The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


32. Seeing the power of blue wave

Duddenly Blue wave walks up to wolf "hey you if you know what's good for you move!" Wolf steps back while Blue wave picks me up but I wake up and look up at him he is wearing sunglasses over his green eyes,a two shade of blue ninja uniform,green trousers,his water gem,blue and black shoes also he had light blue hair. I growl at him and bite his hand then jump off when he is in pain "you little pest!"

He sends a wave of water at me then Wolf jumps in front of me holding a orange and yellow shield "weave wolfie alone" Blue wave laughs and shakes his head then smirks.

Suddenly there is water all around me "one shield can't stop all of that can it" Wolf picks me up and hugs me then Pal jumps out of a bush and stops the water "how the heck did you escape and get stronger?" Pal says nothing and glares at Wolf. 

Wolf quickly puts me down then Pal walks up to Wolf but then glares at blue wave "that was not your strongest?!"

"Your a clever little puffle" he claps his hands and water goes around Pal and Wolf I start to growl "they can't help you now Mew" he then picks me up and puts a muzzle and a lead on me "someone wants a new pet and your going to be it."

Whistling is heard along with foot steps "Mew I'm back Wolf did you take good care of her" he stops by the enterence of the forest with his mouth wide open. He then bangs his staff on the floor "Blue wave let mew go!" But then Blue wave sends a wave of water at Fire Sensei unfortunately Sensei is not quick enough and gets hurt badly by the wave.

"Wow I beat the fire Sensei that shows that he is weaker than the water one" he laughs and looks up at the sky "it's almost time to meet your new owner Mew" he picks me up and holds me up pointing at the sky  then sends another wave at water at Fire Sensei and forces me to watch. Fire Sensei falls to the ground weakly at the same time Pal and Wolf are teleported away from me. I start to cry fire and two portals open again one black and one grey. Flame and Dark Flood jump out of a bush.

Dark Flood and Blue Wave walk up to the gray portal but Flame stays where he is "you are free Flame you are no longer needed" he stops controlling Flame.

"Mew?! What's going on" Blue Wave let's go of the lead and I get sucked into the black portal "Mew!!!" Flame runs up to theblack portal but it closes "Mew!!" He falls to the floor and crys fire while Dark flood and Blue Wave laugh then jump into the gray portal and collect the item they needed then return to the water dojo. Flame runs up to Fire Sensei and takes him back to the fire dojo and heals him up. Then he explains what happened and Fire Sensei sighs.

"We will find her."

"Mew we will find you!!" He falls to the floor and cries fire again.

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