(Cover by @Lucy Styles) They were meant to be forever. Their love for each other made even nuns jealous. Then she was taken away, with tears in her eyes. Now he sits on the inside staring out the window with depression growing inside him. The day she left was the day his smile faded. It's been five years since her father sent her over seas to a boarding school in England, and she's back. Whispers of her return soon reach the ears of him. When they see each other will those feelings still be there? Will her new boyfriend be a wedge that tears their bond apart? Who will she choose?


4. The News.

Drew's POV:

"Jaiden oh Jaiden you're fading you're fading, you take my heart away...." I sang as I strummed the guitar. Sadness took over my chest and I tossed the guitar onto my bed. "I wish you were here...." I fell back into my chair and let out a sad sigh. It's been five years since her father tore her away from me. It's been three long years of heartache. 

"Drew!" I almost jumped out of my skin as I heard a female voice. I peered over the back of the chair to see Becky. 

"What Becky?" I asked. 

"Get your ass up and cleaned up now!" She demanded as she stomped over to me. 

"I don't wanna." I groaned as I struggled. Somehow she managed to get me out of the seat. I looked down at her face to see a smile so I smirked and fell to the floor taking her with me. 

"Damn you Drew!" She growled struggling to get out from under my legs. "Your feet stink!" She pinched her nose as I moved them closer to her with an evil smile on my face. 

"You know you love the smell." I teased. 

"Get your big butt off of me!" She groaned. 

 Our attention pulled away from each other to the door that was opening up. Wesley and Keaton appeared in the doorway with weird looks glued to their faces. I looked at Becky as she let out an awkward laugh. 

"Are we interrupting something?" Wesley smirked. 

"Get out of the way boys!" Kelsey said pushing her way through the boys. "What the hell." Her eyes narrowed at Becky. I lifted my legs off her and she sat up dusting herself off. 

"What were you guys doing?" Keaton asked. 

"Trying to get this asshole out of the house." Becky stood up sighing. "Sadly it was no use and I ended up trapped under his legs by his nasty stinky feet." She pinched her nose again. 

"When was the last time you took a shower?" Jenifer asked pushing her way through. 

"A week ago." I stated. 

"A WEEK AGO?!" All the girls looked at me with horror filled eyes. 

"Yeah so?" 

"That's disguising!" Becky made a funny face causing me to laugh. 

"We are all going out to dinner tonight. So clean up. Becky you are in charge of him." Kelsey said before she pushed her way out of the room. 

"Why me..." She sighed. 

"Good luck Becky." Keaton hugged her then followed Kelsey and Jenifer. Wesley kissed her cheek before following the rest. 

"Since when do we all go out to dinner?" I questioned. 

"Since Jaiden got back into town." She sighed plopping down into the seat. 

"What?" The hole in my chest started to grow again. 

"Shit I wasn't..." Sadness took over her face. 

"What else don't I know?" I asked.

"I can't...." 

"Tell me Becky." 

"But it'll crush you...." Tears took over her eyes. I bent down in front off her and whipped away the tears in her eyes. "She has a boyfriend with her..." Tears swarmed out of her eyes. I pulled her into my arms and hugged her trying to comfort her. "You still stink...." She groaned pulling away giggling away the tears. I smirked a bit before grabbing some clothes and heading to the bathroom. I jumped into the shower thinking about seeing Jaiden again. The last time I saw her she was crying in the rain. Now she's going to be happy with some guy who isn't me. After I got out of the shower I changed into some clean clothes and headed back to my room. Becky was passed out on my bed holding a bottle of my cologne. I grabbed the bottle before waking her up. 

"Hmm..." She flickered her eyes opened. 

"Good morning sunshine." I teased. 

"Put that on so you smell better." She smiled as I sprayed the cologne on me. 

"Ready to go?" I asked and she nodded. 

We decided to walk to the restaurant since it was a nice summer night. She had her arm around me like she normally did when we would take walks like this. When we arrived I saw Keaton standing outside looking a bit upset. 

"Something wrong?" I asked as we approached.

"Just hate bossy little...." He bite his lip. 

"Kelsey?" Becky asked and he nodded.  

"Is everyone inside already?" I asked. 

"Yeah everyone." He sighed nervously. 

"He already knows." Becky said taking the lead. 

"You told him?" Keaton gasped. 

"She can't keep a secret from me." I smirked causing her to blush and him to chuckle. We headed over to a booth, more like we followed the sound of Kelsey's voice but still. When the booth came closer my chest started to swell with pain. 

"Becky!" Once I heard her voice my heart dropped. She pulled Becky into a tight hug. I saw the uncomfortable face Becky was making which caused me to chuckle a bit. The moment her attention left Becky she turned to look at me. I stared at her and my chest started to swell again. 

"Nice to see you Jai." I said as I put on my cool guy smile for her.

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