The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


20. Weird animals

I get woken up by a black bunny with a mouse tail breathing on me "whoa!" the bunny then grows a mane like a lion

"Mew ur dead!" "

what who are you?"

the bunny smirks and laughs "you  just have to guess" suddenly water is everywhere!

"Pal stop the water quick!" Pal nods and stops the water.

the bunny laughs "it won't be that easy I'm stronger than your weak puffle" he sends a wave of water. I growl then I see a elephant with a dog tail,pigs nose and a bats wings. The bunny roars "it's about time you  got here now do what the plan said" the elephant sighs and grabs Pal and throws her far away.

I growl "Pal!!!!"

They laugh "she's gone and your next" I back up but a tree gets in the way "there is now where you can run Mew"

  I growl louder "I won't let you beat me!"

They laugh "we already am" the bunny grabs my legs so I can't move.

"let go!"  I try  to shake the bunny off but he holds on. Wait "what the heck is that" I look up and see a blue airship with the words all fire ninjas must die written on it!

The elephant whispers to the bunny "boss is here!"

 I then see a lion with wings jumping out he lands in front of me "hello Mew" I think wait that's Dark Floods voice they all turn human form I look at them closely there are two new people one is wearing black bat wings and the other a blue and black gem around there neck I can't look at them that closely as they start to fight me.

Dark Flood laughs " meet Black Bat and  Blue Wave my best friends" I start to growl then Dark flood put his hand up and   suddenly Hunter comes out of the bushes he was hiding in and jumps on me.

 I growl  louder "get off!" I try to shake him off but he stays on.

"Mew your wasting your time trying to get me off I'm trained for this so give up!"

Dark Flood smirks "remember in the base were you broke that gem well your now going to faint" I fall weakly and growl loudly then faint they all smirk and take me to one of there hidden bases.





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