The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


11. The last fire source

Flame says "ok I found nine but I think I need ten but Bruno is blocking the way and he is too powerful for me" then he hears something and he takes out his sword "who is there show your self !"

Dark Flood comes out "hello Flame."

Flame swings his sword "what do you want?'"

Dark Flood laughs "I have come to stop you from finding the fire sorce and I have Mew" Flame gets angry and transforms into a tiger.

He roars "where is mew?!!!!!!!"

Dark Flood smirks "she is somewhere where you will never find her oh and I'm not alone."Then Water Sensei jumps out and Flame  growls and pounces on Dark Flood. Dark Flood laughs "is that all you got"Dark Flood  turns invisible"Flame makes a earth quake and Dark Flood laughs" your not the only one with two elements I'm water and shadow I'm the first and only shadow ninja you can't beat me even if your  fire and earth".

Flame growls "I can just watch me!"He makes another earthquake but then Dark Flood goes behide him still invisable and pour a big bucket of water on him. Flame growls and falls on the floor and try's to get up but Dark Flood becomes not invisable and puts his foot on Flame to keep him down then Bruno pours another bucket of water on him Flame growls and faints. Dark Flood laughs "I told you" he takes Flame to a place far away from me and makes Flame stay asleep for 10 days then they all laugh evilly now back to are plan to invade the fire dojo they go to another room and draw a plan of how they are going to invade the fire dojo. Dark Flood says I have a idea as they are both asleep we sneak in through the floor boards  and flood the whole of the fire dojo while Fire Sensei is on his break and we only need 1 more person I think I know who it should be my friend hunter he hunts and is good at invading places.

Water Sensei smirks good idea Dark Flood "we can make a plan from this alright"and they all laugh.

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