The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


3. Where am I?

I wake up and I can't see anything but I smell a steak I find it and eat it  then I try to move but I am in a cage I think to my self why am I in a cage?  Then the lights turn on a bit I see the walls they are covered in pictures of hunting wolves I howl for help. Then I  hear someone laughing they get closer and the lights turn on completely "I growl who are you?" 

He smiles "I'm Dark Volcano and my boss is the Fire Sensei and we want to kill you". He steps forward I take a closer look at him he has black hair, black glasses,a hunting pack with loads of hunting stuff in, a black and red jacket,weird shoes made out of wolf fur, and a very sharp black sword. He gets out a weird machine and put it down and laughs "don't worry this will be fun"then  he presses a button and I feel weird I howl for help he says "don't worry I'm just looking inside of you and changing things".

Then I suddenly get controlled by the machine I growl and he smirks "it's fun." I felt like fainting but I couldn't something was stoping me and keeping me moving suddenly there is a bear in the cage I howl for help. Dark Volcano smiles "meet my friend Bruno he wants to have fun with you" I try to move but I can't  Bruno growls at me and put me in its mouth I yelp and he bites me  then I howl as loud as I can.

Dark Volcano smirks "having fun?" I growl then Bruno throws me on to the ground and stands on me I yelp in pain.

"Good Bruno having fun with the Wolf" Bruno smiles evilly and steps on me harder I yelp very loud as there is a full size bear standing on me and I'm only a Wolf Pup plus I'm really small for some reason smaller than other Wolf Pups  I try  to claw him but it dose nothing.

Bruno roars in my face "your weak."

I growl loudly "It's because I'm tired ,I can't stop ,I'm being controlled and your a full size bear!"

Bruno roars "no excuse" I growl he scratches me over and over again  I yelp then Bruno suddenly goes Dark Volcano turns the machine off time to go to sleep  there will be more fun in the morning then he smiles night Mew."

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