The Moon is My Sun

Kaylee Torrence, more commonly none as K.T., wakes up from a month long coma in the presence of people she doesn't know. They claim to be her parents but she can't recall her memories. The only memories she has are of dark hair, black wings, and blue eyes. Something else, she woke with a searing pain in her throat and chest and sharp teeth cutting the inside of her mouth.


1. Chapter 1

Voice swirl in my head, beckoning me from the darkness around me.  I feel like I'm floating, like my body is a mere cloud in a sunless sky.  A woman's voice is nearby, very close to my ear.  I can hear the warmth of the words but I cannot understand them.  It's as if my ears are filled with cotton, or another object that prevents the sound from registering correctly.  Another voice is there now.  A gruff voice with a hard edge.  It isn't frightening, but more or less comforting.  I listen closer trying to make out the words.

"Kaylee." The woman's voice says.

The sound is muffled and distorted but my brain clearly registers my name coming from the woman's mouth.

"Kaylee, can you hear me?" She asks.

I want to say yes, but my lips are shut and, no matter how hard I try, they won't open.  I manage a weak moan which is followed by a sharp intake of breath from one of the voices around me.

"Kaylee, open your eyes." The gruff voice says.

Why?  I'm perfectly fine in my darkness, I can already feel it's strong but soft arms looping around me and pulling me deeper into it's abyss.  I want to give into it, to let it drag me back under but a strong hand touching the side of my face pushes it away.

"Come on sweetheart, I know you can hear me.  Open your eyes." The gruff voice says again.

I register the term of endearment, why would he use that?  Does he know me?  Is he a relative?  These question swirl around my mind causing a dull ache deep in my head.  I moan again trying to form words.

"Come on, open your eyes.  We know you can hear us.  Please, open your eyes!" The woman's voice is desperate.

My sense's pick up something soft against my skin, a blanket, I can smell flowers and a piece of plastic is in my nose sending a cold stream of air through it.  The blackness around me softens and a bright white light pushes against my eyes.  I try to force them open so I can see the face of the worried woman.  My eyelids open a fraction and then shut again.

"Her eyes moved!" Trills a higher, childish voice I haven't heard yet.

"Come on, we know you can do it." The woman says quietly.

I try again and bright light blinds me.  I squint against it as shapes float around me.  Everything is blurry as if I haven't seen anything in forever.

"Brian, go get the doctor!" The closest shape to me says.  It's the worried woman.

As my eyes slowly adjust one thought fills my mind.

"Thirsty." I groan.

My voice is quiet and husky, my throat aching as I speak.

"Oh, my baby!" The woman cries.

I can see her face now.  She has dark brown hair, nearly black, that reaches her shoulders in thick wave.  She stares at me with intense brown eyes that are overflowing with tears.  She embraces me sobbing against my shoulder.  Not knowing what to do I place my hand on her back as her body quakes with sobs.  She pulls back as a man with a long white coat enters followed closely by a man with close cut blonde hair and the darkest green eyes I have ever seen.  A little boy runs up to him as they approach the bed.  He is a mix of the man and the woman.  He has her eyes and his hair.  The man in the coat takes my wrist pressing his fingers to the inside of it feeling for my pulse.

"Kaylee, do you know who I am?" He asks.

I search his face looking for anything familiar.  He is a tall, balding man with bright brown eyes.  They are almost yellow.  I shake my head sure that I've never seen him before.  The woman utters a choked sob and buries her face in the blonde man shirt.  He puts an arm around her hugging her gently.

"Do you recognize them?" He asks.

I shake my head again and the woman cries harder.  My throat aches again.

"Thirsty." I repeat coughing violently.

The man, who I'm assuming is the doctor, quickly grabs a glass of water off the table and holds it to my lips, tipping it slowly to help me drink.  Once I finish he sets the glass down and takes a seat next to legs.

"Kaylee, you have been asleep for over a month.  Can you remember anything?" He asks.

I start to shake my head but then one image appears.

"Blue eyes." I say.

"Blue eyes?" He asks.

I nod.

"Why am I here?" I ask, my voice slightly clearer after drinking the water.

"You were in some sort of accident.  The police have been investigating it ever since you were discovered." He says.

"Discovered?" I ask.

"Your brother found you.  You had a cut on your throat and chest and you weren't awake.  Your really a medical miracle.  You weren't expected to live through the night, much less all this time.  You have made a magnificent recovery." The doctor says patting my hand.

"Did they find who did it?" I ask.

The doctor shakes his head.

"Who are they?" I ask.

The woman cries more and the man hugs her tighter.

"These are your parents and little brother," he says," it is common for memory loss after an accident this severe, her memory should return over time." He says turning to the people, my family.

"When can she come home." My dad asks.

"Well keep her for a few days to make sure she is fully recovered and then well send her home for rest." He says.

As they converse between each other I look at my parents and my little brother trying to remember.  Trying so hard to remember.  My head starts to ached again making me wince.

"You should sleep, rest speeds a recovery tenfold." He says patting my hand again.

I nod and then close my eyes almost instantly drifting off.

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