf, is she?" I nodded as yes. I say "Yes." She signed with her voice "She has a cochlear implant, right?"

I still nodded as yes. I say "Yes. She has them. Same for you." Melissa signed with her voice "So... Now I understand. You ask me to go to your house and make Liam happy. Is it right?" I say "Um... Yes." Melissa sighed exhaled.

She asked "Do I have to?" What did I say to her?! Ugh! I answered "No! You don't have to if you want to." She says "Okay... But..." I looked up and I put my hands up in the air. I rolled my eyes. I asked "what is it now?" Melissa signed with her voice "If I say yes, then should I bring my best friend?" 

I didn't want to say no because she'll be`angry. I looked at her as I was annoyed. She asked "Oh... It's just me, right?" I reply quickly "Yes! Look, I'm sorry, okay. Liam trust you to make him happy. So... It's yes or not?" Please, say yes!

She sighed sadly, and Melissa looked at me for a while. It was wired feeling that I got, right? She had thought for a while, sighed happily, and Melissa nodded as yes. I asked "Yes?" She nodded as yes, and she smiled sweetly. I signed with my voice "Thank you."

Melissa signed with my voice "You're welcome! But, I can trust you. So, when can this start, then?" I signed with my voice "Well, I will drive you to my house. All I need is your address. What address do you live?" She wrote it on the paper.

She says "Here it go." Melissa gave me that paper and I took it. I say "Thanks." I smiled. I asked "Can we go now?" I get up, and she stood up. We're so closer because we pushed by other people. Her face was so closer to my face. She says as she turned away and she cleared her throat "Ahem..."

I say as I turned away "Let's go!" I turned back to walking away to the front door and she following me. My heart went beat loudly and vigorously. I was shocking, and I looked down at my heart. What is that?! Have I love someone? I was shocked because my heart went beat loudly and hard again.

Again? Really?! I looked up, and I saw that guy looked at me already. He looks angry. Melissa greet politely "Hey, Richard!" I turned around to see her. I asked "Richard?" She nodded as yes. She signed with her voice "Yeah. He was my childhood friend."

Oh! That explain to me! If Richard liked her, then I won't like her on the same level with him. My hearts went crazy. I don't understand. Maybe I like her. No! Why did I say that? I like her as a friend. Alright! I sighed nervously. I signed with my voice "See you this weekend at your house?"

Melissa nodded as yes. She signed with her voice "Okay. Can't wait!" I smiled. I asked "At 11 o'clock?" She chuckled sweetly. She signed with her voice "I trust you, right?" Aw!! She has a cute laughter! Snap it out! I closed my eyes. I say "Yes! Trust me. You will be fine, pal."

I hold my hand out of the air. I asked "Friend, Melissa?" She smiled nicely. She included herself "It is Meli. And sure." I smiled. I called "Meli." She holds her hand into my side and then we shook our hand. I sighed happily. I can't believe it!

At first, she hated me and then now she like me as a friend. She says "Ahem..." I say "Hmm.." I looked down at our hand and our hand still held. I apologise "Oh, sorry." I let it go. I say "Bye, Meli!" She says "Bye, Harry." With that, she went to that way with her friends.

I whispered "Meli..." And I walked a different way. I know my feeling for her is way strong than Hollie. But have she feeling about me?

Has she?

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