The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


7. Rain

I wake up but it's raining Flame then wakes up "oh no I was going to teach u how to deal with this later but it's raining now!!!" he picks me up and runs but I get wet and faint he sees a tree and runs to it to hide from the rain  then he sees fainted. Flare "oh no this much water could kill her she's only a Pup!" he gets a gets out his big rucksack and puts me in it then he runs through the rain to the Fire Dojo he runs inside and says "Sensei"weakly. 

Fire Sensei comes in and sighs "you  know  you can't go in rain Flame!" Flame

 "But Sensei it's important he takes me out of his ruck sack.

"Oh no Mew she can't deal with this much rain yet we need to get her dry quickly!!!!!"He gets out a towel and dries me off .

"She's still not awake this is bad!!!"  

"I feared this would happen". He whispers to Flame "Dark flood has found out or has he calls himself to keep his name a secret Jack has found out and is trying to kill Mew the weather said no rain and the weather I check is all ways right unless someone makes it".

"We need to heal Mew quick!"

"Try this it might not work no one has got it to work they have to be pure fire like a Dragon and a Fire Wolf or something like that."

 "She could be she learned to use her mask very quick."

"Ok she will be but first I need to find it."Flame sighs be quick. Fire Sensei nods "I will" he finds the fire gem "this could save her and make her stronger but if it is broken it will not kill her."

"Ok"he puts the fire gem near me .

"It might take a while but it will work."

Flame sighs "ok but I'm not leaving her and your not ether."

"Ok but I will be a while like hours but  I'm sure it will work if she is pure fire."

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