The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


12. Puffle

I get woken up by a blue puffle the lights are on a bit now and I can see a bit I ask the puffle "why are you here?"

" I got captured."

"Wait how can you talk and what's your name?"

" I haven't got a name I can talk to you as your a animal not half full 0% penguin only penguins and bears can't understand me but you can and you can name me if you want I want to help you escape."

" Ok I will call you Pal as you are being a good friend now how do we get out of here?"

" It's easy just dig our way out don't worry about the water."

 "Ok" we start digging then I see water Pal quickly puts on her octopus hat and makes the water "wait your water!" I back away.

 "Don't worry I'm like you Mew I have no family but the only difference is that I'm a puffle your  a wolf your fire I'm water but I'm good Water Sensei put me here."  

"Wait how do you know my name?'!"

 "I heard the water ninjas say it I prefer fire to water as soon as I heard about you I wanted to help you now we can escape  the hole is big enough we will end up in the forest"I nod "ok."

 "Then from here we go to the pet shop so you can adopt me then the fire dojo but first we should sleep under this tree I nod and curl up and go to sleep pal sleeps next to me and we wait till morning but the water ninjas are getting smarter and have placed a hidden tracker on me and pal but we do not know this yet... The water ninjas have a big plan involving me and pal what is the plan will the fire dojo be safe or be gone when we get back find out soon..... 

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