The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


28. Your not Flame

"Dark Flood was controlling me? Never I control my self and this place im not Flame Mew" he laughs and turns back to Black Bat and throws me to a cliff "don't fall off" he laughs and flies above me i try to claw him but then shadows come and pull me down "when you try to attack me Mew the shadows will stop you so there is no point trying" he flies off and I try to get up "remember what i said once it has been a one hour bring her to me oh and let her go" he flies off out of sight.

I get up and the shadows go then im no longer on a cliff i some how got in to a forest as I love forests I jump around happily but then I look up at the trees they look like the ones at the forest but hurt and black I may have only been here once when  I was with Pal walking back to the dojo but this place felt like a home for me and I start to cry fire but it gets worse black twigs fall on and start hurting me. I stop crying "ugh why is it when ever I cry I always get hurt" i sigh and walk through the forest but the deeper I  go the worse it gets. Soon it starts raining and  I run to a bush to not get too wet but the leafs on the bush start to turn black then fall off making my fur get a bit wet so I quickly run to another bush but the leafs turn black and all fall off making me get too wet and faint. Soon the shadows come back and take me to Black Bat.

I wake up in a big,black and brown room inside a shadow castle with Black Bat sitting on a big throne "Ah Mew your here I have something to tell you " he laughs 'you will hate this Mew I'm kinda part of you im your dark side, your fears your nightmares and more" I look at him confused and he laughs "you will find out soon." I tilt my head. Suddenly shadows appear around me and I get teleported to Black Bat's lap I start to panic but he puts a special glove on to calm me down I lool up at him this time I can better a look as I'm not running from him he has black eyes with no pupil well it might be there I just can't see it,deep black hair,a hoodie with different shades of black on it also black and grey trousers.

He looks at me and smirks then grabs some scissors but I'm still relaxed he points the scissors near my tiny wings and starts cutting them I start growling and yelping but then he presses a button on his glove and I stop growling then my tiny wings fall  to the ground he stops letting me and laughs I look down at the ground sadly "don't worry they will grow back but you have to wait." 






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