The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


19. The second dream

"Mew is that you it's Flame." "

"Flame where are you?!"

"Mew I have been caputered by Dark Flood and Hunter you need to get out of this place now"

then his voice fades  a bit "Mew I can't talk much longer just get out and save your self I will be fine go to Sensei before it's too late!" his voice then fades. I get woken up by Pal jumping on me "Mew you ok u fell asleep!"

I nod "I'm fine we need to go to the Fire Dojo!"

Pal looks around "we are in the middle of no where Mew!"

I sigh "your right everything looks the same but there will be a way out I'm sure of it" I get up "look up a head food!"

Pal sighs "for u but not me."

"But Pal look not just Lava Berries,O Berries as well" Pal runs up and grabs a o berry. I smile and walk up to Pal grab some lava berries and sit down  and eat with Pal.

Pal jumps up "where now?"

I think for a bit "go exploring I guess" Pal nods and runs to a forest area "wait up Pal" I see Pal jumping up and down.

"Mew look!"  

I look "Pal I don't think this area is safe!"

Pal sighs "what's not safe about trees" and runs off I run after Pal " come back" Pal runs faster "Mew it's fine see."

I sigh "ok I was wrong it looked like something else like a robot."

Pal laughs "yeah a robot tree it's just a tree and it's going to eat you I don't think so!" 

sigh "ugh Pal I was wrong  you don't need to joke about it I pick up Pal "your going on the puffle lead."

 Pal sighs "aw come on Mew I'm just having fun!"

I sigh "Pal there is a raccoon over there I don't want you running off we don't know what's here and you could get lost!"

"Guess your right I'm tired."

I laugh "I beat you are let's go to sleep under this tree" Pal nods I curl up and sleep. Meanwhile in a unknown place underground "boss the plan is working!"

"I know soon we will get Mew and that little Puffle pest!" "

but what about Flame?" "

"I don't think he can beat the bear who beat him now just be quiet and wait."

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