The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


23. Mew your different

I try to fight again Dark Flood smirks and Black Bat turns the crank and put the machine on off not full power I stop being controlled and look around "Flame!!!!!!?" I bang on the machine but get weaker but I don't give up I keep banging I start to shrink now I'm a lot smaller than I was! I growl" what  are you doing to me?"

Hunter comes in and looks at me then laughs "your  so small" I see my mask glow on Dark Flood I growl as loud as I can. They all start to laugh .

Then Bruno and Jaws comes in and they laugh "Hey Blue Wave come and see this."

"Ok will be there in a bit" they all continue laughting then Blue wave comes in and laughs his head off suddenly my wings dissaper and apper on Dark Flood I growl louder then my tail changes to a mouse tail and appears on Dark Flood. Then my eyes get smaller I yelp in pain and Dark Floods eye colour is now the same as mine then my eyes change colour from red and yellow to black and brown my fur turns white and my nose turns pink I start to squeak like a mouse.I look at Dark Flood and think wait he almost looks like me? My ears then change to mouse ears and Dark Flood grows wolf ears and paws he now looks like a wolf then my red markings disappear  "wait he looks like me? And I'm a Mouse?!!!!" I'm let off the machine and thrown out of the base to the hidden lake. But Flame wakes up and sees Dark Flood.

"Mew your safe!"

Dark Flood nods "now let's get out of here." Even his voice sounded like mine  he opens the cage and battles his friends. His friends fake being defeated and they run out   "Let's burn this pice of snow so the fire can spread."

" Flame looks at Dark Flood "you sure that will be ok." 

"Trust me it's fine" he burns the snow "see it's fine."

'Mew  your  different"

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