The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


17. Destroying the fire dojo

We reach the fire dojo Dark Flood says "Ok now to get in a disguise" he gets out a pair of shoes and a white top with a white jacket he presses the button and I transform into a purple dragon with red feet (all baby dragons are purple at first I don't know why). "Ok now let's take off that mask" he press the button "you know what  to do" we walk into the fire dojo!

Hunter looks at me "Mew get rid of the fire" I nod and stop the fire then all the water ninjas flood the dojo I fly up not to get wet. Then Hunter sees a picture of me he looks at it and puts it in his pocket. 

A Water Ninja comes up to hunter and whispers "we need to get rid of this with out Mew seeing he points at my corner I hide in Hunter walks up to the corner and thinks to him self intresting I will show Dark Flood this he puts the items in his pocket.

"Ok guys I think we flooded the whole place lets go back to base we walk to base. Hunter says to Dark Flood "I need to show you something!"

"Ok in the morning we got stuff to do". He whispers to Hunter "I don't need this now I can do it with my mind I just need to use it everyone and again."

Hunter smiles "ok so shall we start" Dark flood nods.

I get up and turn back to a wolf I look around then run outside and go to the town and burn loads of signs saying go fire then  I burn the dams to make the water flood cp I smirk  "enjoy this fire ninjas you will not win we will beat you" then I laugh and fly off. Meanwhile Pal is standing on Bruno "give up now Bruno!"

"Never!!!!!!!!" He shakes Pal off of him and Roars then he steps on Pal and laughs "you will never beat me!"

yes I will!"

Bruno claws Pal "give up now while you have the chance!"

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