(Cover by @Lucy Styles) They were meant to be forever. Their love for each other made even nuns jealous. Then she was taken away, with tears in her eyes. Now he sits on the inside staring out the window with depression growing inside him. The day she left was the day his smile faded. It's been five years since her father sent her over seas to a boarding school in England, and she's back. Whispers of her return soon reach the ears of him. When they see each other will those feelings still be there? Will her new boyfriend be a wedge that tears their bond apart? Who will she choose?


11. Say what?

Drew’s POV:


I sat down on the curb thinking about the kiss that Jai and I shared a few hours ago. Becky was making sure that Wes and Keaton were alright while I watched the cars pass by. She didn’t even look back at us as she ran away with him. Maybe she regretted the kiss. Maybe I should just stop over thinking about it.

“Drew!” I turned my head to see Becky glaring at me.


“What?” I questioned.


“Pay attention will ya.”


“No thanks.” I teased.


“I think Harry….” Wesley mumbled but quickly shut up. At first I wasn’t sure why until I turned my head to see Kelsey walking up to us. She looked like someone had pissed her off majorly.


“What the hell?!” She screamed at me.


“What?” I questioned.


“Are you trying to get her to leave again?”


“What are you talking about?”


“You kissed her! Are you stupid?! She’s not your girlfriend anymore get over it!” She yelled. “She moved on and I think it’s time that you move on too.” She turned away and left without another word. I was speechless.


“You guys kissed?” Keaton questioned.


“More like made out.” Becky giggled.


I turned my head back towards them to see that Wes was biting his lip trying his hardest not to say something. I wanted to know what he was going to say about Harry but knew it wasn’t the right time to ask knowing that Kelsey was still near by swarming around.


“Lets head back to my house.” I suggested and they all silently agreed. When we got back to my place my mother was walking around the house nervously. Something was up and I knew it wasn’t good because my mother doesn’t normally just pace. “Something wrong?”


“I’ve been fired….” She muttered before falling to her knees crying her eyes out. Becky ran to her side. “How could this happen….just yesterday I was on my way to a promotion then out of the blue I got fired…”


“It’s okay Auntie…” Becky tried to comfort her.


“Can I talk to you bro?” Wesley asked nervously.


“Yeah of course..” I nodded and we headed back to my bedroom. He took a seat on my bed then stared at his hands nervously. Something was going on today and it wasn't good either.


“There’s something you need to know…” He muttered.


“What is it?”


“It’s about Harry….”




“He’s….” He mumbled.

    A/N - I know it's a short chapter and all but what do you think Wesley is about to tell Drew?
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