(Cover by @Lucy Styles) They were meant to be forever. Their love for each other made even nuns jealous. Then she was taken away, with tears in her eyes. Now he sits on the inside staring out the window with depression growing inside him. The day she left was the day his smile faded. It's been five years since her father sent her over seas to a boarding school in England, and she's back. Whispers of her return soon reach the ears of him. When they see each other will those feelings still be there? Will her new boyfriend be a wedge that tears their bond apart? Who will she choose?


6. Something's off.

Jaiden's POV:

 Everyone was hush after Drew left. As if there was something they were keeping from me. So after dinner I headed back to the hotel to my smiling boyfriend. He was laying in the bed shirtless flipping through the channels. I fell asleep in his arms but something didn't feel right. I felt like even he was keeping something from me. Was everyone hiding things from me? 

 By morning light I woke up in the bed alone. The warm California sun beaming through the window causing a smile to appear on my lips. After I took a shower and changed into some clean clothes I decided to visit someone I knew would never hide anything from me. 


Drew's POV: 

 I decided to take a shower mostly to try to get things off my mind. Like why did that boyfriend of her's believe I broke her heart? If I did I never meant to. I mean I wasn't even the one to break us up. After I put my gym shorts on I heard someone knocking on my front door. After the third knock I knew my mother wasn't home so I dragged myself to the door and answered it. When I opened it up I was shocked to see Jai. She made her way inside with a smile on her face. That famous smile that could make any heart melt. She made her way back to my bedroom as I followed with curiosity. She plopped down on my bed and looked up at me smiling. 

"Why are you here?" I asked leaning against the wall. Her smile faded. 

"S-should I l-eave?" She stuttered. 

"N-no..." I felt defeated. "That's not what I meant sorry..." 

"Everyone is acting weird." She sighed falling backwards on my bed. 

"What do you mean?" I asked walking over to the bed and taking a seat next to her. 

"It seems like they all are keeping something from me." 


"Are you also keeping something from me?" She looked up at me with her big brown eyes. 

"If I told you, I know you wouldn't believe me." 

"That's not true!" She defended sitting up glaring at me. 

"Do you really want to know?" 


"They're all throwing you a party at the beach tonight." I smiled. 

"Nuhu!" She gasped. 

"See told you." I chuckled. She giggled and playfully pushed me. I wanted so badly to pull her into my arms like I used to do. I wanted to tell her how rotten her boyfriend is, but I didn't want to hurt her anymore than I already have. "So where's your boyfriend?" I asked and noticed her smile changed. 

"Oh he's out doing something." She awkwardly giggled. 

"Something wrong?" I asked. 

"No of course not." She smiled but I knew that kind of smile well. It wasn't a real smile. She was forcing it. 

"You're hopeless." I teased. 

"What?" She gasped offended.

"You suck at lying." I shook my head. Her mouth fell open speechlessly. She knew I was right, this was a battle that no matter how much time we spent away from each other I would win because I knew her so well. 

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