The fire and the waves

I am born from egg I have no family until I meet my brother Flame but I still rember my past a mysterious water ninja is tracking me down. May be a few spelling mistakes.


16. Blackness

I wake up weakly all I see is black everywhere everything is black from the walls to the floor I look around and see shadows everywhere I growl then collapse on to the floor. I wake up hearing someone breathing heavily I get up weakly "show your self!" I hear laughing. 

"You know you were tricked that was not Flame it was my friend Dark Flood I am Hunter your second worse nightmare Dark Flood is the first."

I growl "where is Flame?!"

Hunter comes out of the shadows "he is somewhere" I look at him closely he has black eyes,black hoodie,black hair,bow and arrow and a hunter pack it looked like he loved the colour black I think to myself wait where is Dark Flood I hear a click of a button "oh no not this again!" Dark Flood smirks "I'm be hide  you Mew meet Jaws" I hear  loud foot steeps.

I growl "Flame will save me and Pal!" Jaws roars "Pal  do you mean that puny puffle Bruno is dealing with her I am Hunter's pet  you can't beat me!" 

I growl louder"I will!"

Jaws roars no you won't you will destroy the fire dojo instead" he laughs Dark Flood smirks and presses a button I start walking I try to stop myself but I can't!

"You can't fight it Mew soon I will control all of u including ur voice!"

I growl a lot louder "no it it it it!"

"Mew you can't fight it"

I roar "it will I will destroy the fire dojo and Sensei as well!!"

Dark Flood laughs "I told you now let's get to work Mew!"

I roar "yes let's destroy the fire dojo!" Meanwhile "Pal now your going to die"

"no I won't i can fight you" Pal sends a wave of water at Bruno.

Bruno roars "your good but not good enough" he steps on Pal "I can squash u easily just give up!" 

"No way!!!!!" Pal sends a bigger wave of water at Bruno.

Bruno roars "your good but it's time for bed now" he stomps out and Pal goes to sleep.

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