The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


8. Weird dream

I hear laughing "hello Mew my plan did not work before as Flame ruined it so I will do it this way you thought the shadows were gone well ur wrong there still there but hiding."I see blackness and feel weak they were moving further and further in I yelp "I hate you Dark Flood."

 Dark Flood laughs "you should the shadows are going to find what i want then when they do you will feel weak and my plan will work the rain was my doing this was all part of my plan you may have the fire gem by you but it can't stop this it may keep  you alive but my plan will work."

I growl" Flame and Fire Sensei help!"

Dark Flood laughs "they can't hear you Mew only me and the shadows inside of you can you have to wait a hour for this to stop."

 I growl "who are you tell me more about yourself like what do you want with me?"

 "You will find out soon". I yelp loudly "they found it now bring it too me!" I feel the shadows coming out of me but I don't see what it is they are carrying everything has gone blurry.

I growl "what did you do then I feel weird like something is inside of me but not supposed to be there?!"

I hear laughing again "in pain Mew that's because they took something out and put something in" I growl and think how long of this is left. "5 minutes Mew that's what's left 5 minutes to torture you" he laughs.

"Wait how did you know what I was thinking?!"

"well it's because I can read your mind Mew now let's continue "I yelp.  "feel that pain it   hurts right what would  you do if it got worse?" he makes it get worse I yelp louder "2 minutes now wow time goes quick hmm more pain for you now when this ends mew the pain won't be gone" he laughs enjoy the last minute asleep in pain" he makes me go to sleep again.

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