The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


6. Training

Fire Sensei says "Flame if you don't mind can you train Mew she needs to be trained badly."

"Sure Sensei" he picks me up and smiles at me "your going to get stronger Mew"I smile back Sensei gives Flame a bag

"All Mew needs is in here."

Flame nods and we go to his igloo to train. "Ok Mew lets see what's in here ok let's start on how to use this" he takes the fire mask out from the bag and puts it on me "this will make your fire power stronger try it out" I nod. Then I make a big fireball Flame smiles "ok you know how to use that next this" he takes out a plain bow and arrow he gives it to me and it changes colour it's now black with a bit of red on it.  "Ok next thing how to use a bow and arrow watch me first" he gets out his red bow with a bit a black on it and stripes of orange he gets a arrow and aims for the tree. He lets the arrow go and it hits the tree "now  you try Mew."

I aim my arrow but it hits a rock. 

"We need to work on your aim watch me I aim for the tree then let the arrow go like this now you try". I aim the arrow and I focus then I release the arrow and  I hit the tree and I smile.

"Good job now climbing" he transforms into a tiger and climes up to the top of the tree "now  you try." I try to climb but I slip.

"Dig your claws in." I dug my claws in the tree and climbed up I reach the top.

 "Now climb down". I climb down and do all the trees  "good job mew !"

I smile" thanks" 

"Are you  getting tired Mew I nod "ok we go to sleep and do more training in the morning night mew." He curls up and sleep I sleep next to him and wait for morning to come I get closer to him and he puts his arm around me I smile and go fall asleep.

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