The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


25. Finding the pure flower

I get woken up to the smell of cheese "breakfast time Mew" I jump out of the bag but the cheese has gone all I see is a black mouse with an eye patch and bat wings I think to my self it can't be Black Bat can it? The black mouse looks at me and walks closer and I back away.

He laughs "hello Mew it's me Black Bat I don't know how your not dead being around cats I made cats hate mice and humans too by wreaking there houses and eating all of there food" I try to say you little but all that comes out is a squeak  Black Bat laughs "you can't speak Mew and there is no food left I ate it all also Flame is not the same" Black Bat runs off.

Milky comes up to me "did you enjoy your breakfast Mew?" I look up at him sadly "did the other mice eat it?!" I nod "good job I saved this then" he gets out some cheese that tastes like bacon and gives it to me "it's bacon cheese I made it for you so no one thinks your weird eating bacon." I look up at him and smile then eat the bacon cheese "did you enjoy that now we better look for that flower" I nod then he  pick me up and puts me in his bag. "Don't peak out too much ok" I nod.

"Choclate your in charge while I'm gone" choclate nods and Milky starts walking to look for the Pure Flower but then some rocks fall from a clif blocking the way "hold on Mew" Milky jumps over the rocks but then more rocks fall blocking all the ways out! I peak out of the bag and sigh then another rock falls and almost hits me "Mew it's not safe don't peak out of the bag!" I stop peaking out of the bag and sigh but then more rocks fall so Milky jumps up high but his bag opens and I go flying and land in a bush!

Milky lands then realises his bag is open and I have gone he looks around then sees my tail sticking out of the bush "oh crud she's over there!" He runs as fast as he can to the bush then picks me up and puts me in his bag then he spots a Pure Flower and runs to it. He let's me out of his bag but then a human walks up to us!

"Wow look at that flower" I quickly warp my tail around the Pure Flower making it harder for the human to pick up but she picks the Pure Flower up by the roots and takes me and the flower to her house I squeak loudly trying  to get Milky to help me.  


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