The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


26. escaping luccys house

she puts the flower in her garden and plants it again then she sees me "oh wow a mouse it looks a bit weird hi  mouse im Luccy nice to meat you" I look at her closely she has brown hair and a pink t shirt and blue jeans on and she is very hyper. Luccy picks me up "your so cute" she hugs me then puts me down and sighs "sounds like dinner is cooking i don't think i can take you back to your home till after dinner sorry." She looks at my sadly then I hear loads of car horns and hide in a bush.

A big tall man climbs over the fence "hey you I thought we agreed no animals in the garden so i don't hurt anything as the door has broken and i need to fix it!) He walks up to me "your a weird looking mouse" he picks me up and looks at me i get scared and squeak loudly.

"Dad put it down Its scared!" He puts me down slowly and I run be hide Luccy.

"Dinner time!"

"Coming mouse stay here ok? I will be back) Luccy and her dad walk off to have there dinner but then rain starts and  i run in to a bush but the leaves on the bush drip and i start to get wet and weak.

Meanwhile in the woods close by "she is nearby here somewhere but which house I have to find her its raining!" she starts runing looking in all the houses be hide the fences down the street.

"Aha here she is" she jumps over the fence and smiles at me "Hi im Vent i have come to resue you now climb on my back" suddenly the door opens and Luccy walks up to me.

"Dont like rain huh and who is this is it a friend of your coming to take you back to your home" Luccy moves the leaves around in the bush "huh your a wolf?!" I look at her and nod "And the flower has changed what did you do to it wolf it looks even more pretty now well you better get home!"

I nod "ok Mew the rain has stoped we can walk back."

"Ok bye Luccy."

"Bye Mew hope to see you again!" I smile and walk back to the fire dojo with Vent.

Fire Sensei smiles "welcome back Mew and who is your friend here?"

"This is Vent shes a cat but a very nice one."

"Oh I see she helped you now you two beter get to sleep" we both nod and fall alseep.

Meanwhile "ok bother lets get Mew" Flame and Dark Flood walk to the water dojo and wait for Hunter.




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