The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


31. What is wrong with me?

Fire Sensei picks me up and puts me under a fire "Mew wake up the fire can give you power" I start shiving "Mew its fire it helps" he then looks at me "no no it can't be not Mew!" Sensei runs to the forest with me in his arms and places me on the snow then wraps leaves around me "she can't be by fire I have to leave her but who with?!." Suddenly out of no where a small  yellow penguin with bits of red on him  and he is wearing a fire mask like mine. "Ah your  the new fire ninja please look after her she can't go anywhere near fire but she is a fire wolf " Fire Sensei points at me and the little yellow penguin nods "so what is your name young penguin?"

"wolfie 214 (old friend  I miss him) but woo call me wolf"

"so your name is wolf  little pookie (baby penguin on cp)  wolf nods and looks at me "well I better go now young one take good care of her" Wolf  nods and fire Sensei walks back to the dojo. 

"Wolfie wake up!" I wake up slowly and look at wolf "fiwe guy had to leave for reasons but meh skilled ninja meh welp you" I look at my self I'm covered in black bits with blue  on my eyes and paws then I look at wolf "wolfie hurt meh fix shadows and Come out  at night and water meh get." He walks to  a rock with a bucket then he starts to push the rock I watch him and tilt my head. Suddenly the rock moves and a ladder seen Wolf  climbs the ladder while I wait for him to come back.

suddenly the sky turns black and shadows are all around me my eyes start turning black and I yelp in pain and the shadows laugh "you will join us Mew" Wolf  hears me yelping and pours water on me and I turn back to normal and throw fire at the shadows "How did you know that hidden lake water can do that no one else would of tried!" The shadows dissaper and I fall to the floor weakly.

"Mew are woo okay"




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