The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


18. Fighting the power of Dark Flood

Dark Flood says to me "Mew can u go over there for a bit" I nod and walk off Dark Flood walks up to Hunter "ok show me now."

Hunter gets out the pictures and drawings from his pocket "look what I found in the fire dojo!"

Dark Flood looks at the pictures and drawings carefully "just as I thought she is the one I need to kill to get more power then I will be able to control everything" he smirks "I can make her even kill herself!"

Hunter sighs "look over there she's fighting it!"

 I growl "you won't wwwwin!" 

Dark Flood laughs "I already am" I yelp and growl "see Mew I'm winning."

 "Yyyyyou won't wwwwwwin"

Dark Flood smirks "your getting weaker Mew you can't fight it just give up before  you faint as it looks like ur going to!"

I yelp a lot louder "nnnnnnnnnooo wwwway!" then I faint.

Dark Flood laughs "I told you Mew you just don't listen to me."

suddenly Hunter hears a roar "er boss what's that sound?!"

Pal jumps in "Mew!!!" Pal runs up to me.

Dark Flood whispers "bad news I'm have to use the machine without that annoying puffle knowing."

Pal hears this  "not on my watch" she jumps up and breaks the machine!

"No you annoying little pest!!!!!" He walks over to me "you may have broken the machine but you haven't stopped my plan!"

I get up slowly "Pal?!" I aim my arrow at Dark Flood he smirks the arrow hits him and breaks the gem he is holding.

"You got me well done you are better than I thought but next time I will defect you!" The place vanishes along with Dark Flood and Hunter. "

at least we are out but where are we now Pal?"

"I don't know Mew."

  I yawn "I'm tired" I curl up and sleep Pal smiles and sleeps next to me. Meanwhile Fire Sensei had come back to the fire dojo "all Mew's stuff has gone!?" He jumps up "and it's flooded ugh water ninjas I hope Mew is safe and where is Flame?" He gets some buckets out and gets rid of the water. Meanwhile "Hello Flame remember us?"

"Where are u?" "


Flame transforms into a tiger and  roars  "Where are you"  he suddenly falls to the ground and faint  Dark Flood and Hunter smirk. 

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