The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


30. The second nightmare

"Mew where are you tell me now or feel pain I'm the master of darkness and nightmares now tell me" I start moving left and right in my sleep and Fire Sensei looks at me and worries.

"Now where is Flame" suddenly all I see is blackness I can't hear anything and I keep tossing and turning in my sleep Fire Sensei looks at me and tries to wake me up but it dosent work "what did you do?" Soon shadows start to come and go inside of me I think what do they want now?!"

"I have done many things Mew cutting your wings was just the beginning you know that thing Dark Floods shadows took out then put something in. Well that thing is being upgraded to make you weaker oh and yes I can hear your thoughts this will hurt so much Mew my shadows are different to Dark Flood's there more evil and more powerful Dark Floods will be the same soon." He laughs and I start yelping in pain as the shadows are getting closer and closer to upgrading the thing inside of me while hurting me at the same time.

There almost there I know this as I feel more pain. I think to my self make it stop!

I hear laughing "But it's fun watching you in pain and why make it stop when I can make it worse. Shadows make it worse full power she needs to know what pain feels like."I hear loads off laughs and the pain gets worse so bad that Fire Sensei can hear me whine as I'm whining the loudest I can soon I start yelping and Fire Sensei sgets really worried and whispers in my ear it ok Mew fight it I know your strong" but I can't fight it soon I black out and the last thing I hear is have a nice time in pain Mew.

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