The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


9. Feeling weird

I wake up and yelp Flame says "you ok Mew?" I try to speak but I can't I think what did he do I growl Fire Sensei says "Mew talk to us we can help you" I try to speck but I can't all that comes out is a yelp then I try to get up but I fall I think I can't even get up and I can only growl and yelp.

" Sensei is Mew ok?!"

Fire Sensei sighs "I don't think so she can't get up the only sounds she can make is yelping and growling "

"But you can fix it can't you?" He picks me up and whispers in my ear "you will be ok Mew Sensei will help you"Fire Sensei hears this and sighs and thinks to him self but I don't know how to but I can't tell Flame that well going to have to say yes."Yes I can fix it."

"Did u hear that Mew he can help you what do I need to do to help Sensei?"  

Fire Sensei sighs "you need to look for sources of fire I think it could help."

 ok Sensei I will do anything for Mew even go out in the rain like I did before."

Fire Sensei sighs" I know you did but be carful" Flame nods and puts me down I look up at him wanting to come with him I try to jump up but I fall on my head

 "Mew stay here I will be back I promise" I nod then yelp again he exits the fire dojo . I howl good luck  then look at Sensei but wait he is wearing a blue hoodie I look at him in confusion and say Sensei "why woo wearing a blue hoodie?!"

"Well because I want to chage my look it's boring wearing the same thing everyday"

"Ok but why blue?!" then I feel weird worse than before and then I collapse on the ground.

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