The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


2. Mysterious person

I wake up to see a person he had black hair and was wearing black and blue clothes with a backpack  he was also  holding a pice of steak I looked up at him and he smiled and said "are you  ok " I looked at his eyes they were black and blue with a lighter blue pupil. He said to me "we are different you have powers I even don't know and you dont know yet but the bad part is."He paused.I looked at him wanting to know he sighed "you have no mum or dad."

"But Fire Sensei is my Dada."

He sighed  again "he is not he just raised you now he has left you as he found out wolves eat Penguins" I looked down at the ground and looked at the picture Fire Sensei took then I saw the book and I went in to the conner that I feel safe in  then clawed the ground sadly a bit later I thought how dose he know this?

I asked him "how do you know this."

"I know this because no one likes this place not even the Fire Ninjas you saw and I put cameras here to watch the evil Fire Sensei!"

I look down at the ground "I have no home". Then when I was not looking he put some sleep powder around the room and put on some black gloves to stop him from falling asleep then he smirks and waits. I felt my eyelids getting heavy.

 "it's getting near when you  should be going to sleep" I noded and he smiled then I yawned and curled thrn ell asleep. He smirked and called his boss.

"The plan has worked she will now be going to her new home."

"Good do you  remember what to do?"

"Yes I won't let her escape at all I will guard her at all times

"ok now call your friends."

He put the phone down and called his friends  "the target is asleep Fire Sensei has gone we are ready to get on with the plan." Then him and his friends do a evil laugh together. He puts down the phone and then picks me up and smirks "enjoy you new home Mew" he walks In to the water dojo then in to a secret passage and puts me down I was still fast alsleep he laughs and waits for me to wake up and he  puts the steak next to me.


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