The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


15. Mysterious place

I wake up in a black room I see Flame I try to run up to him but I can't "Flame you ok"

Flame smirks"I'm fine Mew but I can't get out I'm stuck!"

I sigh "any ideas?"

"I think this might work hold this it will make you move to me" I nod  Flame throws a black stone "now come" I nod and I run to Flame. Flame smiles "that worked now hold this and jump" I nod I jump up into the air and land in Flames arms I look up at Flame he smiles "ok so you can move now that is good now I need to be able to move he puts me down takes out a grey stone and a darker black stone he rubs them tougher and smiles"now all I need to move is you"

I look at him and tilt my head "what do u mean?"

Flame smirks "all I need is a layer of your  fur" he gets out some scissors "this won't hurt" he pets me to keep me calm and snips a layer of fur of I yelp in pain  "it's ok Mew" he put the fur next to the rocks"now we have to wait."

I sigh "where even are we?"

Flame sighs "I don't know." I see something heading towards me and I growl Flame picks me up and runs as fast as he can "don't worry Mew we will escape trust me"

I nod "ok watch out!!!"

Flame dusks "thanks Mew."

I smile "no problem" we keep running but it's getting late I start to yawn.

Flame runs faster "you will be able to sleep soon Mew" I smile and yawn again I snuggle up into his arms and fall asleep Flame sighs "or sleep now" he puts me down and smirks "have a nice sleep Mew" he goes to sleep. Meanwhile Pal is stuck in a cage with Bruno. Bruno growls "Jaws check on Mew and Flame and don't let Flame escape" Jaws nods and walks off Bruno roars "now where was I oh yes killing you" he swipes at Pal but Pal jumps up and then lands on Bruno's head she bounces on his head "fine you can go to sleep now Pal but tomorrow you  are going to die" he laughs and walks off Pal smiles and goes to sleep.

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