The Moon is My Sun

Kaylee Torrence, more commonly none as K.T., wakes up from a month long coma in the presence of people she doesn't know. They claim to be her parents but she can't recall her memories. The only memories she has are of dark hair, black wings, and blue eyes. Something else, she woke with a searing pain in her throat and chest and sharp teeth cutting the inside of her mouth.


2. Chapter 2

*One week later*

My mom pulls up in front of a large house surrounded by a few fields on either side and woods in the back.  I look around a little and notice a small barn.  My mom abandons her front seat and quickly opens my door offering me her arm.  Every since I've awake I have felt weak.  I take her arm and stand on wobbly legs.

"This is where I live?" I ask.

"Yes, come on, I''ll take you to your room and then you can take a nice long bubble bath while we make dinner." My mom says patting my cheek and helping me towards the porch as my dad shuts the doors.

My little brother, who's name I've discovered is Chet, runs up and takes my hand as we make it to the steps.  This gesture feels familiar and foreign to me.  I look down at him, we look alike, both have blonde hair and brown eyes.  He smiles at me and I smile back.

"After dinner do you want to play a video game with me?" He asks.

Before I can answer mom interjects.

"Honey, K.T. needs to rest.  Maybe later." She says.

He looks down sadly.

"I think I'll be alright." I say quietly.

"But honey, the doctor said you need to rest." She shoots back at me.

I breath hard out of my nose, every since I woke up everyone has been fretting over me.  With my mother's help I accend the stair and my little brother opens the door running inside his shoes making loud thuds on the polished hardwood floor that I can see through the entryway.  She leads me in and immediately I seem pictures hungs everywhere there is a space in this small foyer area.  The one closest to me is a picture of me and my brother at the beach.  A memory tickles at my brain, but darts away before I can remember it.

"I wish I could remember this." I say pointing to the small photo.

"That was last year, at the lake." She says.

I know where the lake is.  It's funny I can remember everything except people and places I've been.  It's really hard to explain, but I can remember everything I've ever been taught, even the entire plot of "Macbeth", but I can't even remember my own family.

I sigh sadly as we past the memories I might never get back going towards a long staircase.  My mom lets go of me as we stand in front ot it.

"Your room is just up the stair.  Second door on the right." She says turning and going through another door.

Slowly, I climb the steps my hand gripping the railing for support.  The steps are covered in plush, soft carpet that quiets my heavy footsteps.  I make it to the top and a long hallway is before for me.  I go to my door and open it to a large bedroom.  I look around taking it all in.  In the corner farthest from me is a full size bed covered in dark blue sheets and pillows.  The comforter is rumpled and half hanging off as if someone, or me, had forgotten to fix it.  Across from the bed in the corner closest to me is a large dresser, the top covered in game systems that are plugged up to the massive flat screen tv hanging above it.  My parents must be loaded.  Next to the tv, also on the wall, is two long shelves.  One is covered in movies, and the other is covered in games.

I enter the room shutting the door behind me.  The carpet is a dark tan color and the walls are a sort of cream color.  Next to the selves are two doors I walk over and pull them open.  One enters into a bathroom, I'll look at it in a little bit, and a huge walk-in closet.  On either side of the door I came in are two bookshelves.  One has trophys and medal on it, along with a stero and cds, and the other it completely full of books.

I walk over and pull one off the shelf reading the title.

"Twilight," I say outloud.

I remember the story well, maybe I'll read it again later.  Putting the book back on the shelf and walking over to the bed.  Carefully I fix the comforter and sit down.  Next to the bed is a small nightstand with a lamp and digital clock on it.  It's weird knowing all this stuff is yours and you don't remember owning any of it.

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