The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


4. Confused

Fire Sensei gets back from the forest and he sees loads of people angry at him saying "why did  you not open the door."

"What door I was at the forest I kept it open" he walks in to the fire dojo "wait where is Mew?!"

The fire ninjas say "who is Mew?" 

"She is a Fire Wolf I raised from an egg."

The fire ninjas go silent

"Then one says "do you mean the Wolf that I saw when the door opened" 

"Yes. where is she? 

"I don't know."

"I know you  never lie to me Flame".

"I will keep an eye out for her then" Flame goes to the forest to see if I'm there. Fire Sensei sits down and sighs then he senses me somewhere and talks to me in my dream  "Mew it's me Sensei where are you?" 

"Sensei you  lied!"

" I did not lie Mew."

 "I'm in a cage you know that and you want to kill me!"

 "No I don't Mew who told u this?!"

 "You know who!"

 "No I don't!"I

" Dark Volcano and Bruno."

"I don't know them  they are not Fire Ninjas at all where are you Mew?!"

 "I'm in a place covered in pictures of people killing Wolves I don't like it here help me please!!!!" Then I feel weird Dark Volcano finds out I'm talking to Fire Sensei in my dream it's no longer a nice dream all I see now is blackness like shadows somehow  hurting me in my sleep. I yelp in my sleep Fire Sensei try's to talk to me again but it dose not work.

All I hear now is laughing and I have a dream of Fire Sensei getting hurt I whine in my sleep then the shadows come back it feels like there looking inside of me I try to wake up but I can't. The shadows are going deeper inside of me I hear FireSensei's voice again but it's bleary saying be carful "Mew I will find you don't worry."

 I tell him about the weird shadows and what there doing he goes bleary again. "Mew don't worry I will fffffind yyyyou!!!"

Then he goes and the shadows go even deeper I whine in my sleep louder. I think I now have three in now four now five I yelp no more please six seven eight nine nooo I yelp as loud as I can now 20 noooooo now all I see is blackness I feel the shadows moving inside of me nooo too many 30 Ahhhhhh I get weaker and weaker 40,50,60,70 nooooooo more!!!!!! 80 ,90 oh no I feel like  I can't move much 100 no now I can't move at all more and more come I can barely speak 300,500,1000 now I can't speak at all. 

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