The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


22. The big plan

I wake up in a cage and I see Flame I try to run up to him but I'm chained to a rock "Mew your here now listen I can move so you stay be hide me ok" I nod Flame walks up to me and I crouch be hide him but a claw comes up be hide Flame and picks me up  the chain breaks "Mew!!!!!!!"

Dark Flood comes in a laughs "how can you live with out Mew lefts find out!." I get pulled out of the cage and dropped in Dark Flood's hands I growl and then he touches my head I suddenly calm down.

Flame bangs on the bars out of anger "Mew don't!!!!!!!."

"You can't stop it Flame there is no point trying so give up!" Dark Flood smirks and pets me more 

Flame turns into a tiger and roars "I will stop you!!!!!!!!!"

Dark Flood Laughs "I would like to see you try" he covers my eyes and aims a sleep dart at Flame he releases the dart and it hits Flame. Flame falls in to a deep sleep Dark Flood takes his hand away from my eyes and pets me again he speaks to me softly "Mew can I use ur mask please?" I go quiet and fight the power that Dark Flood is using on me. "Hunter turn the machine to full power!!!!!!!!" 

" Ok sir" he turns the crank on the machine and smirks "Mew try to fight this" Dark Flood starts petting me again I nod Dark Flood smirks and takes my mask and puts it on him and smiles he whispers to Black Bat "it's time for the next step" Black Bat nods and turns on a machine and puts me in it Dark Flood sits down on a chair and smirks "it's time for revenge."


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