The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


29. Escaping my nightmare

I jump off Black Bat's lap and run out the shadow castle looking for a way out of this place. I walk to the forest but it's different it's darker and hard to see as leafs keep falling on my face and my paws are covered in mud soon I hear something and a voice  "Mew it's me Flame I can only talk for a while I hope you are safe get out of here quick I can't keep this portal open longer I will turn bad again soon and" his voice fades. Later it comes back "Dark Flood has the thing he needs and needs you stay away from him,hide in the forestsnd don't try to save me I will be fine I will fight back like I'm doing now stay safe" his voice fades and I run up to the red portal and jump through it.

I end up at the fire dojo and Fire Sensei is shocked "Mew where have you been?!"

"In my nightmare sorry no time to talk I will be at the forest" Sensei sighs and nods then I run to the forest but I'm not alone Black Bat suddenly appears in front of me and grabs me but Flame sneaks up behide him and kicks him Black Bat loses his grip of me and I go flying and land in a tree. Flame then turns evil again and grabs me then runs to the water dojo half way there he stops.

"Mew?" He puts me down "run Mew away from me" I tilt me head and Flame runs off but I follow him "Mew I said run now it's not safe" I tilt my head again and he sighs then picks me up and takes me to the fire dojo "Sensei look after her" He puts me on Sensei's lap then runs off.

I try to follows but Sensei stops me "Stay Mew it's not safe" I look at him sadly "it's for the best Mew wait where are your wings" I look at him and start crying fire "Mew stop!" He starts petting me to calm me down and I fall alsleep ,he smiles "it's ok"

Meanwhile "You need to stop fighting it as it will never work and you know that now where is she" Dark Flood sighs .

"At least the machine is ready all we need to do know is to make Mew look at it."

"I don't know I hid her when I was good" 

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