(Cover by @Lucy Styles) They were meant to be forever. Their love for each other made even nuns jealous. Then she was taken away, with tears in her eyes. Now he sits on the inside staring out the window with depression growing inside him. The day she left was the day his smile faded. It's been five years since her father sent her over seas to a boarding school in England, and she's back. Whispers of her return soon reach the ears of him. When they see each other will those feelings still be there? Will her new boyfriend be a wedge that tears their bond apart? Who will she choose?


7. Truth.

Drew's POV:

 I walked towards the beach kicking along the stones that were in my path. A dark cloud hovered over my thoughts as I pictured Jai smiling back at my house. She was so happy, I missed seeing that smile. I wish it was me who made her smile like that but it wasn't anymore. He was the reason behind that sparkle in her eyes. 

"Drew!" I turned my head to see Becky running up to me. 

"What's up?" I mumbled. 

"Heading to the beach, are you sure you wanna go?" She asked. "I thought you were gonna avoid Jaiden?" 

"If I don't go she'd know something wasn't right." I sighed. "She came by today." 

"Oh??" She gasped. 

"You lied." I turned my body around to see Jai standing there balling her fists fighting back her tears. How much did she just hear. "You were hiding something from me!" She yelled. 

"Jai..." I muttered. 

"Do you want to know what he was keeping from you?" Becky said.

"Shut it Becky." I growled. 

"No!" Becky shouted. 

"What's he keeping from me Becky?" She whimpered. 

"Your great amazing boyfriend told him to stay away from you." She said coldly. 

"What?! You're lying why would he say that?!" She growled. 

"Because apparently Drew broke your heart!" She yelled. "Maybe if you told the right story then Drew wouldn't have to keep that from you!" 

"You're lying!" She screamed. 

"I told you." I sighed. 

"What?" She whimpered. 

"I told you that you wouldn't believe me." I started walking back towards my house. "Once again I was right."


Jaiden's POV:

 I watched as he walked back home and tears fell from my eyes soaking my cheeks. I turned my attention back to Becky who looked angry. 

"My cousin has been locked in his room for three years unable to get over you, then you dare to come back here with a British prick of a boyfriend?! How dare you!" She screamed before running after Drew. 

After I whipped away my tears I walked towards the bonfire on the beach. Harry came up to greet me and right away he knew something wasn't right. 

"What's wrong?" He frowned. 

"I just had an argument with Drew..." I whimpered. 

"What?" He looked angry. "I told that bastard to stay away from you.." He growled. 

"Wait what?" I gasped.

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