The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


27. fighting my brother

I wake up to see Vent in a cage,half the room dark,Sensei  gone and my brother Flame breathing heavily over me what the heck is going on Flame pulls my mask off and throws it to Dark Flood and laughs "Mew i always wanted to do this" he grabs me then throws me hard on the floor and starts kicking me. "I never liked you Mew this was all a trick" he kicks me harder.

I whine "But you always have you risked your life for me remember?!" Flame get angry and picks me up and throws me against the wall i whine louder "bbbut you do."

"You going to cry mew come on you know you want to" he laughs and picks me up "what am I doing!" he shakes his head then throws me to the ground. I tilt my head and Flame glares at me "come on just cry!"

Hunter walks up to Flame and whispers "give it time" Flame nods and Hunter picks me up "this is the real flame the one I love and you hate and your now going back to him!" He throws me and I land in front of Flame and start crying fire.

DarkFlood laughs "yes its time lets hope we get the right one" two portal suddenly appear one black and one gray "enjoy your time in darkness  I get sucked Into the black portal whining Flame laughs "the next time you will see me will be somewhere you hate" they both jump in to the grey portal "oh and enjoy the pain."

I suddenly black out but i can still feel the shadows around me some hurting me some going inside of me which make me get weaker after loads of minutes of pain i finally wake up on a rock but around it is water  i panic and the rock brakes a bit then I hear laughing "If you want to stay alive its best not to move oh and as you look so sad i will show you someone"

Suddenly my brother appears out of no where he picks me up and hugs me "Mew where have you been?!" he starts squeezing me tightly and smirks.

 I curl up in his arms and start crying fire out of joy "Running from you Dark Flood was controlling you oh and too tight cant breath!"

Meanwhile "perfect just what we need now all we need to do is show it to mew our plan is perfect and she dose not know


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