(Cover by @Lucy Styles) They were meant to be forever. Their love for each other made even nuns jealous. Then she was taken away, with tears in her eyes. Now he sits on the inside staring out the window with depression growing inside him. The day she left was the day his smile faded. It's been five years since her father sent her over seas to a boarding school in England, and she's back. Whispers of her return soon reach the ears of him. When they see each other will those feelings still be there? Will her new boyfriend be a wedge that tears their bond apart? Who will she choose?


3. Three Years.

Jaiden's POV:

*Five years* 

 As I grabbed my last bag I felt a hand entangle with mine. I turned my head to see Harry smiling at me. I smiled softly at him before he pulled me back into his arms. He kissed my forehead before letting me go. 

"I can't believe I'm back in California." I smiled. 

"Well believe it Jaiden!" I turned my head just as arms swung around me engulfing me in a tight hug. As I pulled away I was pulled into another hug. 

"Kesley, Jenny." I smiled. 

"Who's this hunk?" Jenifer winked pointing at Harry.

"I'm Harry, her boyfriend." He smiled. 

"Oh.." Their voices had a hint of sadness. 

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"No no! That's great!" Kelsey tried to sound as happy as she could. Harry grabbed a hold of my hand as we walked out of the airport. Jenifer kept glancing down at our hands with sad eyes. So when we got into the car I let go and started messing with my phone. 

"So how was that dreadful boarding school?" Kelsey asked. 

"It wasn't too bad, I meant some awesome people." I smiled softly.

"Like me." Harry winked and kissed my cheek. 

As we arrived at the hotel Harry started grabbing the bags and I was pulled over by Kelsey as she whispered in my ear asking if I could hang out with them more. 

"Harry I'm gonna hang out with them for a bit." I smiled. 

"Oh okay.." He muttered before kissing my cheek. "I love you."

"You too." I pecked his lips before getting back into the car. When we got away from the hotel Jenifer slammed on the brakes. "What the hell?!" 

"You didn't say I love you too." She stated. 

"I did too!" I groaned. 

"No you said you too Jaiden!" Kelsey narrowed her eyes at me.

"So? It's the same thing." I sighed as Jenifer started driving again. 

"No it's not!" Kelsey shook her head. I groaned as we pulled up to the beach. I gasped with happiness. I quickly got out of the car to soak up the wonderful California sun. The girls locked arms with me and dragged me farther down the beach. 

"Hey guys!" Jenifer yelled. When they turned around I gasped before tackling them. 

"Whoa!" Wesley gasped. 

"Long time no see Jaiden." Keaton smiled. 

"Have you gone to see Drew?" Wesley asked. 

"No, you mean he's not here? He's always with you guys." I giggled. 

"Not since you left, he's been locked up in his room." Keaton sighed. "He's been a wreck without you Jaiden."

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