The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


24. Running away

I get up and look around there are posters everywhere saying the kill mice campaign and loads of cats everywhere. I then burry myself in coins but then a cat sits on me and I squeak loudly the cats here this and look around the cat that was siting on me gets up and looks through the coins and grabs me by the tail. "Well look it's a mouse for me too eat but it's ears are weird."

"Boss what do u mean by weird?"

"It has red markins on it's ears might not eat this one" he puts me in his bag now what should I do with it I know people are killing mouses beacuse they are eating all the food in houses and stuff but this one is special any ideas guys?

"Boss we could put her in a cage and study her but put the cage in your bag so know one sees it."

"Good idea" the boss cat gets a cage and takes me out of his bag then puts me in the cage "Ok now back to base."

"Yes sir" the cats walk off following there boss they stop at a rock and they take me out of the bag and look at me closely  one of the cats gets out a book saying how to tell what element something is he looks  at my markings "she can't be that's bad for some of us she's ffffffire!"

"Fire?!" He picks me up and hisses at me "I don't care if your different we have had too many fires here you will have to die and I bet your the cause of then!" I shake my head then I see some trees catch fire the cats all look at me I try to say it's not me but it comes out as a squeak. 

"Milky I don't think she is the one doing it." "It says here fire is a very common element but pure fire is not and there is no such such thing as a fire mouse unless someone turns you in to one."

"Oh ok and I prefer boss not Milky oh and does it say anymore about it Chocolate"

"Sorry sir it also says this it's hard to turn someone back from this you need to find the Pure Flower if your pure fire and the RedFlower if your not but the Pure Flower is hard to find."

"Ok mouse write in the snow if your pure fire or not and your name as we can't understand you for some weird reason." I write on the snow hi my name is Mew I am a Fire Wolf and Dragon I am also pure fire someone is faking to be me. "Ok so your name is Mew a weird name for a Wolf anyway it's getting late Mew you should rest but you will have to sleep in my bag as there is no room anywhere else." I nod and milky picks me up carefully and put me in his bag and I go to sleep the other cats go to sleep as as well.

But Dark Flood is nearby watching us with Flame but Dark Flood has turned him evi!l "Look over there loads of cats she will proberly die they should eat her but just in case let's keep watching."



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