The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


5. It's you?

The shadows suddenly go and Dark Volcano walks in "Had a good sleep Mew?" he steps closer and I claw him and his glasses brake I see his black and blue eyes wait "its you?!"

He smirks "well done you found out." He  takes off his costume. "Your cleaver Mew but not cleaver enough" I then hear foot steps I see a figure holding a bucket of water I growl" who are you?"

He laughs "I'm Water Sensei  nice job Dark Flood now for the next step of the plan." I hear someone calling me Dark Flood quickly puts a muzzle on me. I try to howl but no one can hear me I hear him getting closer  "Great he's in the dojo get Bruno up there!"

"Yes sir" Dark Flood gets Bruno

"ok I will get him out "Bruno goes up the stairs to the water dojo he sees Flame and roars "why you here!?"

"Well because I am now move out of the way!"

Bruno roars "get out!!!!!!!"

"Not until I look around he gets out his bow now tell me where is Mew or else!!!"

Bruno roars "no way!!!!!!!!!!!" 

"So she is here!" Then loads another arrow and gets out his sword "tell me now!!!!!!!!!!" he points his sword at Bruno.

Bruno growls "fine!" Then  he goes down the stairs and Flame follows I see him.

" Bruno why did you!?!"

"Sorry he forced me sorry Dark Flood."Flame then sees me and Water Sensei tipping a bucket of water on me I yelp.

" let her go. Now!!!!!!!!"He points his sword at Water Sensei.


"You don't know my full power now let Mew go!!!" Then he transforms into a tiger and growls "let her go!!!!" He claws the cage  open. Then puts me in his mouth and runs off as fast as he can he enters the fire dojo "Sensei I found Mew!"he puts me down and turns back Fire Sensei walks in and smiles

"Good job Flame" I look up at flame and looked at him closer he was wearing a orange hoodie,red shoes,fighting kit (bow and  arrow and stuff)and he was holding a sword. He had orange hair and yellow eyes with a orange pupil I smile at him

"is she hurt or anything?" 

"A bit."

Then Fire Sensei heals me and I jump in to his arms and smile at him and he smiles back. 

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